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Full Moon in Scorpio: Find Your Marching Orders

Mysterious. Sensual. Practical. Three words to describe tonight’s lunar influence happening at 2 degrees Scorpio. Yup, it’s that time of the month again: the full moon. Tonight we can expect to feel the grounded capacities of earth signs just as much as we can expect the deep tenacious waters of Scorpio to speak to us. […]

full moon in scorpio

Mysterious. Sensual. Practical. Three words to describe tonight’s lunar influence happening at 2 degrees Scorpio. Yup, it’s that time of the month again: the full moon.

Tonight we can expect to feel the grounded capacities of earth signs just as much as we can expect the deep tenacious waters of Scorpio to speak to us.

Powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn, communication-oriented Mercury in Taurus, and the north node of fate in Virgo right next to good luck Jupiter create what we astrologers refer to as a grand trine in earth—an aspect that brings ease and stick-to-it capacities.

Further, Neptune in Pisces, a water sign, amplifies the spiritual and illuminating potential of this full moon too.

With this emphasis of earth and water in the sky, the moon brings forth healing aspects that allow us to fully express (and integrate) our mystical sensibilities.

When we look at the ruling planets of Scorpio—Mars and Pluto—we see other influences to take into consideration under tonight’s full moon. As mentioned above, Pluto is in a supportive angle, helping us magnify the transformational capacities this particular full moon holds for us.

More importantly, Mars (now retrograde) has a stern responsibility of making sure we’ve all received, and integrated the lessons Saturn indoctrinated in us over the last year and a half. If we’re aligned with our Saturn lessons, we can expect an internal sense of ease when it comes to accessing our personal power and taking care of ourselves.

So what are our Saturn lessons?

Saturn lessons are the deepest lessons our soul needs to learn. Saturn, the teacher of the zodiac, sometimes puts restrictions on our life so we dig to access our truth and manifest our highest potential. Saturn asks us to understand and embody our authenticity. Simultaneously, Saturn requires us to take grounded action on behalf of these lessons.

Saturn gives us our marching orders, so he’s a potent planet to pay attention to.

And the reason Saturn is important right now? Well, because Mars is retrograde at the exact degrees Saturn just traversed. 

(I know so many planets to track?! If your head is spinning, just stick with me. I’ll put it in English in a minute.)

You see, Mars—the planet of action—is in his retrograde spin, retracing the steps Saturn just took over the last year and half (all the way back to October 2014). Meaning, that for the next two (ish) months we can expect to go through a deep review of the decisions we made over the last 18 months, course correct where needed, and come to deeper conclusions over where we intend to head.

We can expect this full moon to shed a light on what we need to work on for the next two months while Mars double checks Saturn’s work.

So ladies, here’s what I suggest: take this full moon very seriously, and spend time connecting to your deepest core truth.


If we anchor into ourselves tonight (and clearly there is enough earth in the sky that we can), we can bring illumination to some of the bigger themes that we’ve been learning since October of 2014– a time when Saturn was in Scorpio.

Here’s the most important thing you can do this full moon:

Retrace what has happened in your life since October of 2014, and formulate a deep understanding of the key themes you’ve contended with, as well as the deepest lessons you’ve learned since then. Once you’ve done that, please make a commitment to how you want to make even more headway in these areas of your life.

I’ll give you an example.

Since 2014, my husband and I have contended with the question as to whether or not we want to have a family of our own. Since I am incapable of giving birth myself, our primary exploration with regards to family building has been adoption.

The summer of 2014 we decided to go for it. We made plans to sell our condo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and buy a bigger condo in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn so we could start the adoption process with an apartment big enough for our future child, something we thought would help the home study process go smoother.

We spent months coming up with this plan; hemmed and hawed over every aspect of the decision. After lots of contemplation we were certain this was our direction, our future.

But as the saying goes: while you plan, God laughs.

Out of nowhere in the early fall of 2014, we found out that the home we intended to buy was no longer available. The plan I spent months figuring out disintegrated before my eyes, and there was nothing to say or do about it, but come up with plan b.

Well, easier said than done.

Since my husband and I bought our precious condo in Williamsburg Brooklyn in 2008 the prices here have skyrocketed—we couldn’t buy back into the market at the level we wanted and still have enough money for the adoption process. Even though he and I both earn well, Brooklyn out-priced us. There was nothing on the market similar, or as affordable, as what we hoped to buy.

After we experienced this upset, we went hard and fast in the direction of trying to figure out the solution to this living dilemma. We had so many options beyond selling and buying in Brooklyn, like renting our space or looking at places in the suburbs. We went back and forth, considering every single detail. All the while our decision regarding when to initiate the adoption process hung in the balance.

I hit a wall of infertility sadness I didn’t even know existed within me. My struggle to figure out where to live inflamed this even more, as navigating the complicated adoption process became intensely difficult for me on multiple levels.

At the same time, my mother in law was suffering from late stages of advanced breast cancer and had entered hospice. This made making any major life decision darn near impossible.

My life went from what felt like extremely superficial explorations in search of a two bedroom, two bath, and garage into real bring-you-to-your-knees heartbreak. Saturn dealt me some serious lessons.

Now as a proud owner of a gorgeous country home, I finally have the space in my head and heart to revisit adoption in earnest—something I commit to fully investigate between now and June 29th when Mars goes direct.

I know I am not the only one who experienced a perfect storm over the last 18 months?!

I highly suggest using this full moon to look backward and digest what went down for you over the last 18 months. Doing so I promise you’ll find your marching orders for Mars retrograde—and a way to make sense of, and utilize, this retrograde magic.

If you need help with this, please reach out to me. I’d be happy to work with you!

As always, I send you my love.



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