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Full Moon in Aquarius—Let Your Freak Flag Fly

With three planets in Leo—the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter—this Aquarian super full moon highlights the polarity between the need to be liked and the inner pull towards true individuality despite any risk of not fitting in. With the Leo emphasis ratcheting up the energy to be known, respected and loved, this full moon asks us to be extra conscientious regarding where we could be seeking praise at the expense of our own truth.

While the Leo energy continues to incite a desire for recognition, the Aquarian super full moon asks us to pursue freedom and ditch convention in pursuit of independent, free thinking, visionary ideas. It’s time to buck the system, so to speak, and embrace our own eclecticism and unique visions for our futures—even if that means clashing with the status quo.

The Aquarian super full moon wants us to unleash our originality and allow our inner freak to step into the spotlight. Tune in and you may find yourself bursting with brilliance uniquely all your own.

Though this full moon forms a challenging T-Square with Saturn with the sun and moon in harmonious aspects to free wheelin’ Uranus (Saturn is squaring both the sun and moon), the heightened energy of this super full moon is asking us all to get naked with our truth and rebel. And there is no better time than now to tune in and get that download. Given Saturn’s position, this full moon distinctly beckons us to actively work through problems and use any conflict towards problem solving. In general, this full moon is a great day to work… especially toward liberating your truth.

Given that this full moon follows the Leo new moon from July 26, which boasted some of the most auspicious energy of the year as far as new moons go, and considering any extra elbow grease put forth during the last two weeks, we should all be feeling the upswing of energy this month. (The first six months of 2014, astrologically speaking, were comparable to trying to snowshoe through molasses). Now that 2014 is in full effect (it only took us until July for the year to get started) it’s time to keep those engines roaring.

I know you likely have big goals for yourself and I’m thrilled to let you know that we are finally through the first half of this year that had us going backwards in order to go forward. Onwards and upwards we go! To top it off, next week on August 17, Venus and Jupiter will be auspiciously connected in Leo (conjunct in astrological lingo), and we should be feeling all glam and glitter leading straight into this auspicious alignment. Get ready for a great week!

Here are my three suggestions to help you let your freak flag fly this full moon:

  1. Get kinky: Use this full moon to unearth your secret sexual desires. Tune in and see if your sexuality is asking you to push some boundaries. (Role-playing anyone?) If you are single, this could be a great weekend to allow yourself to break a rule or two when it comes to dating. Don’t worry; with Saturn in a T-Square, you won’t let yourself go too far.
  2. Go wild with fashion: Feeling a little bored with the same old same old when it comes to how you dress? Maybe it’s time to break free of the usual attire. Allow yourself to choose the truest expression of who you are while getting dressed and see what you can come up with. Save the khaki shorts and plaid button down for another day.
  3. Tune into your values: What is it that you want your life to stand for? Allow yourself to tap into your reform-minded, futuristic, idealist ideas and see what you come up with. You never know. You may come up with an essential answer to a world wide issue! Get clear on what this could be and step into leadership.J

However, you use this Aquarius super full moon, I encourage you to be sure and (in the words of one of my freedom-loving Sagittarius best friends) “keep it weird!”

As always, all my love!

Until next time,


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