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Harvest Full Moon in Pisces: Embrace the Unknown

full moon in pisces

The full moon in Pisces perfects at 21 degrees in Pisces at 12:32 AM ET on the 14th, so you’ll really feel it on the evening of Friday the 13th. Maybe you’ve already felt this building energy as the week has progressed, and this cycle reaches its crescendo. I know I have. 

I’m in the deepest throes of book writing now. As I get closer to the finish line and my momentum continues to build, I find myself fully raptured in my work. I’m in this process, full-hearted, and keeping the faith. Writing a book is a massive leap.  It involves a lot of red pen scratches and a whole lot of trust. 

Keeping the faith is the lesson of this full moon.

Pisces rules our dreams and subconscious, and this moon conjoins Neptune in Pisces and opposes the sun in Virgo. Meanwhile, Mars is also traveling in close proximity to the sun in Virgo and opposes the moon and Neptune, too. With this full moon so close to dreamy Neptune, this is the perfect moment to really sink into your intuition. Listen to your inner knowing and trust whatever it tells you, even if it doesn’t seem logical. Especially if it doesn’t seem logical. 

I can’t tell you the number of people who’ve shared with me that their digestion is off this week. Because of the escalating intuitive energy, it’s normal for things to feel emotional. Virgo rules digestion too, so the enteric nervous system has a lot to process during this season of transition. Remember, going slowly, drinking peppermint tea, and adding ginger to your food helps calm the belly.

Astrology is about cycles: Look Back to Look Forward

To use this full moon to its greatest potential, think back to March 17, 2018 — the date of the new moon in Pisces that seeded this full moon. Back then, the new moon provided you with an opportunity to plant a new beginning in the domain of Pisces. You should see evidence of that intention cropping up now. 

Full moons also ask us to let go of anything that is not in service of our highest potential. So, take an honest assessment of your life.

What are you saying yes to that you really need to say no to?
Where are you not honoring your boundaries?

Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, embodies an innate sense of wisdom. As a mutable water sign, a full moon in Pisces helps us to sense the surrounding energy fields of people and places. It opens us up to our intuitive capacity.

Transcend the Mundane Through Your Dreams

Ruled by imaginative Neptune, under this full moon, your visions are both potent and possible. Lean toward the arts and spiritual exploration as a method of bringing your dreams into reality while processing your more earthly emotions. Think of artistic pursuits as a way to give yourself a much-needed timeout from physical reality—you can dance, paint, or draw your way back to emotional equilibrium.

Many traditional religious institutions possess the Piscean undertones of service and sacrifice. But with this conviction comes the idea that to truly be of service is also to suffer. This is the leftover of thousands of years of misguided religious principles—not something for you to harbor within your subconscious.

It’s imperative you don’t carry that with you in this lifetime, love.

Now’s the time to embody your sage-like wisdom. Between your creative intuition and the depths of your empathy, you have tremendous gifts to share with the world. Give yourself permission to drop the dogmatic baggage and rise.

My Personal Journey

During this full moon, and in the process of writing this book, I’ve had to be honest with myself about my commitments and relationships. This cycle has asked me to let go of things that were once in alignment with the service of this greater goal. It’s been uncomfortable, and sometimes scary, as I release things I thought would always be a part of life and business. But in the end, I know it’s a necessary part of the process, and I’m continuing to allow my intuition to guide me.

Ask yourself:
What am I being asked to clarify in the name of my goals?
What dreams did you set in motion back in spring 2018 that I’m required to tend to now?

Goals require devotion, and this full moon insists you trust your gut to stay committed to your dreams. 

For me, I’m going to continue to listen to the rhythms of the cosmos and my own intuition and continue to fully immerse myself in this book-writing process. It’s such a gift to be able to bring this into the world and I want to cherish and honor it as such. I’ll be blogging less frequently/consistently for a bit while I finish it up, but you can still find me on Instagram and get my weekly Cosmic Health horoscopes at Well+Good.

And get ready… because when I return from my book cocoon, I’ll have so much to say! And even more excitement and positivity to share.

Tell me, what are you letting go of this full moon? What’s coming up for you that harkens back to March 2018? Are you ready to say “no” where you’re not currently honoring your boundaries? Let me know in the comments!

All my love,

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  • Patricia Moore

    This week I’ve felt weepy and overwhelmed, though nothing measurable or newsworthy has changed in my life at the moment. It’s good to know that this feeling is aligned with astrological influences inviting me to let go of something or many things. My intuition tells me that old habits and pursuing my to-do list instead of my dreams is what needs to go.

  • Micki

    I love your insights. I too am in the middle of writing a couple of children’s fantasy books. Talking stuffed animals ,warring turtles and frogs oh and magic sweaters that transport children pure of heart to where they are needed to fix a problem all take a lot of time and patience. Nothing published yet but I wish you the best of luck. My boundries are out of sinc and I do intend to reset them. I am allowing myself to be controlled and it stops immediately. I just lost my mother a few weeks ago….I feel closer to her now then when she was alive. How can that be? I don’t know but it is true. My dream is to have a thriving Reiki practise and now I feel free to cultivate that. Wish me luck. Blessings and Light to you.

  • elana

    march 2018 is when i started following the moon cycles!

  • Suzi Russell

    Whew! This is a lunar cycle that has been full of surprises, and I resonate with your blog so much, there are physical manifestations! Digestion and lungs! March last year, I was intending on change and growth in my career, in my relationship with community, and learning that servant leadership was my true soul’s purpose.

    Today, I am grieving the sudden breakup of the most authentic relationship I have ever had (its been a week!) and holding space for the patience, faith and trust that I can move through this with grace. My career has grown, and I have changed pathways, and servant leadership is now at the forefront of everything I do. I have a small global community of like minded women who inspire and comfort me every day, even if it is a simple social media post, or connection via email, or a quiet coffee with colleagues.

    Moving forward, it is clear that there will be more stepping up and stepping out for me, as I follow my intuition with regard to my career (PhD – here I come!), and trust that my relationship will transform as it is supposed to, not necessarily how I want it to. 2020 is looking like really honing in on what servant leadership means for me and for the students and nurses who will be with me on this path.

    Such love Jenn,


  • Addison

    March 2018 was my one-year anniversary with my current boyfriend—almost to the day. We were long distance then, I was on a completely different career path, and I was full of so much anxiousness, uncertainty, and nervous, high-strung energy.

    The months since then have been painful, challenging, and brought about immense growth and awakening in my heart and life.

    I’ve moved across the country. I’ve changed careers and am focused, passionate, and thriving.

    Tomorrow, that same boyfriend and I will move into the house we just bought together. I am sitting in my apartment tonight reflecting on what tremendous, gorgeous growth has come from a tumultuous phase. I feel so clear and grounded moving forward. Thank you for the reminder to reflect tonight 💜

  • Dawn

    This hit the nail on the head for me as I set an intention in March to honor myself and release myself from an intimate relationship that no longer has a spark and in fact feels uncomfortable now. I struggle to honor myself in the face of logical absurdity! Thanks!

  • Jamie

    Spring 2018 my dad invited me, last minute, to a musical that rocked me to my core and made me sob feeling the deep calling of my soul … it terrified me and though it wasn’t “new news” it was the “big call” that I have long wanted but it wasn’t time yet. I felt as if I was dying because I had found great happiness in an unexpected career as a face painter as I was rebuilding myself for the “big call” . Writing. Not just writing. But writing the New World. Starting with mine and extending to the world at large. It’s something I have been doing in meditations for years, but from countless lifetimes, the written word has had a very powerful and profound energy for me … a grounded resonance that really changes everything. I have a many lifetimes-long love of fountain pens, quill pens, just about any pen … but the scratchy old dipped ink pens especially.
    But I have been hiding out.
    I’ve barely even journaled in the past year and a half. When I wrote more than a 1/2 a page it always became a profound channeling … at least for me. And being afraid of letting go of the new stability and creative joy I have found in the bright, colorful glittery world of face painting, – and afraid of old “tragic starving writer” energy … not to mention the power I have felt waiting for me all my life … a power I am afraid is too good to be true to really be my world again…
    I have just started my busiest most lucrative face painting season, and with a family of 5 and debts etc, I can’t and don’t want to just drop it – I love glittery unicorn horns and mermaid tails so much! But I have a deeper calling.
    It was this time last year I made peace within myself that I could do both. At least until the the energy of my writing becomes the full power and expression I was born to bring. Whether it’s writing for public consumption and transformation or for the “secret” workings of the universe only to be read by a small number who are ready. But I have done much much deep profound inner work. I hear whispers that I, and the world, are ready … (and so my ego scoffs at my souls grandeur… “don’t leave a good thing. better stick to what you can pay bills and feed family with …” ) *tear*
    I’m still coming … just let me sit a cry for a moment … but I’m coming … I promise.

  • Brandy

    March of last year I released myself from several relationships that were toxic. I begin a journey of being single for the first time in my whole life. My spirit guides told me it would be a year before I met someone. And then I also had a hip replacement at age 44. My world changed a lot then. I really learned how to rely on myself and honor myself. Then February of this year I met my person. My true love. Someone completely different from who I would ever have thought I would be attracted to. And it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. But now I can feel myself needing to re-align with my goals. And having just been laid off from a five year job I have the opportunity to renew myself in many ways. Thank you for your writings, they are helping me remember what I need to be doing.

  • David

    I think we are all looking for more peace and higher spiritual journey in our life. I enjoying reading your page . I have learned that the universe impacts our life in ways we may have not noticed until we become overwhelmed by pressures of life. For myself I’m desperately looking for peace and joy at all times and working on myself to receive the positive energy life has to offer.

  • Jane Jewell-Vitale

    I have not been getting your
    e-mails the last two months.
    I don’t know if something is
    wrong with my phone or if
    you have quit sending them.
    I just signed up again and
    hope that will correct it. I
    look forward to your new
    moon e-mails and always
    find them tremendously
    uplifting and full of wisdom.
    They have helped me greatly
    to refocus and redirect my life.
    I would hope that all is well with

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