- Jennifer Racioppi

The love and support have poured in since the launch of new website, and I’m incredibly grateful for all of your fantastic feedback. Thank you, SO MUCH! It goes to show that as women we crave planetary guidance to plan for the unfolding of our lives (and businesses). I believe this craving originates from the […]

The love and support have poured in since the launch of new website, and I’m incredibly grateful for all of your fantastic feedback. Thank you, SO MUCH! It goes to show that as women we crave planetary guidance to plan for the unfolding of our lives (and businesses). I believe this craving originates from the part of us that knows that as women, we’re cosmic beings, and it’s natural to tune into the phases of the moon, planets, and stars to lead more empowered conscious lives. Why wouldn’t we lean on the intelligence and science of our solar system after all?

To that point, tonight, a beautiful Full Moon in Virgo blesses us. Virgo represents purity. Think about it, Virgo and Virgin share the root word. Virgo represents the need to stay true to our self, as well to preserve the integrity of the systems that guide our lives. Often seen as the editor, Virgo is the astrological sign that digs into the details and gets things in order. It also infuses time and space with the energy of practicality and deep healing by knowing how to tie up loose ends.

The Virgo full moon happens when the moon perfects its opposition to the sun in Pisces — bringing an essence of spirituality, oneness, empathy, and intuition into play. With these two illuminating zodiac forces together, it’s time to purify, let go and clean house.

Now is the time to tune and pinpoint what is lighting you up versus bringing you down.

Here are some questions to consider tonight!

What are you holding onto that is no longer serving you?
Are you compromising anywhere in your life? If so, where?

Become the editor of your life only by consciously choosing to put energy towards the things that are a “hell yes!” and getting crystal clear on all of your “no’s.”

To take it one step further, here’s a peek into how the Virgo Full Moon directly impacts your Sun sign. (P.S. For a more accurate reading, be sure to read the scope for both your Sun and Rising signs.)

Aries: The best way to use this full moon is to get into a high octave rhythm. Get your ducks in a row, into action mode, and let the momentum carry you so don’t have to push forward. Your ruler Mars is already in his retrograde shadow, so creating strong momentum now with your daily routines, serves you later this spring.

Taurus: This full moon is all about tapping into your creativity. Let your inner poet out to play. Write, paint, listen to music that touches your soul. It’s time to embrace your romantic, whimsical side and use it to your advantage. Get sensual, get sexy, get creative.

Gemini: Your home is the focus of everything right now. Contemplate the move you’re making, wanting to make, or if you’re staying put, how to make your current space more you. Put your creativity to work! Know that the foundation you are currently building in your life serves the expansion of your career.

Cancer: This full moon will help you find your words and put your thoughts on paper. You’re feeling called to express yourself in a bigger way, so use the grounding force of Virgo to help you tap into your voice. Also, pay attention to any urges to travel. A nearby trip to a bed and breakfast calling your name? If so, book it.

Leo: Money matters are being illuminated for you right now. So take this time to examine your finances and discover where you do not own your worth. Use the detailed oriented energy of Virgo to get organized. On a more esoteric level, this is about owning your value. Stop compromising on your worth!

Virgo: You’re holding the royal flush astrologically right now. This is your time to shine and truly relish all of the positive things in your life. Get outside under the moon and tune into the cosmic energy in the Universe. With the full moon in your sign, as well as good luck Jupiter and the north node of fate, hanging out in Virgo too, you’ll likely feel electrified this full moon. Awesome:)

Libra: It’s time to pay attention to deepest needs and desires. With Mercury and Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius, you can expect brilliance and the ability to awaken your inner creative mistress. But be sure to channel your creativity intentionally. Innovation and independence call you forward.

Scorpio: With the full moon in an earth sign, and the sun in a water sign, your emotional sensitivity expands. It’s a great time to absorb the healing qualities of the moon and also make connecting with your community a priority. Get outside if you can and under the moonlight. Your desires expand tonight. Listen to what they say, as their indicating your next big move.

Sagittarius: With Saturn, the planet of hard work and discipline wholly situated in your sign, you may feel like there are more restrictions on your life than you want. I promise this is ultimately serving your evolution. This full moon is in one of the most prominent places in your chart urging you to step into leadership in a real way. Use hard work to advance yourself.

Capricorn: With the full moon in fellow earth sign Virgo, this full moon brings you a dose of “get it done” momentum. Stay prudent and to tune into see where you’re bleeding your life force energy unnecessarily. What projects are you pushing forward that can be let go? Discern the projects you want to work on things that are serving you, and use the energy of this moon to get shit done.

Aquarius: You just ended your birthday season, and it’s time to use this full moon to think through your plans for the new year. Consider your financial goals and how you want to put your ingenuity to work to affect your bottom line. Are their investments you want to make? Or other financial moves calling to you? Let the fastidious Virgo influence help you zero in on the financial details of your life so you can unleash your creativity and freedom even more.

Pisces: Holler, it’s your birthday! Happy solar return! Because you’re so intuitive, there may be a lot of emotions coming up for you right now. Use this full moon to figure out which emotions are yours and which ones are the emotions of others. Let yourself feel absolutely everything coming up for you, and be with it. Then surrender everything that’s not working for you. It’s time.

I could not be more excited to welcome you to the Lunar Logic Revolution–the evolved focus of my work. The Lunar Logic Revolution cosmically serves badass women who want to develop their resilience, stay faithful to their dreams, desires and goals while feeling awesome in their bodies. 🙂 How awesome that we have this beautiful Virgo full moon today to help us in the process.

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