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Keeping the Magic of Summer Alive

I recently celebrated my birthday on June 2nd; can I get a woot-woot! I love my birthday because not only is it a solar return, it also falls right before the start of summer. That means warm weather, longer days and lots of socializing!  As a Gemini, I’ve always looked forward to this time of year, especially back in the day when my theme song was, “School’s Out (for Summer)!”

While June no longer means freedom from tests and classes, it still comes with a heavy dose of spring fever and some liberation, too. The desire to take advantage of the good weather and the overall fun disposition the onset of summer brings, trumps just about everything else for me this time of year.

I remember last summer I made a commitment to write every evening, only to realize that in the summer, working evening hours feels like being grounded. That didn’t go over too well. My failure at keeping this commitment reiterated a knowing that my commitments must be tied to my values in order for them to work.

All I want to do on a summer evening is take a long walk, have a fun dinner or whatever else feels right. I want space to luxuriate in the long days and late sunsets. I want the freedom to choose how to spend my time spontaneously. I want the opportunity to bask in the unknown, not a set schedule that involves self-discipline and denial of what I most desire: free time.

I remember the anticipation of summer when I was a kid: two and a half months of free from the rigidity of school. Time to play, go the beach, hang with friends, indulge my interests outside of school, go to sailing camp and play sports. Yes! Time to indulge all the things I love.

Even though we no longer get automatic freedom every summer as adults, we can still indulge the magic of this special time of year.

With the new moon in Gemini fast approaching on June 8th, at approximately 11:56 am EST, the auspicious Gemini energy isn’t just for those with birthdays this time of year; it’s for all of us. In addition to the new moon, we also have Mars and Jupiter in Gemini. Mars will be there, ramping up our social lives, until mid-July, while Jupiter is wrapping up his yearlong stay.

(So sad to see Jupiter go, but I am super happy for all of you Cancers who will be blessed with extra abundance, beauty and grace this next year!)

The good news is that this upcoming new moon is auspiciously aligned thanks to its close proximity to Jupiter – the planet of good luck, good fortune, expansion and opportunity. Later in the month, we get to experience one of the luckiest days of the year on June 19th when the sun and Jupiter will be conjunct in Gemini. Hell, yeah!

Make the most of this new moon with these 5 steps to keep the magic of summer alive for you! Note: the best time to do this ritual is within the first 24 hours after the new moon, so before midnight EST on June 9.

  1. Take a few moments and think back to your most delicious summers. Remember the details. Where were you? What did you do? How did you feel?
  2. Next consider where you are at now in your life and ask yourself, “What ways can I recreate my peak summer experiences this season?” Brainstorm as many ideas as you possibly can.
  3. Create a vision for your summer this year. If 2013 were to become your best summer yet, what would it look like? How would it feel? Write it out.
  4. Decide on inspired action. What are some things you are going to commit to doing this summer that will ensure your vision materializes?
  5. Read your vision out loud three times.

Let me know in the comments some of your best summer moments and share what you are committing to this summer. And, cheers to your best summer yet!

As always, I send you all of my love…


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