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Full Moon in Sagittarius: Embrace Adventure + Freedom

full moon in sagittarius

Tomorrow we have the first of two full moons in Sagittarius, (the second comes next month on the solstice). Sagittarius, a sign ruled by expansive Jupiter, pushes us out of our comfort zone and into the truth. Known for their bluntness, Sagittarians don’t hold back. And, under this full moon, maybe you shouldn’t either.

Happening at 5:14pm ET on the 21st, this full moon occurs at the exact same degree as Mars, which represents our motivation, gusto, and deep connection to our bodies. The moon, on the other hand, represents our feminine capacities, our ability to receive, and our emotional needs. Mars and the moon together, in fire sign Sag opposing the sun in Gemini, highly suggest locomotion. Even with Mars retrograde, I’d look at this full moon as an instigator to action, momentum, and adventure. Possibly even the healthy expression of darker emotions like anger– especially since this full moon happens on the eve of Mercury going direct. (Bye Felicia!)

In my own life this full moon initiates massive action and change, as it occurs the night before I journey to Bali. I am off for a few weeks of adventure and travel—two of my all time favorite things to do (and perfectly timed for this full moon!).

As a matter of fact, this full moon marks the 10th anniversary of my solo trip around the world. Back in 2006, for 5 whole months, I crossed border after border, connected with strangers, and worked part-time with only the belongings in my backpack and one-way tickets.

Traveling around the world was a personal dream I had kicked around since my teenage years. And when I decided to go for it, I hadn’t saved a ton of cash or created a detailed plan. I saw it as an opportunity to see what the Universe was made of and to test out my own manifestation power.

They say when you jump the net will appear. I needed to experience it for myself. And I did. It was challenging, yes. But, holy shit, it was one of the most rewarding, expansive experiences of my life.

Traveling alone and being alone in general helps you discover what you love about life, what you love about yourself, and what you love to do. It allows you to deeply tune into your truth and cultivate a relationship with self that you never imagined. You’re able to peel away the layers of beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that are not authentically you and find the gold underneath.

As a culture, we are terrified to be alone. Being with others comforts us and fills the void that would force us to get to know ourselves more deeply. But have you ever noticed how being in a group makes you more likely to make decisions based on what will please everyone else and many times keep your true desires to yourself?

When we’re alone, we discover our truth. We have the potential to set ourselves free. We allow ourselves to move through the discomfort of the aloneness and we find that being with ourselves is deeply satisfying. It’s something I’ve been practicing for years and I consider it to be a major factor in my happiness today.

This full moon, I encourage you to experiment with what freedom means to you. Push up against the boundaries that hold you back from feeling free. Lean into what feels adventuresome. And, if you are feeling stifled there, embrace being alone. Take yourself out to dinner, go to a movie, sit in silence. Or if you’re feeling bold, take a trip alone.

Getting to know yourself in the absence of others will be one of the most rewarding practices of your life, and ultimately one that creates way more freedom, too.

Further, it’s SO important to refrain from censoring your emotions this full moon. Anger may need to come up, and out. If so, let it! Don’t be afraid to express yourself. This doesn’t mean attack anyone– quite the contrary. It just means offering yourself the opportunity to release what’s pent up inside.

If you want some inspiration please join me on Instagram, where I will keep a photo diary of my trip!

From the very depths of my heart, I send you so much love for this full moon.

All my love,


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  • Alexander

    That was a nice read. Good luck on your adventure, and enjoy your freedom. I know I will. ✌🤙

  • Jennifee

    I just happen to do a search of sag full moon 2020. So interesting, as I read your blog I felt like I’m doing exactly what you did. I didn’t take a trip around the world but I took my first solo trip to Bali for 2 months. And now during Corona I am still here. Gratefully.
    I saved up money for this trip and I’m so glad I saved more for home because now I’m living off of that. But universe always has my back and definitely has a plan for me. My work here is not complete, hence me staying longer. I am so blessed to be able to have this opportunity and so grateful to have come across your blog…even though it’s at least a year ago.. thank you for sharing!

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