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It’s Time to Slow Down and Tune In

The theme of July is water. Water represents our emotions, our intuition, and our ability to feel and receive. As the sun travels through Cancer, taking a few other planets with it, we are being asked to nurture and love ourselves at a deep level— while we simultaneously use our intuition to guide us. July […]

The theme of July is water. Water represents our emotions, our intuition, and our ability to feel and receive. As the sun travels through Cancer, taking a few other planets with it, we are being asked to nurture and love ourselves at a deep level— while we simultaneously use our intuition to guide us.

July is jammed packed with planetary action. Mercury, the planet of communication, will be retrograde in Cancer until July 20th. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, knowledge and expansion, recently moved into Cancer too, putting extra emphasis on our families, our security and our homes. On July 8th we will have a new moon in Cancer highlighting the nurturing and feminine energy of this cardinal water sign, while Saturn will go direct in Scorpio, a fixed water sign, awakening our discipline as we move forward with our soul-work. On July 13th the make-it-happen-planet Mars joins the party in Cancer. And July 17-19, we will have a Grand Trine in water emphasizing healing and the feminine too. To top it off, at the end of the month we will have another rare astrological phenomenon called a Grand Sextile. Many see this month as a turning point that will catalyze the resurgence of the Divine Feminine. Hello!

With all of this action I can’t help but feel the current Mercury Retrograde transit in Cancer is priming us to go deeper into our own intuitive nature. Despite popular opinion, I love when Mercury goes retrograde! While many view Mercury Retrograde as a time we should expect the worst, I see it as a time to make wiser decisions, follow my gut instinct, and clean up issues from my past to align more with the present—and obtain clear directives on what to execute next.

Full disclosure— there was a time when I used to fear Mercury Retrograde. I once looked at it as a period when I should expect technical snafus, limit my travel, and certainly hold off on signing a contract. Since Mercury goes into retrograde motion three to four times a year it became burdensome to hold this mindset. After consciously working with this cycle for years, I now see this period as a time when I am actually far more intuitive. During Mercury Retrograde my natural propensity is to become more introverted and more selective in my choices. When I allow for this and follow my rhythm inward I feel more connected to my inner voice. Shifting my perspective from fearing the worst to embracing this as a time to slow down and tune in has guided me on what I need to pay attention to and how I should be moving forward, making Mercury Retrograde a time I can honestly say I look forward to.

Here are five tips on how to make this Mercury Retrograde a blessed time for you, ultimately helping you cultivate the gifts of our collective deep-dive into water.

1. Expect your intuition to increase and prepare to take action on it. More than usual expect to receive intuitive messages. Instead of thinking about an answer or a solution, feel your answer. Mercury’s retrograde through Cancer is a period when our intuition will become stronger and if we work with it, instead of against it, we can actually move ahead faster. Over the next few weeks, make sure you tune in and follow your instincts—let your body guide you—and be prepared to take action on the wild insights you receive.

2. Become even more comfortable with all of your emotions. One of the key things you can learn during this particular Mercury Retrograde cycle in Cancer is how to become comfortable with all of your emotions without needing to fix them or deny them. Can you be present with everything that comes up for you emotionally? What do you need to do to strengthen this relationship with yourself? What support do you need to help you better feel your emotions?  Should you feel the need, give yourself permission for a good cry—it’s okay. If crying is something you generally struggle with, rent some tear jerkers and have a movie night to let yourself release and feel.

3. Spend some time with your family. Mercury’s retrograde through Cancer is encouraging us to do some clean up when it comes to our relationships with our family. This summer is the time to really work on familial relationships, even more specifically with your Mom, should the need be present. It’s time to drop the F-bomb of forgiveness so that you can make some space in your heart for more healing, love, and compassion. The more you release any burdens of resentment, hurt, or anger, the more abundance you can receive.  Move the grievances out of your mind and heart, and open up to a higher octave of joy.

4. Cultivate a deeper relationship with your home. With all of this action in Cancer we are being called to further think about what home means to us. Does your home accurately reflect you? Are your current needs being met by the home you live in? Ideally what do you want to see happen on the home front this summer and this year? Getting clear on what you need to do to strengthen your relationship with your home will not only set you up for success during Mercury’s retrograde, but for the entire year that Jupiter is in Cancer.

5. Go swimming. It is summer, after all. Connecting with water this time of year is particularly cleansing, especially the natural water of oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. Allow yourself some time to be immersed in water, and have fun while doing it.

Above and beyond everything, prioritize love. Allow yourself the ability to travel into your inner waters—your emotions and intuition—and really listen to the guidance they give on what you should be creating. Infuse all that you do with genuine love.

Should you need support navigating the nuances of your own life, reach out for help. I am happy to schedule a session with you.

As always, I send you my love!


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