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Astrological 411: Cancer Season 2019

cancer season 2019

Friday, June 21st, marks the summer solstice and the start of Cancer season 2019. If you’re ready for a deep-seated rest from frenetic Gemini season, now’s the perfect time to call in all the people and situations that feel like home and help bring you back into alignment.

The Sun rules our ego and identity, and with the shift into this cardinal water sign, we’re asked to explore both what nurtures others and how we’re nurturing ourselves.

Plus, the solstice marks the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) and a critical turning point. All that reflection we did in the dark, cold winter months? It’s time to nurture those seeds until they bloom into their fullest potential. Be sure to use all this energetic push and excess daylight to fully step into the fully badass Cancer archetype.

Cancer “the worrier” is a patriarchal perspective (and it’s gotta go).

And whether we recognize it or not, there is plenty of badass Cancer energy to go around. Stereotypically, Cancers are known more as worriers than warriors, but that’s a traditionally patriarchal view of strength that’s gotta go. Cancer is ruled by the divinely feminine, intuitive moon, meaning this archetype gets its drive from its deep emotional waters. Instead of being led by competition, let your human need to connect and comfort light the way.

During this emotion-driven time, we’re also about to dive head-first into eclipse season. This, plus our position at the peak of this fertile summer season, sets the stage for big opportunities to grow that have real sticking power. It’s safe to say the universe demands our attention at this critical turning point.

This time of year brings so many endings, especially for parents out there reconciling the insane speed and tempo of which children grow. The developmental turning point that the end of another school year brings is real. While I am not a parent myself, I empathize with how overwhelming this can feel. Integration can easily get lost in the shuffle of the busyness of life. So please take time to process the growth, change, and development of your children

Thankfully, Cancer brings so much support when it comes to integration, and finding centered presence amidst the moment for all of us, regardless of whether we parent or not!

The Astro Essentials For July: What You Need To Know About Cancer Season 2019

Attention and self-care are key this month, especially as we head toward dual eclipses and another Mercury retrograde. Right now, communicator Mercury is already in his shadow period where he’s retracing his steps on his path. He doesn’t take a full-blown backspin until July 7th, but be aware that this energy is already on the downswing. This time around, Mercury starts his retrograde in 4 degrees of boisterous Leo into 23 degrees of Cancer. He ends up in the sign of the crab when his retrograde finishes up on July 31st.

Add to that two intense eclipses coming up in July—and that Saturn is hovering over our karmic South Node—the opportunity for big, cosmic shifts presents itself. But here’s the thing: Cancer season sets us up with the tools to lovingly guide us through it all. Tap into the power of your intuitive, internal wisdom to feel through what the eclipses will inevitably dig up.

These eclipses are important, so of course, I’ll be back in your inbox one more time before the first one occurs on July 2nd with more information on how to tap into the messages they’ll bring. But until then: keep your eyes open. Pay attention. There’s a good chance you’re already experiencing the messages they have for you. Of course, I’ll still be rocking it out on Instagram and posting weekly astrological forecasts at Well + Good. I’m so excited to be on this journey together.

All my love,

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