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Full Moon in Virgo: Honor Purity

full moon in virgo

The March 12th full moon in Virgo is the last full moon of the astrological year and occurs at 10:53 am ET in 22 degrees of Virgo. This moon serves to help us analyze and look at precisely where we are right now, as we turn the seasonal corner when the Sun moves into Aries on the 20th.

Virgo, a sign I affectionately refer to as the protector of purity, represents the refinement of details, with a desire to honor things in their most pure states. Virgo stems from the root word Virgin, meaning “unto self.” A full moon occurring in this sign accentuates the need for alone time, so (if possible) get ready to take time alone and check in with yourself.

I get the sense you’ll need it.

This mutable full moon occurs with a square (a challenging angle) to Saturn, suggesting that the planet of discipline may have a heavy hand as the moon and Sun oppose one another. Saturn represents our purpose, and he often teaches us through the hard knocks of life. We can expect this full moon to bring a reckoning regarding our purpose, deeper truth, and soul’s longings.

Further, it also occurs in the midst of another square, occurring between Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries. A much longer lasting transit, this square defines so much of 2017. Jupiter represents expansion, Uranus revolution, and Pluto, who represents the underworld, squares both.

And throughout all of this Venus, the planet of love and beauty, continues on her retrograde journey. Venus in retrograde asks us to dive into our emotional psyche to feel and heal. Interestingly enough, this full moon in Virgo concurs with the final days of Venus in her Evening Star position, a place she’ll be until her upcoming conjunction with the Sun on March 25th, when she’ll move into her Morning Star placement. This Venusian metamorphosis calls us to unite with our darkness, face our truth, and establish boundaries when it comes to matters of the heart.

So we have a double T-square, Venus retrograde, and then the week that follows this full moon involves Eris, the planet of feminine discord, having her third and final conjunction with Uranus. These two together have volatile chemistry. (Eris is also part of the T-square, with Jupiter and Pluto.)

So yeah, we’re dealing with an angsty, angry, displeased full moon. Yet we have the opportunity to embrace it gracefully by honoring our individuality, our independence, our autonomy, our sovereignty, our purification, our wholeness, and our consciousness.

With the Sun zooming through the sign of Pisces, quickly getting ready to move into Aries, we’re about to have a hell of a lot more fire in the sky. Fire, while great for getting things done, has an edge. Possibly even an angry edge. And as we get closer to the equinox, we’ll feel this even more, especially on the 17th.

But for now, before we get swept away in fiery action, let’s tend to this angsty moon and to our emotional world. With the full moon in Virgo, the Sun traversing through the watery depths of Pisces, and a T-Square in the sky putting so much emphasis on moon-ruled Cancer, it’s time to step in and honor purity of heart. Release what holds you back from embracing your truest essence: love.

Your Soul Work During The Full Moon In Virgo

1. Take some alone time.

I know I mentioned this earlier, but it is so so important. Get out in nature, reconnect with your breath, and take a moment (or a few) to use the earthly energy of Virgo to root down and ground yourself.

2. Find rhythm and routine in your life.

Service-oriented Virgo loves precision, organization, and the details of the day to day. Recommit to the rituals and systems that help you emerge as the healthiest version of you each day, so you can maintain a solid foundation as you navigate the deep emotional work this full moon calls for.

3. Look backwards to move forward.

With Venus retrograde, the cosmic clock presents us with an opportunity to shed the stories of our past that hold us back from fully loving our now. Remember back to the last time Venus went through a retrograde cycle, July 25th to September 6, 2015. Venus entered her shadow on January 31, 2017, so you may also wish to look at what has been occurring since then, too.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments. How are you welcoming this full moon in Virgo?

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  • Venessa

    well this hit home… i’ve been feeling venus rx and this moon’s ways for the entire week and esp this weekend – physically, emotionally. The “angsty” moon you describe made me laugh because it feels so true, and i’m literally in the middle of “reinventing” my biz and my service to others (not to mention i just uprooted my life). purity, essence, release… thank you for the confirmation and the wonderful soul work reminders!

  • Leigh

    This assessment is spot on. As a Virgo myself, I really felt this full moon deeply. I found the need to go within and connect with my truest Self, to align with my Inner Being, and to let go of things that aren’t “me.” I spent the days prior to the full moon resetting some of my routines and the day of just sorting and purging things I no longer cherish or need. It is validating to know that I was going with the cosmic flow. Thanks!

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