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An Essential Resource To Reboot Your Wellness Routine This Spring

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It’s spring here in the Northern Hemisphere (finally!). This is what we’ve been waiting for—the chance to shake off the cold and blossom into a new version of ourselves. To make it even more impactful, Mercury is entering into Aries—the first sign of the zodiac—and this occurs concurrently with him clearing his retrograde shadow. Mercury has been in emotional Pisces for a verrrrrrry long time. Honestly, for me, it feels like forever.

After all, Mercury traveled through Pisces up to 29 degrees before going retrograde on March 5 and traveling back through Pisces to 16 degrees on March 28th. Then, moving forward and retracing his steps through the last half of the sign of the fish for the third time from then until now. That’s almost ten weeks of Mercury in Pisces (from February 10th, 2019 until when he enters Aries early in the morning of April 17th).

Thankfully, Aries’ cardinal energy will have us feeling more motivated and less dampened by our emotional experience. However, while this season offers us the potential to grow, it’s also all too easy to end up overextended and depleted if we aren’t fueling our bodies with soulful, nourishing food.

I know that’s true for me. I’ve talked about how I’m in the middle of writing a book at the moment, and while it’s an enjoyable process, it’s also demanding. Some days I’ve had a little too much espresso and too little sleep. With so much on my plate (and on yours), there’s real potential for burnout instead of blooming.

Here’s the good news: Spring also gives us the raw materials we need to bring ourselves back into balance—sunshine and fresh produce. And the even better news? My friends and co-founders of Well + Good, Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula, have a new cookbook out that guides us in how to use that produce to nourish ourselves. It’s packed with a hundred delicious, hearty, healthy recipes to bring our bodies back into alignment. They’ve curated simple yet soulful recipes to support your immune system, help clear up your skin, sleep better, and more. Plus, it’s just freaking gorgeous. You’ve got to check out how beautiful this book is. I’m smitten over it.

I never endorse books or products unless I know how fabulous they are from experience. I know firsthand that Alexia and Melisse know how to tap into a vibrant, sensory experience with the food they create while keeping it healthy. When I attended Well + Good’s retreat last year, I was served the most heavenly assortment of dishes—perfectly seasoned vegetables, super clean protein, and delicious mocktails. This was not typical uninspired retreat “mush” (as my foodie mother-in-law would call it). This sophisticated food came from the soul. I knew it, and my body recognized it. And, since then, I’ve waited for this book to come out with bated breath.

How lucky are we to have something like this book on the shelves? Just a few years ago, the idea of food as a support for full mind, body, and emotional health was starting to emerge into the mainstream, and Alexia and Melisse led the way. They started Well + Good with an intense passion for bringing previously “fringe” ideas to the forefront. And by “fringe” I mean supplements, eco-friendly beauty products, and astrological-based wellness—ideas that seem pretty conventional nowadays. Thanks to their determination and vision, we have a wealth of resources on the web and now in their cookbook. They are insanely talented journalists and entrepreneurs, and beyond that, they are pretty freaking cool people. I am completely inspired by their tenacity, grit, and resilience, and am, of course, incredibly grateful to them for running my Cosmic Health column for a year and a half! In no small way, they’ve helped shape the wellness industry. I’m consistently grateful for their contributions and support.

So, whether you’re looking for a spring reboot on your eating, new recipes to serve to family and friends as we approach sensual Taurus season, or something for your mom (Mother’s Day is less than a month away!), this cookbook is an absolute must. Here’s where you can order it.

As always, I send you all of my love!

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