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Full Moon in Aquarius: Be Free

full moon in aquarius be free

As we near the end of Leo season, we find ourselves in a powerful astrological moment with the full moon in Aquarius happening at 22 degrees of the sign of the water bearer at 8:29 am ET on August 15th. What makes this full moon so potent is that⁠—along with the sun and moon making an opposition⁠—Mercury (finally) clears his retrograde shadow, and the sun and Venus make a conjunction, too.

The moon will shine bright tonight, providing the perfect opportunity to leverage this climactic moment. Listen, deeply to your inner voice now, and over the course of the next few days.

At this most auspicious time, pay close attention to your thoughts, words, and actions. Align your mind with your desires. Take some time and write down a goal or two that you want to bring to fruition. This is an extraordinary moment to align with an outcome⁠—or a couple of outcomes⁠—that you wish to conjure! To learn more about this week’s astrology, check out my latest article on Well+Good.

The Sturgeon Full Moon in Aquarius

The full moon at 22 degrees of Aquarius, also known as the Sturgeon Full Moon, asks you to break free from the societal norms and conditioning that hold you back. While not easy, releasing the need to conform so you can more fully embrace your authentic nature, supports you now.

With Venus and the sun perfectly aligned in Leo, it’s so important to listen to your heart. Venus, after all, correlates with your values. She helps you to clarify what matters the most to you so that you can build a life around just that (instead of other people’s expectations of you). This Venus/sun conjunction in Leo invites you to boldly move in the direction of love, especially the love of self (since the sun represents our identity, and doubly since the sun rules Leo).

Breaking Free in the Name of Authenticity

To support breaking free, Mercury makes a healing trine to Chiron. Mercury and Chiron connecting in this way instigate you to align your current mindset with your innate wisdom. With Uranus, the ruling planet of this moon, now retrograde and squaring Mercury, it’s time to unleash your originality. Be bold. Be brave. Be you. The sun in Leo supports you here, too. Thankfully, Jupiter in Sagittarius, now traveling direct, also lends a hand and supports you to do more of that.

On the challenging side of things, Pluto in Capricorn forms an awkward angle to the sun/Venus alignment. Bringing endings, Pluto⁠—who rules the taboo, sex, and death⁠—commands the tenacity to let go of that which no longer serves you.

Growth Doesn’t Always Feel Great: Stay Patient

While there’s a lot of cosmic excitement right now, it doesn’t mean that everything needs to, or will, feel great. If you are experiencing a tough time, I promise you are not cosmically forgotten. Just because the current cosmic forecast calls for planting seeds of desire, it doesn’t mean you will see them manifest right away. As a matter of fact, this alignment with Venus and the sun works in segments of nine months, four years, and eight years. We are just at the beginning of a new phase. So, stay patient and compassionate. Cultivating resilience to ride the waves of life, always remains paramount.

The Rise of Venus

On the topic of Venus, her cycles, and her power, I want to point your attention in the direction of a brilliant astrologer Arielle Guttman. Arielle has made Venus her life’s work and is a leading authority on Venus. She wrote a book called Venus Star Rising. Without her contributions to modern astrology, my thinking on this topic would not be possible; I deeply admire her. To learn more about Venus, her influence, and her elliptical orbit, please check out Arielle.

Also, on the topic of astrologers that I admire, Annabel Gat’s book The Astrology of Love and Sex is now available. With Venus and her magic afoot, now’s a great time to think about romantic love and sex, too. If love is a priority for you this full moon, her book offers a fresh take on compatibility. It’s a comprehensive read.

Have you noticed these influences at play in your life? Let me know in the comments section below!

As always, thank you for welcoming me into your life. I am so grateful to be on this journey with you. Big hugs!

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