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Step Into a New Way of Being

Sandwiched between the start of Passover, Good Friday, and Easter comes a potent lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse, the follow-up to March 20th’s solar eclipse, is part two of a sequence that offers us an opportunity to resurrect our most heartfelt visions and liberate our most sincere values. Regardless of whether you follow a Judeo-Christian calendar or not, we are in sacred times. The holiday themes of death and resurrection are apropos, as are themes of liberation and overcoming bondage, too.

Eclipses usher in change. This lunar eclipse particularly asks us to release, let go and say goodbye to what no longer serves us, and boldly move in the direction of our dreams.

Liberate and Resurrect

The good news is that we don’t have to look too far to see what is meant to leave our lives. These changes are obvious. Take an inventory of your life right now. What is shifting? What is life asking you to surrender? Where are you undergoing a transformation in your life?

In my life, transformation and difficulty have confronted me head-on. I’ve experienced the death of a loved one, a major home disaster, and my website going down due to a technical invasion of internet mites. (Yes, these eclipses are activating my astrological chart intensely!) The universe couldn’t be more clear about how it’s directing me to grieve, grow and evolve. While accepting the loss of loved one is by far the most challenging experience I’ve encountered, evolutionary pulses exist even in death and hardship. I am learning so much about my meaning of happiness, the grieving process, and how to stay resilient during challenging times. I am embodying curiosity as I grieve, grow, and integrate the lessons upon me. I encourage you to stay curious in your life too as you integrate the meaning life offers you now as well.

How are the changes in your life asking you to update the schemata that influence the basic fabric of you?

This full moon triggers a release point in our lives. Endings are happening. It is OK to surrender, let go and step into a bigger vision of our life. It’s time to do so with courage, commitment and deep integration of our most authentic values. A whole new way of being awaits us.

Resurgence. Revival. Reawakening.

This full moon, I encourage you to take the time to evaluate your passions. Bust out your journal, or open a new doc in your Google Drive, and jot down some notes. Remember, as you look at your life, stay curious. Don’t jump to any conclusions. Embody curiosity as you write and see where it leads you.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How have my passions shifted?
  • What was I once passionate about that doesn’t seem to do much for me now?
  • What do I need to let go of, now?
  • What is currently enchanting, captivating, and stimulating me? Make a list.
  • Next, write out your dream. What’s the dream I am creating? What personal values does it represent or embody? Dive in and spell out what you are working on creating in your life, now. Include every detail you can. Then, allow yourself time to muse on what has recently shifted for you. Give yourself a moment to evaluate the changes you have endured.
  • Now, ask yourself this: What lessons do I currently need to integrate with in order to move forward into my liberation?

Despite the hardship, challenge, and difficulty, this is our opportunity to move forward and find a deeper level of liberation in our lives. This eclipse has a giant emphasis on release. Be careful not to get caught up in the drama of letting go; rather, learn to ride your emotions like a skilled surfer taking on a mammoth size wave. Keep your focus on your emancipation, evolution and integration.

As always, I send you all of my love. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your life.



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