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Making the Most of the Grand Cardinal Cross

Volatility. Difficult emotions. A need for radical change. Ah yes, April 2014 … a month that’s been giving astrologers a lot to talk about. As I mentioned in my last post, we have an exciting Grand Cardinal Cross in the sky and this potent energy may very well shake things up in all of our […]

Volatility. Difficult emotions. A need for radical change. Ah yes, April 2014 … a month that’s been giving astrologers a lot to talk about. As I mentioned in my last post, we have an exciting Grand Cardinal Cross in the sky and this potent energy may very well shake things up in all of our lives this week. (Here’s another of my favorite astrologer’s take on it: To top it off, we are between two important eclipses—the full moon eclipse we had on Monday April 14th and the new moon eclipse coming up on April 29th.

Collectively, we are at a crossroads.

Most of us likely feel pulled in multiple directions, like we need to make some big choices. The truth is that the astrological energy of this month is so influential that decisions we make now will have a long reaching impact. Because of that fact, it’s crucial to make slow, conscious choices that truly resonate with us as opposed to fast and furious ones that are highly reactive.

When the moon wanes from full to new as it’s doing now, it’s a great time to assess your life and determine what you need to release. Energetically speaking, as the moon loses light we are being called to transform and make space in our lives for what we want to initiate next. Metaphorically, this is similar to what happens when estrogen and progesterone dip during the luteal phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle (the period between ovulation and the start of a new fertility cycle). As her hormones wane, a woman is being asked to go within and listen deeply to what she needs to release physically or emotionally as her body prepares for the beginning of her next cycle.

Symbolically, the earth is going through a luteal phase. We are collectively assessing what we need to let go of in order to move towards what we really want. And yet, just because we are all in a waning period, we don’t need to feel moody. Instead, we can approach this phase from a place of equanimity.

What does equanimity mean and how do you get it?

Equanimity comes when you’re able to anchor into the core of yourself, not the conditions around you. Finding equanimity is what allows you to stay steady in yourself despite the fluctuations in the external world. Instead of looking at the highs and lows of your life to indicate how you should feel, you can access a part of yourself that is consistent despite outside influences.

The goal is to not attach to the highs or lows when they happen; but rather, connect to a part of you that is stable and steady, no matter what the outside world is reflecting to you be it outrageously awesome or incredibly difficult to accept. To embrace equanimity means to stay grounded in a consistent, non-changing, place within even when everything in your outer life feels like a big teeter-totter.

True success happens when we tap into a place deeper than our thoughts, our physicality, and the material world.

I believe that within each and every one of us lies an unconditional part of our being that is innately perfect, whole and holy. It’s up to you to find that place within and allow it to be your rock despite the fluctuations of the world, your mind, your body or your bank account.

This waning moon, I want you to look for your whole and holy place within. That’s where you gain access to the part of you that has an objective view on life—the ability to see the coming and goings of opportunity, relationships, and success in an even keeled way. (You may want to try some slow, mindful movement like yoga or meditation first. Alternatively, maybe you want to listen to some soothing music. Do whatever it is that will allow you to move into an expanded perspective.)

When you find that place, ask yourself the following crucial questions:

  • What do I want to create next in my life?
  • What do I need to surrender so I can step into the next iteration of my greatness?
  • What am I learning right now that I need to integrate into my life?

Again, this is about slow choices. Not fast and furious ones. Take time to fully ponder these questions then boil down your answers into one distinct, concrete thing you would like to release.

That could be a relationship, a limiting belief or a particular perspective. Perhaps it’s a behavior like overspending or emotional eating. Whatever it is for you, write what you want to release on a piece of paper then do something to physically release it—tear it up, burn it, flush it. At the same time, envision yourself shedding the pattern, thought form, or situation you’re ready to let go of.

The more you surrender to what is real, the faster you reach internal equanimity.

As we make our way through this phase, be gentle and kind to yourself to the best of your ability. Practice good self-care even if you’re not in a particularly loving place with yourself. Go to bed early. Stay connected, supported and grounded in your body. The trick is to acknowledge that self-care is a practice, and like any other practice, it takes conscious awareness to bring yourself back to it when you see it slipping away.

Next week on the new moon eclipse, it’s time to call in what you really desire, but for now, allow yourself the time to situate into this release.

Remember, although you can’t control life, you always have a choice in how you respond to it. 

If you need individual support in understanding how the Grand Cardinal Cross or eclipses are affecting you, please feel free to reach out for an individual session. I’d love to support you in finding your own equanimity.

Until then, big hugs + lots of love!




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