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Full Moon in Libra: Self-Love on Behalf of Collective Healing

The full moon on March 28th at 8° of Libra perfects at 2:48 pm Eastern, and it provides a profound invitation to cultivate self-love.

In the pandemic era, where the hope for a better future is constantly met with an unrelenting traumatic news cycle, understanding and living with self-love can become even more complicated. I mean?!  With the world in chronic crisis and so many of our day-to-day norms redefined, how do we consistently fill our cup, honor our own needs, and center our well-being with unconditional regard?

As I’ve sat with myself during this pandemic, especially in light of losing a parent to Covid, I’ve interrogated my definition of self-love altogether.

Amid the confines of isolation during a time of grief, I’ve had to redefine what it means to take personal responsibility and action while continuing to believe in and care for myself amid the world’s suffering. It is a tough challenge given the onslaught of loss I endured in my personal life (some of what I’ve shared publicly and much that I haven’t because it’s private). But all of it has brought me in many ways back to the core of my work: self-love, just with an evolved definition.

For me, right now, self-love is a verb, not a noun. It’s a constant act of tending to my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being with devotion, humility, and lots of forgiveness—so I can continue to fuel my dedication to doing what I can on behalf of our collective healing.

This dichotomy of “me” (self-love) on behalf of the collective health “we,” is the essence of a Libra full moon. Aries, after all, represents the self, and Libra represents the balance of relationships.

Yet, this full moon presents an even deeper opportunity to heal. As I write in my Cosmic Health column on Well + Good, Chiron, who’s a centaur, conjoins the sun and Venus this full moon, amplifying both our pain and our capacity to be with it in the name of healing. Click Here to read my full article and get insight on the week ahead.

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