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How to Make “Want Power” Work for You

After college, I decided I was going to take a trip around the world. I had a compelling desire to travel, untethered to any plans or schedules, for months on end. I wanted freedom and adventure, and I committed myself to making it happen – regardless of the fact that I barely had any money. I was so passionate about my trip that although I was afraid of traveling alone on a shoestring budget, it was worth the risk – even if that meant sleeping outside for a night or two (which actually ended up happening on two occasions).

Have you ever wanted something so badly you’d risk anything to make it happen?

When I was planning my trip, my lack of funds was just one of the many reasons for me not to go. At the time, I was in a relationship with my then boyfriend, now husband. Since my vision was to go it alone it meant I had to really trust if he and I were meant to be together our commitment would prevail, despite being away from one another. I decided to abandon all caution, surrender what I could not control and fully use my power of intention to make the rest a reality. I sublet my apartment for a month and slept in a friend’s oversized closet to save extra money. I worked two jobs for a year. I forged ahead with my plans and learned that when I stepped up to the plate and took action on my goal, despite the seeming impossibility of it, the universe met me halfway.

For example, three weeks before I was due to leave, I was offered a month-long job in Tuscany where I’d be paid, receive gratuities, and live and eat for free. Then, as I was ready to head from New York to Dublin on the first one-way leg of my journey, I got bumped from my flight and earned a $400 travel voucher that I used to fly from Taiwan back to San Francisco at the end of my trip.  While I was traveling my boyfriend took two weeks vacation to meet me in Barcelona–where we rented a villa and had fourteen blissful days of peak summer romance.

Now, like I mentioned, I did end up sleeping outside a couple of nights on that journey and you know what? One was in Rome the night Italy won the World Cup, and the other was in Bilbao, Spain after a girlfriend and I lost our friends. We ended up sleeping on the beach without our camping gear at the Bay of Biscay. It was cold, it was sandy and … it was truly one of the most amazing nights of my life! They were two precious experiences I’ll never forget.

My trip around the world was one of the most empowering things I have ever done, worth every risk I took to make it happen. I learned the key ingredient to making your intention a reality is “want power.” In other words, the more a goal means to you – the more you want it – the more capable you will be of making it happen.

Intention is your ability to commit to an outcome even when there’s no evidence that it’s possible. It’s your ability to aim for exactly what you want and hit the bull’s eye, no matter what obstacles stand in your way.

I recently shared with you my summer meltdown over where I want to live. My desire for a home surrounded by nature has become as intense as that urge I felt about my need to travel around the world. So, even though it doesn’t seem very possible judging by my current circumstances (financial and otherwise), my overwhelming desire makes it feel inevitable that I will be able to create this for myself. Which makes it all the more exciting of a goal to commit myself to!

What goals do you really, truly at the core of yourself want to achieve? How can you start to take small steps to make it happen – regardless of your current circumstances?

Next week, on Tuesday August 6, 2013, we will have a powerful new moon in Leo.  Now is the time to get clear on what you want to create so you can initiate it then. Writing out your desires and intentions at the time of the new moon is great way to plant the seeds of what you intend to cultivate in your life.  Don’t be shy.  Now is the time to claim what you really desire.

Feel free to share your dreams with us in the comment section below and be sure to keep us updated on your progress as you start to achieve your heart’s desires! If you need help figuring out how to exactly use your “want power” reach out and let’s schedule a session.

As always, I send you my love!



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  • Kathy

    I really connect with double meaning of your phrase “want power” – the power of “wanting” and/or “I want power”. Maybe it wasn’t intentional, but then again, maybe it was?

    • jenn

      Yes, Kathy, totally! Our desires are so deeply linked to our power, and yet often the action of wanting leaves us feeling powerless. But what if our wanting is actually what calls forth our power?

      What’s your experience with this? Have you ever wanted something so badly that it summoned your personal power in way you didn’t expect?

      So great to see your comment here. I deeply appreciate it. I hope you are well, and I look forward to catching up soon.

      Sending my love,


      • Kathy

        Jenn, you have given me a major insight! Yes, I have had the experience many times in my life of summoning up power I didn’t know I had. Each experience stemmed from following a heart-felt passion or calling, rooted in an inner knowing. Though the road is not without its challenges, the “test” you mentioned to Donna, this is where my spiritual growth occurs, because of, not in spite of the challenges. In the process, I battle with fears and feelings of inadequacy, which are linked to feeling powerless. How does one deal with these voices while in the process? They seem to keep me from working as hard as I would otherwise.

        Another thought…When our deepest desires stem from physical achievement, realities like aging, injuries and physical limitations affect progress. Every time I compete, my results are worse, not better. My placings have gone from 1st to last. My rational mind tells me it time to stop, but my heart feels broken by the thought. Thanks for listening! Enjoy all your posts, blogs and newsletter Jenn. Love to you, Kathy

        • jenn

          Kathy, In my experience the best way to deal with the negative voices that pop up is to stay connected to your desire, and in the present moment. When I was boarding my first flight for my trip around the world I had a gazillion voices in my head telling me I was crazy. Actually, one of them tried to convince me I was going to die. It’s good to name the subconscious- and it’s relentless desire to keep us safe- and then move forward with what you most desire anyway. Every time I make a major leap these voices go off like fireworks on steroids… I have developed a tolerance for discomfort and deep trust in my desire.

          With regards to honoring your desires for physical achievement… my thought is this: get super clear on what your definition of success is right now- and honor that. Does placing and results really matter if you are honoring your deepest desires, being true to your most authentic values, and congruent with what brings you happiness (the ultimate currency)?

          At the end of the day, this is all about happiness… Do what makes you happy! Screw the rest:)

          Thanks for reading and for your beautiful comments. I send you so much love.



  • Donna Carmichael

    Loved this Jenn!
    We do have to do whatever it takes to manifest our deepest desires.
    The truth is that the Creator of the Universe only asks that we meet it half-way.
    “Believe in those things that aren’t as if though they were” – you rock! Thanks for the reminder!

    • jenn

      Thanks for your sweet response.

      Yup, Donna, that’s been my experience- when I decide to create something, and get into action to make it happen, I am usually always met halfway with unexpected support. But here’s the kicker, I am usually always tested first. Something usually pops up to have me question whether or not I really want to stay committed to the path prior to being met halfway. Generally, my experience is that the unexpected support is what comes after I remain focused and committed despite the challenge, circumstance or opportunity that has me question whether or not I should abort the plan. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if it doesn’t.

      Thanks for commenting. I so appreciate it.

      Sending you love,


  • Nitika

    So inspired to access my want power – thanks Jenn!!

  • Debbie

    Jenn, thanks again for another fabulous blog. I’ve had such a strong passion to be a performer all my life (I was a child entertainer) and have never quite hit the heights I wanted to with it. It seems I have no other passion that comes close, although I do have other talents I sometimes feel I should make use of. So I guess what I’m asking is, what happens if nothing pulls you that much? If there is not enough “want power” for something. (Although as I write, I wonder if my ‘want power’ is there, but I am shying away from it)! Hmmm…food for thought indeed. x

    • jenn

      Hey Debbie, Great question. I would explore your inquiry more and get really honest about whether your “want power” is there and if you are shying from it. To be in unbridled desire is a really bold place… in many ways it asks us to put our a** on the line for something that is a major risk. I have found that I really have to work with my subconscious mind to do this successfully and to get really honest with myself about what I actually want.

      The one teacher who taught me how to passionately follow my heart- NO. Matter. What.- and hold my edges despite the gazillion risks I have taken is Sonia Choquette. Her Heart’s Desire book and work changed my life. It’s fairly old at this point but I still reference it… It’s brilliant for helping out with this sort of thing.

      Keep us posted on how this goes for you…You are insanely talented and I look forward to seeing where you head with this!

      Sending love,


      • Debbie

        Thanks so much Jenn. I’ll get Sonia’s book and I’m bracing myself for knowing my heart’s desire(s). xxxxx

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