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Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio. Celebrate!

Mercury is retrograde, but before you go on the defense double checking each and every message you send, backing up computers, halting travel plans, becoming suspicious of opportunities that come up, and biding your time until it passes, I advise you to approach this period from a slightly different angle.

While many astrologers advise you to put your life on hold when Mercury goes retrograde – imploring you to not sign any contracts, make any major plans, start any new relationships or commit to any life altering decisions – I am not one of them.

Mercury Retrograde is not something you need to fear, nor is it a time to halt forward motion. Instead, it’s simply a time to slow down and listen more deeply, asking yourself where you are resisting your truth and not honoring your needs. This is the most constructive use of this energy. The truth is, if you take into consideration how many times you have technical glitches throughout the year, I think you’ll notice that they happen whether Mercury is direct or in retrograde.

I personally celebrate Mercury Retrograde as an auspicious time because in our go-go-go world, this is when we are meant to pause and review what we’ve already done to figure out what’s slipped through the cracks.  I have already discovered a couple of ways I can sincerely create better boundaries in my life, take care of myself, and let unnecessary stuff go.

This is your opportunity to get crystal clear on exactly what you need to do to further align with your truth. Period. If you are already certain what your next steps are, by all means, forge ahead. If you aren’t though, now is the perfect time to figure out exactly where you’re stuck. It’s a time when your intuition may be more evident than usual, and consequently you’ll have a stronger sense of what you need to do to move your life forward.

With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio for the next few weeks (Mercury turns direct November 10th) we are all about to go through our own personal lie detector test. It’s time to really come clean with yourself about what’s happening for you on a deeper level in your life.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio the same week the sun moves into Scorpio (which is also the sign Saturn is currently residing in) so we are really being asked to “check under the hood,” so to speak.

The 8th sign of the zodiac, Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Scorpios bring with them a serious mission to learn about others. They’re adept at getting beneath the surface and straight into the secrets that lie within. Their fantastic intuition allows them to serve their mission and uncover the truth. With so much planetary emphasis in the sign of Scorpio right now, it’s time for all of us to enlist our inner Scorpio and go down a couple of floors within ourselves to discern our own truth.

Here are some questions to ask your self during any Mercury Retrograde:

  • What’s going well right now?
  • Where do I need to pay more attention?
  • Am I acting in alignment with my highest truth?
  • Is there unfinished business to tend to so I can expand?

However, given the fact that this is Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, I personally feel there’s a slightly different, yet very powerful question to ask your self right now:

“Am I having enough sex and if so, am I enjoying it?”

I heard an alarming fact at the Emerging Women conference that modern women are having record low levels of sex. Apparently, our grandmothers had more sex than we do. My sense is that collectively, we are so busy that sex has become the last thing on our to-do list, which is such a shame. Orgasms are fantastic for stress relief and a ridiculously healthy part of any holistic regime whether you’re partnered or single!  Sure, having a partner is fantastic, but you have everything you need right now to make certain you are experiencing the maximum benefits of pleasure now. Dr. Northrup describes her approach to “self cultivation” in this podcast:

Between now and November 10th, we are aligned to make some strides with how intimately we know and care for ourselves and how intimately we express our deepest desires and natures. Take advantage.

As I said above, I personally feel that a great way to use this particular Mercury Retrograde is to get really honest about what’s happening with your libido instead of focusing on your email or technological devices.

Don’t fall prey to the common misconception that Mercury Retrograde is a time to fear. Instead use it to figure out what’s slipped through the cracks, and if it’s your sex life – now is the time revisit it. Ask what needs to happen to increase your enjoyment and make the necessary moves to reclaim it!

As always, I send you my love.

Be well,


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