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April New Moon in Aries: Move Forward with Fire-Fueled Action

April New Moon In Aries -- Fire-fueled action

Wow, we are finally in April—a month when we can (usually) expect things to go fast. April is the season of Aries, a powerful sign that knows how to get things started.

As the fist sign of the zodiac ruled by Mars (the planet of action), Aries brings some ass-kicking qualities. Think Sarah Michelle Gellar: a quintessential Aries, who famously played Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Initiation, action, mobility, and power are words that come to mind when I think of Aries.

This makes April a time of full bore engagement, when aggressive goal setting takes center stage.

On a personal level, I can totally use this boost of primal fire, too. Living in New York, winters (no matter how mild) can feel draining. While the cold, dark days provide powerful moments of contemplation and realignment, come spring time I l-o-v-e feeling on fire. As though the seeds of truth planted in the winter can start to blossom as soon as longer days and warmer weather fill the sky. Spring fever, a feeling I totally adore, uplifts my spirits and feeds my creativity, helping me access my courage to step up and step out.

So the arrival of April means hallelujah, a time when we cultivate the wisdom of winter and step toward the manifestations of our future with fresh energy and direction. Fire, momentum, creativity, FUN, new vision, and new direction. Yes!

However, this year the astrological forecast indicates something slightly different.

Nope, it’s not terrible, so don’t hold your breath. It’s just different.

How so? Well for starters, the month kicks off with an Aries new moon on the 7th, which brings some surprising challenges. While this new moon boasts some prudent positives—it is a new moon in Aries after all—it also contains some adversarial components.

For example, this new moon offers us a spark to light up our life, as well as a call for transformation: the sun and moon come into a direct square (or challenging angle) to Pluto, the planet of transformation. Further, with the sun and moon at 18 degrees at the time of the new moon, it sits directly next to revolutionary Uranus. Together these influences may suggest a break down to break through.

To round it out, this new moon plays into the mutable t-square (an awkward astrological transformation that summons transition) that defines so much of 2016. This t-square happens between Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo, and asks us to set our big picture dream and move in the direction of it with devotion (even though our attention may feel totally scattered!). To top it off, Venus and Mars are both in fire signs, edging on this impatient need for change, motivation, and transformation. And as if all of this weren’t enough—this new moon is a Super Moon.

So, ladies, we can expect to feel this new moon inviting our bigger life visions, holding us accountable to seeing where we hold ourselves back.

It may even deliver a punch-you-in-the-face piece of information that you needed to know (but were avoiding) so you can eloquently move forward. This potent new moon brings wild potential, but may feel a bit cranky, too.

Want to know how best use this new moon?

To state it simply: Get Clear.

Where are you heading? Why are you heading there? Is this in alignment with where you want to be?  Identify your BIG. PICTURE. GOAL. Spell it out. And then make a commitment.

I promise your words have power. And this is the most important thing you can do.

Next? Take action. Deliberate, intentional, fire-fueled action. This is not the time for mediocre execution. Nope. BOLD forward moving action instead. Make it intentional.

As the month moves on we, have some beautiful support coming our way. A grand trine in the earth between Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter; a fabulous connection between Mars and Venus, both in fire signs; not to mention an amazing full moon in Scorpio on the 21st.

Honestly, I am not sure it gets better. So please use it wisely.

So you might be thinking that all of this sounds positive, and it does. Why was I teasing out a big caveat at the beginning of this article?

The month starts out with two planets retrograde (Saturn and Jupiter) and ends with five planets retrograde. Yup, five! Mars, Pluto, and Mercury will all be retrograde by the time the month ends.

The month is going to end with a super strong internal push. So don’t hesitate now to claim your intended destination and hit the gas pedal—NOW. Use the fire, and burn rubber ladies. Move it. Make it happen.

Don’t worry.  In a couple of weeks, you’ll have plenty of time to integrate and refine. Until then, rise, own your voice, and take a stand for YOU. Mobilize the power of April. Don’t hesitate.

As always, I send you all of my love. I’d love to hear from you: what’s coming up for you this new moon?

Big hugs,


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