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Capricorn Full Moon—The Rest Of The Year Starts Now

2014, a year up until now, riddled with delay and difficulty, is about to step it up a notch. Yee-haw! The Capricorn full moon upon us brings with it the beginning of the rest of the year. You see, so far in 2014 we’ve experienced retrograde after retrograde, all of which has kept our progress and pace in check. As Mercury clears his shadow and we move officially out of Mercury Retrograde, we head into a time where we can expect the rhythm and pace of the year to kick it up a notch or two.

In fact, we won’t experience another retrograde of a personal planet (Venus, Mars, or Mercury) until October 6th when Mercury returns to retrograde. That gives us just three months to take the ball … wait, I mean wand … and run with it.

Because Capricorn is a tough sign with a no excuse policy, that is often is not happy unless it has accomplished its goal, Capricorn full moons have a tendency to imbue the air with a sense of stoicism. With the moon in Capricorn and the Sun completely opposite in Cancer, this particular full moon brings with it a spirit of nurturing love that connects you to the home within your body, in addition to a tough love that wants you to dive in, get to work and fully apply yourself.

In other words, the Cancer-Capricorn blend that we’re experiencing with this full moon wants us to take stock and make some choices in our lives concerning what has to go, what gets to stay, and where we want to fiercely commit. (Fiercely, being the key word.) But I don’t mean that we’re to commit in the traditional way of burning the candle at both ends, but rather in a way that honors the intuition, the body, a sense of community, and peace within ourselves.

Chances are you may even be going through a process of death and rebirth, which is meant to expand your emotional sensitivity, thereby increasing your understanding of your self. All to say that this particular Capricorn full moon is about celebrating what you’ve accomplished, and taking a stand for what you want to create in the remaining months of 2014.

The Cancer-Capricorn opposition unifies two signs that know how to get what they want, protect what they have, and create strong, stable foundations in life. Neither Cancer nor Capricorn is afraid of a little work, nor should you be during this full moon.

It’s time to stake a claim to what you are creating and then get super practical about how you are going to call it into existence.

As if that weren’t enough, Venus and Mars are making a harmonious trine, which further amplifies the energy of digging deep and going after what you want. This is the time to make things happen. Though there is some complicated energy too – thanks to change-making Uranus opposing masculine Mars with both squaring the moon—with a little effort we can still conjure a positive outcome. Just be certain to avoid drama, take the high road and spend your energy on yourself instead of anything trivial around you.

Here are 3 ways to make the most of this Capricorn full moon:

  1. Dig deep. It’s time to discover your purpose, rediscover your purpose or commit to your purpose on an even bigger scale. Journal and write out your goals.
  1. Clearly express your mission or purpose aloud to yourself in front of a mirror. Repeat them while looking yourself in the eye. Allow your intentions to settle deeply into your subconscious.
  1. Absorb the energy of the moonlight. As always, full moons are great ways to get in touch with the feminine. Be certain to spend a few minutes outdoors connecting to the moonlight.

As we move forward into the remaining months of 2014, I suggest that you do so with a clear intention. The rest of the year promises to move quicker than the previous months did, so it’s best that you get prepared. Tonight, be sure to do some soul searching to become crystalline clear on exactly how you want to use the remainder of the year.

Big hugs to you! As always, I send you my love.



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