Aquarius Zodiac Sign: The Genius, Revolutionary, Designer. - Jennifer Racioppi

Aquarius Zodiac Sign: The Genius, Revolutionary, Designer.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th) Genius. Revolutionary. Designer. *** Aquarius Sun Sign Others see you as a little different, love—and with good reason. Not only do those born under the Aquarius star sign dance to the beat of their own drum, they encourage the rest of us to make our own music, too. Aquarian […]

aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

Genius. Revolutionary. Designer.


Aquarius Sun Sign

Others see you as a little different, love—and with good reason. Not only do those born under the Aquarius star sign dance to the beat of their own drum, they encourage the rest of us to make our own music, too. Aquarian essence can be found in the disruptive and unexpected. It’s the amateur’s lucky streak at the casino, the chance encounter that turns your career upside down, the nerve-wracking, split-second before you drop a new solution into the beaker.

It’s important that you understand this tendency to find yourself on the outskirts has more to do with them than you, love. You value your individuality so much that you insist upon every human being having the same opportunities for expression and radical self-love. Society as a whole doesn’t have the same range of vision as you do, at least not yet. This is why you’re sometimes pegged as a rebel and a rule-breaker.

You absolutely cannot conform to outdated ideas that don’t serve us all.

And, in truth, you aren’t supposed to. As an air sign ruled by revolutionary Uranus, your ability to puzzle your way through any problem is impeccable. You recognize that masterful logic is the quickest route to helping others see the errors of their thinking and move toward a solution that’s better for the collective. This mental acuity makes it easy for you to detach from your own personal wants and embrace a bigger playing field, one where we all feel welcome.

While your unique perspective is a much-needed gift, it can be hard for you to relate to others. If you feel your freedom or individuality isn’t respected in any way, you tend to isolate instead of invite people into your point of view. After all, it’s through our relationships that we can truly change the world. You certainly possess the communication skills to connect, Aquarius. It’s up to you to break down any barriers that get in your way from joining a group that can make a difference.

To feel satisfied on this strange and sometimes cumbersome planet, it’s key that you fully accept the full range of what makes you, you. Don’t ignore those wild flashes of insight, that ping in your chest that tells you when you’re on the right track. Write them down—all of them—and give them space to marinate. It’s only a matter of time before you’re able to connect the realm of possibility to our current reality.

Aquarius Rising Sign

As an Aquarius rising, some think you march to the beat of your own drum. In reality, you’ve ditched the drum altogether and are rock-and-rolling it out with an electronic soundboard—one that you built with spare parts, of course. You’re an inventor, innovator, and icon. And sometimes people just aren’t sure what to do with you.

Despite their initial tentativeness, people eventually flock to you. They sense that there’s truth to the core of your wild ideas, and that you just may be the Next Big Thing. And even if people aren’t interested in riding your coattails, they understand there’s something unique about the way you perceive the world. And they want to know more about it—and you.

While you may be seen as a leader, you’re also excellent at making connections between seemingly dissimilar ideas, people, and places. It’s easy for you to see how all the dots connect to make the world a better place. You’re just waiting for everyone else to get on board.

Aquarius Moon Sign

Earth to Aquarius! If your moon sign falls in the sign of the water bearer, there’s a good chance you spend way more time thinking about your emotions than actually experiencing them.

Your sense of internal satisfaction tends to come from connecting and generating ideas. It’s truly a joyful experience when you can dive into a big-picture, long-term project and really explore. Even better if you can bring in a wide range of diverse thinkers to help foster a new perspective.

As a thought leader, it’s way more comfortable for you to dream up solutions to narrow-minded problems than it is to experience what those issues feel like. It’s not that you don’t care about people; it’s just that you tend to see humanity as a collective instead of taking a closer look at each person as an individual. This can make you seem aloof, love, so be sure to put in the effort to develop true intimacy—with others, but also with yourself.  

Are you ready to embody your cosmic destiny?

If you’ve been blessed with an Aquarius sun, moon, or ascendant in your chart, it’s time to flood our archaic systems with your diverse community of conscious souls and collaborators. It’s time to challenge the limited thinking of society and usher in radical progress and service to the greater good.

As women and woman-identifying people, we’ve come to a crossroads in our political and social history. It’s time for us to fully embody our highest potential and put to use our greatest spiritual gifts for the betterment of our world. It’s time for us dive deeper into our personal soul-traits so that we can leave a wider, more powerful imprint on this critical moment in time.

Join me for my annual Moon Cycle Embodiment Challenge starting on November 7th. The very next day, Jupiter, the planet of good luck, good fortune and abundance enters into Sagittarius, we’ll begin. You’ll learn how to harness the 28-day cycle and unparalleled energy of the moon to renew your feminine connection, deepen self-care practices, reclaim your health rhythm, and learn more about astrology. *This challenge is for anyone who identifies as female.

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