Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Ride the Wave of Intensity - Jennifer Racioppi

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Ride the Wave of Intensity

As I write this I am sitting in the backyard of my country house lounging in a beach chair while feeling luscious late summer breezes crisply move against my skin. This morning I walked my dogs through a beautiful bucolic hill on a trail through the Berkshire mountains. It hit me. These precious moments of […]

full-moon-lunar-eclipse-piscesAs I write this I am sitting in the backyard of my country house lounging in a beach chair while feeling luscious late summer breezes crisply move against my skin. This morning I walked my dogs through a beautiful bucolic hill on a trail through the Berkshire mountains. It hit me. These precious moments of divine satisfaction are a reality I have worked 19 years to create.

You see, upon graduating high school in 1997 I desired to move to the mountains so I could ski while attending college. I wanted this so badly it nearly blinded me at times. Yet despite this intense desire, life had other plans for me. Right after I graduated from high school, I received a crazy cancer diagnosis that altered my ambition. Since moving to the mountains my freshman year was not possible, I strategized to transfer there my sophomore year. I gained college admission with a scholarship, too. My plans were set.

Yet, about a week before I was set to leave, with my bags fully packed, I learned that I needed emergency surgery due to an aggressive cancer growth in my uterus. I never went to school in Vermont.

Here I am, many years later, with a life that has gone completely full circle by way of so much healing. Since that fated time of life, I have travelled the world, lived in crazy awesome cities, and even had a short stint as a ski instructor in Lake Tahoe. I explored so much more than I would have had I moved to Vermont in the fall of 1998.

Yet, despite all of the glorious things I’ve done and accomplished, the dream of the “simple” life never left my heart. So it’s with great joy that I finally get to enjoy a version of that life.

As I look at the upcoming lunar eclipse in Pisces happening on Friday the 16th at 3:05pm ET, I can’t help but notice that this penumbral eclipse (part of Saros series 147) is the same exact lunar eclipse series that happened on September 6, 1998—exactly two weeks after my surgery, when I decided not to move to Vermont as planned.

I share this story not to indulge my pride in having solved a deep soul need for myself (though I have to say, I am super proud of myself), but rather to give you an example of how the past links with the present, and the cycle this upcoming Pisces lunar eclipse belongs to.

Full moon lunar eclipses ask us to let go of things that do not serve us, and honor what has come to full culmination in our lives.

Just like a full moon, they embody and encompass a time of heightened energy because the moon is in a position to fully receive all of the light of the Sun. However, unlike full moons, lunar eclipses contain a magnified resonance—almost like the power of multiple full moons happening at once. Eclipses bring things full circle in our lives, helping us evolve our consciousness so we can make our future all the better, even if at the time it feels chaotic and like a massive step backwards.

So yes, it’s been a while since we’ve had a full moon lunar eclipse in Saros series 147. What a beautiful time to reflect on how far we’ve come, as well as get clear on what we need to release in our lives in order to move forward.

This full moon happens in the sign of mystical, transcendental, and sensitive Pisces.

At the time of the eclipse, the moon will be directly next to Chiron—a powerful comet that correlates with the time we received a deep psychological wound, generally early in life. It encourages us to employ our efforts to heal it, and then teach others how to do the same.

With the Sun in Virgo, also a sign with deep healing capacities, we can expect this full moon eclipse to bring things up for reconciliation. At the same time, Saturn, the planet of hard lessons, squares the nodes of fate this full moon putting a lot of pressure on us to sober up our visions and do the work we know we must to integrate our wisdom and move forward accordingly. This comes on the heels of us having the final of three squares between Saturn and Neptune (Pisces’ ruler).

Since November 2015, Saturn—the planet of discipline—has been in the middle of a square, or a stepping stone, with Neptune, the planet of healing, dreams, and altered realities. Globally, we’ve felt this. From the Black Lives Matter movement to the progressive Bernie Sanders platform, from the rising seas due to global warming juxtaposed by big businesses that seem to ignore the problem, we’ve seen so much of Neptune— the ocean, our dreams, and our unconscious—come up against Saturn—structure, restriction, and establishment.

In our own lives, we’ve reconciled our desires with the inevitability of restriction. We’ve had to become practical, realistic, and exact solutions on how to move the needle forward in our lives. Overtures of desire fell short to metrics that indicated that maybe we’re not as far along as we’d like to be. While this transit officially ended on Saturday the 10th, we can expect to feel its impact massively this eclipse.

On top of that, we are moving closer and closer to the second of three conjunctions between Eris (the planet of discord) and Uranus (the planet of abrupt change and revolution) happening on September 25th. This transit brings shit up—no doubt. It’s a fierce, erratic, and perhaps even angry transit. And it’s brewing. However, with Mars now moving at his normal speed in an exact trine to Uranus and Eris at the time of the eclipse, he invites us to feel the positive manifestation of our power, even if it stems from a feeling of total angst. Further, Venus, the planet of feminine grace, opposes Uranus and Eris, suggesting that our values may become challenged this full moon, and it’s time to asses them appropriately.

Simultaneously, Jupiter, now in the sign of Libra, is getting ready to initiate a whole new cycle with the Sun. Meaning we’re about to get a massive reboot of positivity and power in our consciousness. This happens on the 25th.  Even though this falls on the exact same day that Eris and Uranus next meet up, suggesting volatility, with the Sun and Jupiter aligned, we concurrently begin a new cycle of abundance. #mixedbag

To bottom line it, here’s what we need to know this full moon: Pisces is all about inclusivity, dreams, oneness, and transcendence. The moon in this mystical sign opposes the Sun and Mercury in dutiful Virgo representing the need for work, organization, systemization, and purity. The context surrounding this full moon suggests healing of a deep wound likely triggered by the eclipse. The world in general will feel chaotic this full moon. Obviously in the USA we find ourselves in the middle of contentious political competition. As a society we are also dealing with massive systemic issues that have our country in an uproar: Black Lives Matter, gun control, the health care crisis (I could go on and on). Internationally, tension remains high, too.

The goal of this full moon is to ride the wave of intensity, and know that in the words of Carl Rogers, “What is most personal is most universal.” As we move through our own struggles this full moon, and hopefully reconcile the tension within ourselves, we do so on behalf of the planet. Afterall, it is Pisces we are speaking about.

The next time we have another Lunar Eclipse in this series will be September 2034. Can you imagine that the story that unfolds under this eclipse is really part of a story that will be evolving then? How cool!

In the meanwhile, take a look backward and see how you’ve evolved since September 6, 1998. What are you celebrating in your life right now? How does it correlate?

In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you. How’s this full moon eclipse treating you? Are there stories from 1998 evolving in your life? What are you letting go of this full moon?

All my love,


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