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Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Catalyze Change

The blood moon total lunar eclipse in Aquarius, happening at 4:20 pm ET on July 27th (and ranking as the longest eclipse of the century), ushers change. Lasting one hour and forty-seven minutes, this lengthy eclipse happening in the sign of the water bearer catalyzes action. What Is A Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse? There are […]

The blood moon total lunar eclipse in Aquarius, happening at 4:20 pm ET on July 27th (and ranking as the longest eclipse of the century), ushers change. Lasting one hour and forty-seven minutes, this lengthy eclipse happening in the sign of the water bearer catalyzes action.

What Is A Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse?

There are a lot of adjectives preceding this full moon, so let’s break down exactly what’s happening through the lens of astronomythe scientific study of planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe. Lunar eclipses occur when the sun and moon oppose one another, as they do at any full moon, however, at the time of full moon, due to the moon’s proximity to one of its nodes, the Earth’s shadow is cast upon the moon, creating the eclipse. The full moon becomes the recipient of the Earth’s shadow, as opposed to the sun’s light; and a “blood moon” occurs when the moon appears blood red in the Earth’s shadow.

Now, many of you may be wondering if you’ll be able to see this rare lunar event. While the majority of the world will have the ability to see this blood moon, those in North America will not have a vantage point to do so. By the time the moon rises, the eclipse will have already ended! However, with technology, you can watch the eclipse, should you desire to do so, via YouTube channels, or check out this website for a list of other ways to enjoy the eclipse!

The Lifespan Of Eclipses

While eclipses happen multiple times a year, each eclipse belongs to a particular cycle and correlate with Saros cycles. Saros cycles repeat every 18 years 11 days and 8 hours. This particular lunar eclipse belongs to Saros cycle 129. The last lunar eclipse in this cycle occurred on July 16, 2000.

Even more exciting and provocative, look back 19 years to see when an eclipse at the same degree and day happened. 19 years ago, on July 28, 1999, an Aquarius lunar eclipse occurred at 4 degreesthe same degree as this eclipse. Meaning this current eclipse connects with profundity to events that unfolded in the weeks surrounding July 28, 1999. This correlates with a Metonic cycle, which is 19 years long (or 235 lunar months). That’s how long it takes for an eclipse to recur at the same degree of the same sign.

When eclipses repeat in their Metonic cycle, so much understanding, consciousness, and power can emergeespecially if you spend time looking back.

In the words of Søren Kierkegaard,

“Life can only be understood backward; but it must be lived forwards.”

Given that we live life forward and understand it backward, allow this eclipse to take you back in time so you can unpack the longer cycles and patterns guiding your life.

The Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Since the full moon lunar eclipse happens at 4 degrees of Aquarius, it conjoins Mars retrograde, who currently travels at 3 degrees of Aquarius. Mars, who will oppose the sun at the time of the eclipse, will be the closest to planet Earth that he’s been since 2003. According to, Mars will be his brightest in the night sky between July 21st and August 3rd, so get outside under the stars and see for yourself.

Retrogrades and Eclipse Cycles Encourage Reflection

Mars, the planet of action, initiated his retrograde journey in late June, just after the most recent solstice, so for the last month, Mars retrograde asks us to go backward as a way to move forward. Further, with Mercury now retrograde, too, we get the same message to revise, review and revisit. Given that a south node total lunar eclipse illuminates shadows, brings things out into the open, and closes chapters, conjuring the highest sense of patience now and thoroughly reviewing the past 19 years, supports you to make the most of this eclipse.

Consider what occurred in your life 19 years ago. What decisions, actions, or life themes emerged then that are coming full circle now? Recognize the path you’ve traveled to arrive where you are today. Doing so provides incredible agency, especially as it relates to conjuring the future you intend to live. After all, the next lunar eclipse happening at 4 degrees of Aquarius will occur on July 27, 2037exactly 19 years from now. (Honestly, astrology is cool!) So take a moment and get grounded with where you are now, and possibly even consider:

Where do want to be in 2037?

Looking Back to Look Forward: The Solar Eclipse in Leo

Even more immediately, the next new moonhappening two weeks from now on August 11th at 5:57 am ETis a north node solar eclipse in Leo. This eclipse provides a strong opportunity to own your vision for where you see yourself heading. Given that last new moon was also an eclipse (in Cancer on July 12th), we find ourselves in the midst of a somewhat-rare eclipse trifecta! We have three eclipses in the 29.5-day span from new moon to new moon, emphasizing tremendous change and transformation.

So, to sum it up: the current blood moon total lunar eclipse brings closure to a chapter harkening back to July of 1999, and the upcoming new moon solar eclipse asks you to own your vision for where you wish to head. With Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Chiron, and Neptune all retrograde (and soon, Uranus will station retrograde, too) the cosmos encourage looking back before plunging forward. And given that eclipses bring incredible intensityand there are three this eclipse seasonthe universe commands respect.

In the meantime, we find ourselves between worlds. With karmas from past actions ripening now, pay particular attention to lessons, omens, and soul growth.

Eclipses Expedite Growth And Transformation

Eclipses hold three times the power of a regular new moon or full moon, making this a beautiful and powerful moment to productively work with these potent energies. Since this moon rides the visionary and progressive leadership energy of Aquarius, this is a time for leading and launching—your way. Bring your unique qualities and authenticity into everything you put forth.

Don’t hold back your truth.

It’s important to note that Aquarius, ruled by Uranus (and traditionally Saturn), represents change. Progressive change. So, loosen the reins and set sail in a new direction, while still honoring tradition and stability.

This total lunar eclipse forms a fixed T-square with Uranus. Given that the moon conjoins Mars retrograde in Aquarius, and Uranus rules Aquarius, we can undoubtedly expect this lunation to put pressure on us (and the world in general) to change. Fortunately, Saturn makes a trine to Aquarius, indicating that changes initiated now will stick. Further, Venus forms a perfect trine to Pluto, facilitating the process of connecting to authentic values and making changes accordingly.

Lean Into Connection and Embrace Your Differences

As we experience this eclipse in change-making, evolutionary, and revolutionary Aquarius, and move through a big retrograde season, now’s the time to lean into connection, to revel in our differences, and find value not only in our local community, but in the global community. Aquarian energy inspires collaboration—so own your truth and lead independently. Co-create, in your community, and with one another.

7 Ways to Make the Most of The Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

While an astrological event of this nature—especially one combined with Mercury and Mars retrograde—might instill fear or anxiety into some, I tend to view these events differently (check out my post on Mercury retrograde here). Instead of panicking, consider trying these things during the July 27th blood moon total lunar eclipse:

1. Journal.

Can you remember July of 1999? Where were you? What choices did you make then that may have something to do with your circumstances now? Take out a pen and piece of paper and start jotting down themes, ideas, and memories. Then look to see if there’s a connection to the present moment.

2. Clean your space and get organized.

With Mercury retrograde, Venus in Virgo trining Pluto, and the full moon eclipse in Aquarius (a sign with a very particular, detail oriented, focus), now’s the time to clean house. Eliminate that which you no longer need. Let go of old papers, old photos, old clothes, generalized clutter, and create clear space.

3. Explore cutting-edge wellness practices.

Have you ever tried cognitive hypnotherapy? Recently, my dear friend and personal hypnotherapy coach, Grace Smith, released her first book, Close Your Eyes and Get Free. I can’t think of a better book and practice to recommend this blood moon total lunar eclipse in Aquarius. Self-hypnosis offers incredible benefits and is a beautiful tool to have in your complementary alternative medicine kit!

5. Expand your social network offline.

Aquarius, after all, correlates with groups and friendships. Given how much change permeates the atmosphere, change looms in all directions, especially as it relates to your social circle. Take action. Get out there and make new friends. Need more evidence that social connections in real time add to happiness? Check out this article. (It’s my favorite read from last week!)

6. Get political.

I am not going to mince words here. Now’s the time to familiarize yourself with the political issues that mean the most to you and devise a thorough plan for how you wish to honor your vision, needs, opinions, and alliances. There are too many hot-button items right now to stay quiet. Find your voice. Align with your values and get active.

7. Start thinking about your new moon intentions.

I know we’re still in the stage of letting go with the potent blood moon total lunar eclipse upon us, but now is a great time to begin conjuring your intention for the upcoming new moon solar eclipse in Leo. Happening on August 11th, the next eclipse asks you to set sail in a new direction. But where do you wish to go? Spend time getting clear now. Doing so supports you to feel firm in your intentions in two weeks’ time.

Now I’d love to hear from you? What’s been emerging in your life over the last couple of weeks? Any insights or aha’s you want to share that are percolating this full moon? Leave me a comment below!


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