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Full Moon in Taurus: Follow Intuitive Guidance

Have you ever felt guided by a sign? A call from the universe? An overwhelming gut reaction? A whisper in your ear? Maybe you woke up one day with a craving to try a new hobby. Or perhaps you once felt pulled by a stranger from across the room, and they became one of your […]

Have you ever felt guided by a sign? A call from the universe? An overwhelming gut reaction? A whisper in your ear?

Maybe you woke up one day with a craving to try a new hobby. Or perhaps you once felt pulled by a stranger from across the room, and they became one of your closest friends. Maybe you made an unplanned visit to a doctor, only to find that something needed your immediate medical attention.

These moments, where we are led by serendipity and reap its sweet, sweet effects, can be magical and sublime. But they’re all just coincidences, right?! Despite being enchanted by your luck, your rock-solid sensibility tells you to brush it off and get back to work. Maybe you even feel a bit silly for even indulging such impulses.

But why? The Universe speaks to us through serendipity and learning how to interpret guidance in your life is a superpower each of us can develop.

In my own life, learning to interpret and trust serendipitous guidance has saved me.

Here’s a story about a time I followed a gut instinct (which hands down was one decision that changed my life).

It was early spring, sixteen years ago, when I walked into Rainbow Bridge, a local Lake Tahoe new age/metaphysical shop. The winter was winding down, my job teaching ski lessons at Squaw Valley was coming to an end, and my 3-year relationship with my boyfriend who held my hand through cancer was also wrapping up. Transition loomed like a scary storm out in the distance: wild dark clouds threatening vicious rain and gale force winds creeping in.

I noticed a short tarot reader with long dark hair offering sessions in the back corner of the store. Without much thought, I wandered back and asked for a reading.

The tarot reader seemed like a fairy embodied as a woman. Her name was Debbie, and her petite frame and rhythmic voice spoke to a refined sensitivity informed by her deep connection with nature. It turns out she had only made one visit to a city ever. Otherwise, her life was spent entirely on the west shore of Lake Tahoe and a Hopi Reservation in Arizona.

She fully embodied the connection people can have with the Elementals and Nature Spirits. Within minutes she earned my respect as she offered spot-on insight about my life and we formed a fast bond.

The timing couldn’t have been better and meeting Debbie equated a significant turning point in my life. Over the years she’s given me far more direction, mentorship, and alignment than I could have imagined possible. One of the most significant transformations I’ve experienced has to do with what Debbie taught me about the importance of following and creating with the phases of the moon + remedying my relationship with money.

Debbie came from a Gaelic background and practiced lunar ceremonies that her family passed through the generations for centuries. Plus, her time with the Hopi enhanced her knowledge of earth-based traditions and fortified her ability to lead and teach ceremonies.

I remember Debbie telling me that she wanted to take me under her wing and show me how to develop my relationship with the moon. Though I inherently trusted her at this point, my brain and intellect began jousting over the proposition. It was like the banter between Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers on their infamous sketch, Really!?!

“Relationship with the moon? Really? Honoring the phases of the moon is going to heal my body from cancer + hysterectomy? Really!?! Really!?!”

This skeptical disbelieving repartee went on for some time in my brain until I finally surrendered. I accepted an offer to go to Debbie’s house the next new moon. She had a teepee in her backyard and was planning to perform a full sweat lodge ritual at her home that rested far up the side of a mountain. The whole event epically screamed magic, so how could I resist?

Much to my surprise though, not only did Debbie help me understand how to work with the phases of the moon, but she also supported me to rewrite my story about money. Something that I critically needed to work out—especially at that moment in my life.

You see when I first met Debbie I had an attitude around money that she quickly called me on. I hated it. I blamed it for the problems in the world. I resented it and swore it off as something I didn’t need and or want. Debbie wisely advised that unless I shifted this, it would be tough to sustainably create money or keep it once I did, ultimately limiting my choices in life and how I could express my purpose. Though Debbie did not have one cosmopolitan bone in her body, she understood abundance and made it her mission to help me redefine my relationship with it.

On top of that, she explained that my lack of alignment with feminine cycles + feminine receptivity kept me locked in a cycle of disconnect from my true nature and intuitive voice. (When I met Debbie it had been almost three years since my last menstrual cycle.)

For most of my life, I hated being a girl and had a very contentious dynamic with my gender. To help shift my relationship with my femininity, Debbie taught me sacred rituals to honor the phases of the moon, so I could move into a place of receiving, play and grace. In doing so, she also helped me shift my relationship with prosperity, abundance, and dollar bills too. (I know, it’s strange how all of this is connected, but damn the second chakra packs a punch!)

Looking back at the moment, I couldn’t imagine not having gotten a tarot card reading with Debbie in the spring of 2001. Following that one gut instinct, in no short way, allowed for me to have the life I have right now.

I tell you this story now because as we experience the full moon in Taurus, we are primed to follow intuitive guidance. Potentially game-changing, paradigm-shifting, create-a-whole-new-world-for-ourselves kind of guidance!

A Taurus full moon asks us to step into our bodies. It asks us to use our voices. It pushes us into our innate knowing.

The full moon in Taurus, on November 4, 2017 at 1:22 am ET, asks us to redefine our relationship with abundance and our bodies. With the ruler of this full moon—Venus—opposing Uranus (the planet of breakthrough), it’s time to let go of the old way of operating. Meanwhile, Neptune (the planet of spirituality) sextiles this full moon, offering a new path forward.

We are auspiciously aligned to call a new wave of abundance into our lives and simultaneously give up our old stories around prosperity and our bodies that keep us small or hold us back.

Full moons are sacred times for initiating change. When the Moon and Sun oppose in the sky (i.e., full moons) there is a heightened potency of creativity.

Full moons help us to embody our intended creations.

Right after a moon is full, it begins to wane back to new again. That’s time to go within and listen deeply to the voice of the soul for what our most exact next steps ought to be. It’s a rhythm and a cycle that I learned to connect with, and create through, consciously. And over 16 years later, I can confirm with certainty that Debbie was right. Developing my relationship with the moon helped me cultivate abundance.

Plus, I was able to support my body with new behaviors that enhanced my health and helped me heal post hysterectomy + cancer.

To take advantage of the full moon, here are eight steps to shift your relationship with money and your body:

1. Get clear on the intended outcome you wish to create. As Danielle LaPorte would ask, what feeling do you want to experience as the result of your intention? Get crystal clear how you want to feel in your relationship with your money and your body.

2. Write it out. Take the time to spell your intended feelings out on paper. If writing takes some effort for you, here is a prompt to use: “If absolutely everything goes as well as possibly could with my intention for _________ my life will look, feel and be _____________?

3. Read this out loud three times. There is magic in the number three.

4. Make a list of action steps. Write a list of some concrete steps you can begin to take today that will align you with your intended outcome?

5. Make a list of potential obstacles. Once you know the steps you need to take, identify what could potentially hold you back from moving forward with them.

6. Develop workarounds for each specific obstacle. Or take time to release these obstacles with a ceremony. You can write them down, and then burn them. Or rip them up and throw them out.

7. Create an affirmation that conjures the feeling of having accomplished your action step. Write it down and place it somewhere you’ll see it everyday.

8. Pay close attention to your intuitive guidance. This is especially important in the days that follow the new moon. Stay curious, allow yourself to be supported through serendipity, and see where you are led!

On this full moon in Taurus, be guided. Get grounded and still and listen to the inner knowing percolating within. You never know where it might lead you!

Now I’d love to hear from you. Share a story about a time when you were guided. What did it feel like for you? What were the results?

As always, I send you all of my love!


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