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Moon Rituals: How To Manifest With The Moon

Do you want to learn how to manifest with the moon? If you’ve been following along with me or participated in one of my moon cycle challenges, (I’ve been teaching this work since 2001) you know there is tremendous power in harnessing the rhythmicity of the moon to manifest. Whether you want to improve your […]

Do you want to learn how to manifest with the moon?

If you’ve been following along with me or participated in one of my moon cycle challenges, (I’ve been teaching this work since 2001) you know there is tremendous power in harnessing the rhythmicity of the moon to manifest. Whether you want to improve your health, your career, or your relationships, the eight phases of the moon are an intelligent and straightforward roadmap to manifestation. And when you align with these phases, you can work with natural forces to clarify and continually refine what you want to call into your life until it comes to fruition. Over time, when you commit to learning how to manifest with the moon, in all her phases, you ultimately live more in sync with your natural environment and with your truth.

But let’s be real. While the moon has its magic, manifestation is a process. Your most significant desires don’t merely arrive overnight; they take time, and you must trust that timing. Tuning in to the phases of the moon provides a framework to turn to over and over again. And it can empower you to find peace and understanding in the unfolding of your lives.

One of the best ways to connect with the moon and start leveraging its energy is with a moon ritual.

The Modern Moon Ritual

Moon rituals are an ancient and sacred practice that originated in Egypt, Babylonia, India, and China where moon worship was a part of the culture. The phases of the moon influence the growth or decline of plants, animals, and human life. So, basking in the moonlight was seen as a sacred and necessary part of every cycle.

Today, the moon ritual carries just as much sacredness and brings a beautifully primal practice into the modern world. It’s something we desperately need in our always-looking-at-a-screen way of life, and when life itself is often filled with challenges, heartbreak, and despair.

The beautiful thing about rituals, especially those related to the moon, is that they invite you to get quiet. They ask you to plant seeds of intention and be one with nature. Hopefully, free from distractions.

And while there are 8 phases of the moon, the most potent phases are the new moon and the full moon

Understanding How To Manifest With The Moon Via The 8 Phases Of The Moon

The new moon

This happens when the sun and moon come into alignment; when the yang (masculine) energy of the sun merges with the yin (feminine) essence of the moon, and the moon rises with the sun at dawn. During this phase, the moon and the sun conjoin in the sky (align at the same degree astrologically) so we don’t see the moon. This is the start of a new lunation, and it’s time to get still and plant new seeds of desire. During a new moon, it serves us to breathe new life into any area of stagnation or any place in your life where you would like to impact positive change. This is the perfect time to set an intention to manifest with the moon.

The waxing crescent moon

During the days that follow a new moon, when the moon begins to rise after the sun, it’s time to anchor into your intentions. Focus on one thing you want to bring into existence during this lunar cycle. To that end, practice visualizations and affirmations at this time. Write your new moon intention out clearly and succinctly, and read it daily. Doing this will help you manifest with the moon.

The waxing quarter moon

Now is the time to look at the challenges you currently face and make decisions about how you want to proceed. This is the time of the moon cycle when the sun and the moon square each other. A square in astrology is when two celestial bodies form a 90-degree angle. This allows you to see the issues that have arisen since the new moon and enables you to adjust your plans accordingly. Face adversity with a resolute mind. Find workarounds. Work productively with challenges. They are your greatest teachers and a necessary part of manifesting with the moon.

The waxing gibbous moon

This high-energy moment, right before the full moon, offers perspective. With the lunar momentum waxing to peak, things should start to feel like they are aligning. Therefore, this is time to ramp up the energy in your life. Take massive action on behalf of your intended desire. Go after what you want to manifest with the moon wholeheartedly.

The full moon

In essence, full moons are nourishing. Think about it: the moon, symbolic of the feminine, receives the light of the sun, shining it back to us with illumination. When the moon is full, its strong gravitational pull on the Earth makes for a time of peak creative energy and incredibly powerful intuitive breakthroughs. But even more so, since the full moon rises when the sun sets, the two luminaries grace the sky concurrently making for potent time.  The full moon accentuates the intentions set during its waxing phase. Take time to reflect on what the full moon brings up for you. Get outside at night and let the light of the moon shine upon you. Then, bring your attention back to what you want to manifest with the moon. What needs to shift for you to bring your goal to fruition?

The waning gibbous moon

After the full moon, while the light of the moon wanes, it’s essential to consider what you need to release. During this phase, reflect on what is blocking you from receiving your desired outcome. Pay close attention to any energetic leaks or roadblocks holding you back from expressing the actualization of your desired result. Embrace the ease and let go of what’s blocking you from having what you want.

The waning quarter moon

When the moon begins to wane, and the light disseminates, there is a call to go within and do the internal work of seeking answers and heart-driven guidance. Grant yourself full permission to honor your feelings during this phase. Particularly during this time, your emotions are encrypted with messages regarding where we need to speak up or perhaps make changes in our lives. Listen intently for direction and guidance.  It’s a time to shed what’s holding you back from manifesting your desire with the moon.

The waning crescent moon

This presents the final phase of the entire moon cycle. It occurs right before the next new moon. That said, it provides an opportunity to reflect back on the whole lunar cycle that has come to pass. What have you learned? What has happened? What hasn’t? Reread your new moon intention and evaluate how you’ve changed since you wrote it. Then consider how you want to get reorganized for this next new moon.

A New Moon Ritual: Manifest with the Moon

The new moon is a blank page, a fresh start, a moment to turn inward and consider what we want to call into our lives and what we need to let go of. It’s indeed a time for rest and reflection, so the perfect ritual would be in the comfort of your own home.

How to Begin:

1. Set the environment.

Before engaging in any ritual, clean and organize your space. Straightening up and getting rid of clutter sets the tone for the ceremony. I like to burn incense, light a candle, turn on soothing music, and chill. I keep a few pieces of sacred paper and a pen on hand for writing.

2. Conjure a connection to the Divine.

Call upon a connection to the source energy you feel supports you the most: guides, angels, or any other divine connection. Personally, I like to connect with each of the four elements: air, fire, water, and earth. Then, I honor the Sun and Moon.

3. Sit comfortably and write.

Grab those pieces of paper and write down the things in your life you either wish to call in or are ready to release. This could be certain feelings, fears, or barriers—anything you know is not serving you or what you want to call into your life. This could be a job opportunity, a relationship, more financial abundance, an adventure—you name it.

4. Declare.

The next step is to read your desires—the stuff you want to call into your life now—out loud. Speaking them aloud plays a crucial role in bringing them to life. You may notice that they evoke even more emotion when spoken, and that feeling is essential to manifestation.

5. Meditate and complete.

Now that you’ve let go and made space for what you truly desire, sit quietly, follow your breath, and visualize your desires coming to fruition. Set the intention to stay open to these elements and experiences entering your life, and any other growth opportunities you may need along the way.

As mentioned, you can either do this ritual solo or invite others to join you. While doing it alone is beautiful, there is also something compelling about being heard and held by those you love, so that they, too, can hold your desires for you—and vice versa.

A Full Moon Ritual: Manifest with the Moon

When the full moon arrives, it’s time to create space to take stock of what has and hasn’t come to fruition just yet.

A full moon ritual is a time to get quiet, reflect, and celebrate. Unlike the new moon, the full moon represents fruitfulness and completeness and brings with it a lot of energy.

Here’s how to approach your ritual:

1. Get centered.

Since there is likely quite a bit of energy present, it’s best to find a way to bring calmness into your space, so that you can harness the energy to your benefit. Take a few cleansing breaths, align with your space, and chill.

2. Write it out.

Take a moment to reflect on the past few weeks. What has transpired? Where are the successes? What are you bumping up against? Where do you see opportunities for growth and expansion?

3. Release and Declare.

Once you’ve clarified what’s come to fruition and what hasn’t, it’s time to write down and release what is getting in the way of the experiences that haven’t arrived yet. You can either ceremonially flush these “written barriers or blocks” down the toilet or burn them in a fire-safe vessel.

4. Take a moon bath.

If you can, get outside and let the moonlight touch your skin. Just like our bodies need Vitamin D from sunlight, we also benefit from moonlight. It’s said to help reduce inflammation and known to support our menstrual cycles.

5. Dance it out.

Whether you’re celebrating or still calling in your dreams (remember, it doesn’t happen overnight!), dance to your favorite music to move any stagnant energy out of your body and bring more lightness and joy inside.

Carving out space during both of these moon phases to go inward and take stock of what’s showing up for you, creates the opportunity to create intentions and find rhythmicity in your own life.

Make A Commitment To Moon Magic

My recommendation: commit to at least three months of mapping the moon and performing rituals to see what comes up for you. And be sure to share your experience with me in the comments below. What intentions will you set? What barriers are the way of the circumstances you most want? How has connecting with the moon made you feel?

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