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Full Moon in Virgo: A Time to Release & Reorganize

Happy March! This month brings us the welcome reminder that spring is just around the corner for those of us in the North, and fall for those in the South. New life, new energy, and a brand new season germinate as we speak. With the full moon in Virgo arriving as we cross the threshold […]

Happy March! This month brings us the welcome reminder that spring is just around the corner for those of us in the North, and fall for those in the South. New life, new energy, and a brand new season germinate as we speak. With the full moon in Virgo arriving as we cross the threshold of March 1st, there is also a call to ground into ourselves, “clean house,” and check back-burner tasks off the to-do list.

Virgo, a sign I affectionately refer to as the protector of purity, represents the refinement of details. It has a desire to honor things in their most pure state. Virgo stems from the same root word as “virgin,” meaning “unto self.” And so, a full moon occurring in this sign accentuates the need for alone time. Virgo also represents work, duty, and the ability to tend to the nitty-gritty details of life. While this moon opposes the sun in Pisces, who represents the magical and the mystical, the moon in Virgo pushes focus on the minutia.

Leverage The Full Moon In Virgo: Create Space

The first few days of the month are the perfect time to ride the energy of taskmaster Virgo and reconnect with any beneath-the-surface fears, worries, and action steps that have gone unaddressed. Maybe you let self-care fall by the wayside, put off a meaningful conversation, or allowed your workspace to go weeks without a good cleaning. Whatever it is for you, it’s likely that aspects of your life have “piled up.” Now is the time to roll up your sleeves, go inward, and take the appropriate action to relieve any tension in your inner or outer worlds.

Beyond that, take a look at the goals you wish to accomplish. Have you taken sufficient action to make them a reality? This full moon in Virgo (while abundant with good juju) asks you to look at how hard you’ve worked on behalf of what you say you want.

The Full Moon In Virgo: Magic & Manifestation

This auspicious full moon in Virgo, happening at 11 degrees on March 1st at 7:51 pm ET, offers some compelling aspects. (Always remember to convert the time noted above to your time zone for the exact time of the full moon in your part of the world.) For one, good-luck Jupiter and love-oriented Venus form a perfect trine, making this full moon scream magic. Trust that your goals and desires are fully supported. Then, immediately after Venus’ perfect angle to Jupiter, Mercury follows suit. Good news might be on the horizon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

With this moon, the intentions you set over the past two years should be materializing as we speak. So, think back to September of 2016. What goals did you set at that time, big or small? It’s important to pay attention to what’s showing up for you now and make the most of that momentum and growth.

When The Moon Is In Virgo, Do As Oprah Does

I recently heard Oprah discuss the meaning of luck in a Super Soul Sunday video where she addresses how to find the balance between making things happen and letting things happen. You can watch the full video below or scroll down for the juicy stuff.

The key wisdom nugget Oprah shares in this video is this:

“You do all that you can do. You do the work, you prepare, you get ready for the opportunity to step in. Because that’s what luck really is: preparation meeting the moment of opportunity. And then you let it go. You do the work. You do whatever is necessary to be prepared for whatever it is you’re trying to acquire, or attain, or accomplish, and then you let it go. You release it. You release all attachment to the outcome because you know you have done everything that you possibly can do. And when you’ve done everything you can do, that’s the moment of surrender, release. And then, if it’s supposed to be yours, it will come to you.”

Your Soul Work (If You Choose!):

As we experience this full moon in Virgo, Oprah’s words ring especially true. Virgo represents the work, the nitty gritty get it done detail. Pisces represents the mysticism and the ability to receive. And going after your dreams expresses the same dichotomy. You must do everything you can to create your intended desire proactively, and simultaneously release and surrender the outcome. So in the energy of this full moon in Virgo with the sun in Pisces, it’s time to get all of your ducks in a row and then surrender the result.

Further to this, over the upcoming weekend on March 3rd, the moon shifts into relationship-oriented Libra. Meanwhile, the sun moves into an exact conjunction with Neptune, while Mercury, Venus, and Chiron all align at the same degree. This is the cosmic equivalent of the stars coming together to support healing, spiritual growth, and love.

So, prepare and get ready with these steps, because the opportunity for healing and transformation is about to step in.

1. Take some alone time.

I know I mentioned this earlier, but it is so soimportant to spend the next few days centering and grounding yourself. Get out in nature. Connect with your breath. Take a moment (or a few) to capitalize on the earthy energy of Virgo. Root down and explore what’s happening in your inner world so that it can be cleared and resolved.

2. Get organized.

With the energy of spring three weeks away, the urge to clear out the dust and debris is here. Thanks to detail-oriented Virgo, the full moon amplifies it! Whether you’re already feeling the itch to get your life back in order and cross off those lingering to-dos, or reconnect with your favorite self-care practices, now is the time to take action and “clean house.”

3. Find rhythm and routine in your life.

Service-oriented Virgo loves precision. Recommit to the rituals and systems that help you emerge as the healthiest version of you each day. As mentioned above, your self-care is paramount, and is especially vital as you navigate the deep emotional work this full moon calls forth. A solid foundation of practices that help reduce stress and harness resilience is key

4. Create space to release.

The full moon in Virgo also invites you to consider what you want to let go of. What’s no longer serving you? What can you release that’s preventing you from being the purest, healthiest version of yourself? With the moon beginning to wane, it’s the perfect time to cleanse. So get to it, whether that’s physically, emotionally, or spatially.

5. Get honest.

As you begin clearing away the things that feel heavy or disorganized, you may reveal an inner truth you’ve ignored. Now is the time to ask yourself, “Have I done everything in my power to make my dreams a reality? What do I want to call into my life that hasn’t shown up yet?” If you’ve gotten off-course, be gentle with yourself. Now is the perfect time to course correct.

6. Take care of your health.

The full moon in Virgo also reminds you to nourish your body. Now’s the time to prioritize healthy eating habits to purify your body and mind. If you want to refine your meal prep strategies or you need inspiration for delicious, nutrient-dense meals, check out the book Thin From Within by Robyn Youkilis. It’s a must-read.

Now I’d love to hear from you! Are you feeling this Virgo energy already? What are the areas of your life that could use a little cleanse? Please share your insights with me in the comments below.

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