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Celebrating Health + Hardship

After I hit send on my newsletter last week, my email inbox flooded with incredibly thoughtful responses.  Thank you to all those who reached out to me with love!  I deeply appreciate it.

I often preach the virtues of relaxation to my clients and in my business, but I have to say, it’s been a while since I gave myself that kind of time-out. (Two full weeks of absolutely nothing other than pj’s, movies and bed!)

I am an introvert and unlike extroverts, introverts gain their energy from being alone as opposed to with groups of people. As an introvert who leads a very social life (and has an extroverted husband) sometimes it’s not that easy for me to really get the down time I absolutely need to recover. Even though the first two weeks of my new year were dedicated to resting, I intended to spend them in the context of people: with 20 girls in a house in Vermont, and on a wellness vacation at Omega in Costa Rica. Though, no doubt, both would have totally rocked, neither would have provided me with a sense of isolation my soul really longs for from time to time.

The interesting thing is that, given that my plans to be away for two weeks on adventures were without my husband, he had planned business trips he couldn’t gracefully get out of when I got sick. So, as I lay listless in the face of the flu, I did so alone.

When I lost my grandmother, my husband came home for the funeral, but turned around a day later to head back to California. Even my dog was away as my lovely in-laws took him in to accommodate our travel plans. Although it wasn’t planned, that time alone in silence nurtured me in a way that I didn’t even realize I needed. Of course, I missed my husband, friends and dog; but, the solitude brought with it a tremendous sense of peace …  peace that I feel resonating throughout every inch of my body. I realized something deeply informative for me—I really need heavy doses of alone time. Being alone for stretches of time restores me on a profound level.  It’s more nutritive to me than any supplement, green juice or asana. I generally do a lot of things by myself—go out to eat, attend workshops, travel—but rarely do I ever hangout in my pjs by myself. Through this experience, I learned the power of a private staycation, and my profound need for regular doses of alone time.

Though I’m in total disbelief that someone as unique as my grandmother both lived and passed, I am head over heels in love with her. I know her spirit is alive and well. (I am tending to it meticulously!) Despite the mourning and grief I feel for the loss of my grandmother, I am celebrating her life—and all that she taught me. (Thank you Grandma!)

Here’s the deal: no matter how well we practice the Law of Attraction and self-care, we simply can’t avoid all suffering and illness in life. Though I fundamentally believe in and practice making choices day to day in order to avoid unnecessary suffering, I am humble enough to realize I cannot control everything.  I bow down to life, and I trust it has my back, even when I don’t particularly want to hear its instructions.

Life: Go back to bed.

Me: But I don’t want to.

Life: Rest child, good things are coming.

Me: But, I have a plane to catch!

Life: Not today, you don’t!

Life is my greatest teacher, my only guru. It relentlessly teaches me humility, patience and empathy.

And the truth is, I actually don’t believe everything happens for the best. I feel that’s a clichéd platitude that doesn’t always hold true. What I do believe though, with all of my heart, is that it’s my choice to make the best out of everything that does happen. That is where my free will comes in:

What do I choose in the face of my suffering?

Which brings me to my questions for you:

  • What is happening in your life to help you grow right now?
  • Where might you be avoiding this?
  • What are ways you can welcome this growth as opposed to fighting it?
  • How can you genuinely make the best out of what’s going on? (Note that the key here is authenticity: no need to bullshit yourself with platitudes. That’s not going to help your soul at all!)

While we cannot control life, we always have a choice of how we dance with it.

So, one more question for you: What’s your choice, right now? 

I am looking forward to a year of beautiful dance moves. Rhythm, dance and soul. Are you with me? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, I send you my love.

Big hugs,


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