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Lunar Eclipse in Cancer 2020: It’s Time To Dig In

lunar eclipse in cancer

2019 ended on an awkward note in my personal life. True to the message of resilience that I live and breathe, I am getting up, dusting myself off, and starting again. Resilience means facing life precisely as it is and conjuring our best self in the face of hardship. That’s what I am doing.

Traditionally though, women are taught to shrink when they move through challenges. Rather than being shown that we can be with difficulty and become stronger from it, the narrative I’ve witnessed tells us to prioritize our emotional well-being above all else. This often means letting our goals, dreams, and careers drop away when we experience difficult circumstances in our personal life. And if we are honest, obsessing over our pain as opposed to taking action on behalf of our happiness.

We are taught to hide in shame rather than rise.

I’d like to disrupt that narrative.

Of course, it’s crucial to practice radical self-care, especially when challenged. For some, this may mean temporarily retreating. In no way though are we required to “sit this one out” or be relegated to the sidelines while we lick our wounds. Remember, resilience means we can care for our emotions and dig in at the same time. It’s about actively taking steps towards happiness even in moments of pain. 

As a feminist, my job is to help you understand that even in the face of horrific life circumstances, you can rise anyway. 

Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: Go Deep

Speaking of feminism and rising in the face of difficulty, on Friday, January 10th, there’s a full moon in Cancer, that’s also a lunar eclipse. This south node lunar eclipse at twenty degrees of Cancer occurs at 2:21 pm Eastern. As it does, Mercury joins the sun, alongside Saturn and Pluto. 

Let’s break it down. We have this emotional, open-hearted moon in the sign of the Great Mother, Cancer. Cancer is also ruled by the moon, injecting this lunation with truly Divine Feminine energy. Under typical circumstances, this full moon would mark the perfect time to settle into your feminine divinity (no matter how you identify), and tap into the softer arts of intuition and unconditional love. 

That said, this full moon is an eclipse, in direct opposition to two planetary powerhouses, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is the planet of authoritarianism and conformity—it doesn’t mess around, and it thrives on structured order. Pluto is the great transformer of the zodiac. His transits destroy anything that isn’t serving us, and while it may not be gentle, it’s useful. On top of that, This Saturn-Pluto conjunction is happening in Capricorn. Capricorn brings with it incredible focus and asks you to commit to your goals.

These two planets create a fresh 36-year cycle. 

If you know your chart, locate where 22 degrees of Capricorn falls, as this a critical point for you to digest right now if you aren’t aware of your chart on that level yet, no worries. Simply look at your life right now and ask yourself this:

What feels most potent, urgent, and pressing?
How is this issue tied to the evolution of my soul?
What commitment is it asking me to make?
What, if anything, am I committing to for the next 36 years of my life?

These two planets together at the time of a lunar eclipse unleash a Kali like force, where destruction might become a pre-requisite to growth. As a matter of fact, with these domineering planets joining the forces in the sign of Capricorn, the softer, matriarchal tenants of the moon of this full moon in Cancer might feel overshadowed. But let’s not forget Kali, represent the Divine Mother. 

On top of this, Uranus stations direct at the time of the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, too. Uranus stationing at two degrees of Taurus redirects us. Uranus, the great awakener, has Kali like tendencies also. 

So please pay head the sacred destruction happening in your life.

Lunar eclipses ask us to shed that which isn’t working to hold space for something healthier and happier to emerge.

Again, your emotional health is so important, but also consider how you allow yourself to shrink when faced with sorrow or rage. Right now, we need as many conscious women on the front lines as possible, so I ask you to honor those emotions while also using them to fuel us all.

Think of it this way: When one candle dwindles, the entire collective light also dims. But when we use our emotions as fuel, we burn brighter, and we can ignite many, many more flames. 

We need a vigil in this cosmic moment. Light your candle, and then ignite those around you. Lift every woman. It’s how we’ll move through this transit and come out on the other side more intuitive, more loving, more powerful than we’ve ever been before.

There’s tons of potential here if we’re willing to step up. 

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  • Kimia Madani

    I absolutely love this… Such a powerful read. Thank you for sharing your light and inspiring others to do the same! ✨

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