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Full Moon in Leo: Break free

New year mojo comes. New Year mojo goes. Normal patterns of life emerge. Ah, late January.

I decided to kick the year off with an early morning writing practice. I completed twelve days of this practice. Twelve glorious days of getting up early enough to hear my deepest, most sacred, truth move through me like a well-trained dance troop moving in synchronicity with precision.

Nothing. Felt. Better. Certainty flushed my body like I just mainlined organic kale juice straight. I felt on fire.

How can I not do this every single day for the rest of the year? The rest of my life, even? I made the commitment right then and there to my new reinvigorated habit to waking up before my husband and sneaking off to write first thing in the am, on topics that had absolutely nothing to do with work.

And then came January 13th. I had an important deadline. The urgency of business usurped my morning practice. Whoops. It took a few days to get back on the horse. It happens.

2016, a year for me about refinement and expansion, holds a fierce devotion to keeping it simple. Real simple. My goal this year: do less better. And yet, I am growing a company. I am expanding my practice. I am stretching into a different level of leadership. There’s a paradox at hand that for lack of better word feels, well, uh challenging! (But, totally doable.) Change is rarely ever a straight line, without nuance.

I know I am not alone. That you too have really good intentions to grow, change, and evolve this year as well. And that as you attempt change a few of your regular ways of doing things are screaming for your attention like a child who fears getting left behind?! You know you need to make changes, but maybe feel frightened? Past habits push us to live our life on autopilot.

The truth is change is hard. But change is possible.

This week the Leo full moon opposes the sun in free-wheeling, revolution making Aquarius, asking us to find our liberation and break out of the box. The full moon happens with Mercury, the ruler of our thoughts, holding hands with Pluto the ruler of the underworld. Our commitments hold power this week, especially if we commit to really getting clear on how we hold ourselves back. This configuration wants us to examine our thoughts and align them with our intended outcomes.

The sun and moon in opposition make a hard angle to action oriented Mars. So we can expect to feel challenged in this process. Simultaneously, our dear love, sweet Venus, celebrates her exit from Sagittarius and her entrance into stoic Capricorn. This brings with it the power to feel aligned with the work needed to create the results we desire.

Yes, change is hard, but you bet your bottom dollar it’s happening. So take the wheel and steer.

The full moon in Leo ask us to shine. Mercury in retrograde shows us the weak link in our chain. The sun in Aquarius asks us to break free. There’s no turning back.

Examine your life and decide where you want to go.

Commit to becoming the best version of yourself. Commit to creating the year you really want to live. Perfect is never the goal. Progress is so much more realistic. Commit to your progress.

Ask yourself this: if 2016 goes as well as it possibly could, what would have happened?

This full moon, your words have power. Use them wisely. In the comments below, claim what you are committing to.

As always, I send you so much love!



PS. In honor of keeping things simple, I am partnering with Over the Moon Mag to lead a three month group coaching program. If you want extra accountability with making change in your life consider joining a moon circle with me. Space is limited. Apply today.

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