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New Moon in Aquarius: A New Paradigm Awaits

The new moon in Aquarius, the second new moon of 2019, perfects on February 4th at 4:03 pm Eastern. Actions taken when the luminaries conjoin — when the sun and the moon align at the same degree—bring both short term and long-term results. New moons often accompany a low energy moment of the month, when […]

new moon in aquarius

The new moon in Aquarius, the second new moon of 2019, perfects on February 4th at 4:03 pm Eastern. Actions taken when the luminaries conjoin — when the sun and the moon align at the same degree—bring both short term and long-term results.

New moons often accompany a low energy moment of the month, when the need for rest becomes paramount. So, it’s important to acknowledge that new moons themselves present a perfect time for time for recovery. They allow you to connect with your intuition and feel into what the new cycle holds for you. The days that follow the new moon, when the moon waxes crescent, offer  strong potential to take action on the goals you set for yourself while the moon and sun conjoin.

Do not try to do it all at once.

Rest, first.

Commit, second.

Take action, third.

However, with this current new moon happening at 15 degrees of Aquarius, alongside Mercury and in a sextile (harmonious angle) to Jupiter, now’s the time to own your authenticity and eccentricity. Aquarius, after all, a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus brings two things to focus.

  1. The need to honor traditions that continue to serve you.
  2. The need to disrupt and change the customs that no longer help you. (The interrupting of traditions that no longer serve you, remains paramount.)
Aquarius encourages you to lead via originality. It asks you to decide for yourself what truths you wish to subscribe to, and let the rest go. It commands honesty.

Sow seeds of new beginnings

As stated above, new moons offer the opportunity to forge a new path.

Taking the time to center yourself, and listen to the truth emerging from within your soul, will expedite your growth exponentially.

New moons lay the foundation for what you will accomplish over the next two and one-quarter years, (yes, two and a quarter years). Given that this particular new moon occurs at a rare and precious moment with no planets retrograde, you want to take advantage.

Consider this:

Where do you want to be in May of 2021 when we have a waning quarter moon at 13 degrees of Aquarius? This is when seeds planted with this current new moon will come full circle.

If everything goes as well as it could between now and then, what exactly will happen?

What are potential conflicts you face on the journey?

What can you commit to this week, (yes, this week) that will propel in the direction of your goals?

In the hours that follow this new moon, take time to write out your thoughts. Derive a point of focus. Then as the week moves on, step into action. Taking time to consider where you are, and where you want to go, at the time of the new moon proves exceptionally fruitful.

The Transits

In addition to the sun moon conjunction at 15 degrees of Aquarius, and Mercury also in the sign of the Water Bearer at 19 degrees—Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good fortune, lends a helping hand from Sagittarius, the sign he rules. YES!

This cosmic support auspicates the day even more.

Yet, like kids waiting in line for the diving board at a pool on a hot summer day, we too await a springboard into the deep end. As Chiron, the wounded healer, hangs at the edge of Pisces at 29 degrees, and Uranus (Aquarius’ ruling planet) also hovers at the final degrees of Aries at 28, we await (with a pregnant pause) for 2019 to begin in all earnest.

You see, last year both Uranus and Chiron took a break from their multi-year stints in Aries and Pisces to preview what’s to come when they respectively shift into Taurus and Aries. They then retrograded back (to the previous signs they traveled in), to wrap up their lessons.

Now, we await both Uranus and Chiron’s final move forward!


Chiron into Aries:

Chiron, the wounded healer, and takes us on a journey through our pain to crystallize a teaching point. He’s traveled in Pisces since Feb 8, 2011, except for a few months in 2018 when he visited Aries, anointing his upcoming journey in the sign of the Ram. He officially concludes his tour in Pisces later this month on Feb 18, 2019, asking us to put down our victimhood and charge forward into understanding, fearlessly. Chiron in Aries, which will last until June 2026, comes with blazing guns, holding us accountable to our boundaries while simultaneously asking us to let go of toxic ego, too.


Uranus into Taurus:

Uranus initially dipped his toes into Aries on May 27, 2010, before saddling up in Aries for good on March 11, 2011. He moved forward into Taurus between May 15, 2018-November 6, 2018, before retrograding back into Aries, where he currently wraps up his multi-year stint. On March 5,  2019, Uranus will move into fixed Venus-ruled earth, awakening us to a deeper understanding of the type of stewardship Gaia currently requires.

These critical changes commence a massive turning point and will initiate the more profound lessons of the year.


Because of this, this fertile new moon in Aquarius pushes us forward and simultaneously REQUIRES us to digest the more significant lessons looming in our life.

Meaning, that as much as it’s about charging ahead, it also asks us to prune that which we no longer need, and to lay old behaviors, patterns and outdated ways of being to bed—for once and for all.

When Chiron and Uranus change signs as they will very soon, there’s no going back.

(We went forward and backward in 2018. 2019 brings a hard look ahead!)

Meanwhile, Saturn the planet of discipline, traveling very close to Pluto (for the next two years) takes no prisoners. Therefore, the cosmic dance not only commands us to reconcile the lessons we’ve worked on for the majority of the current decade but simultaneously, honor our truth, no matter what. There’s no room for lack of compliance with the directives of your soul. Add to the mix that Mars, the planet of action, conjoins both Eris, who represents feminine discord, and Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius.

It’s safe to say that this new moon initiates new beginnings that stem from the deepest place within your heart.

Even though Aquarius can often lack emotional emphasis, I encourage you to tune into your emotions and lead from your heart. With Jupiter and Neptune in an ongoing square, the truth can feel elusive, but I urge you to trust yourself. You know, you do!

Imbolc: Honoring the Cross Quarter Holy Day

February 1st marked the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. This cross-quarter day posed an opportunity to devote yourself to service.

Imbolc, commonly celebrated with a fire ritual (as it honors Bridget), offers an ideal time to work with the seasons, and the cyclical rhythms of the Universe. And, no it’s not too late. Over the week ahead, carve out time to honor the seasons and cycles of growth how you see fit!

The Lunar New Year

This new moon in Aquarius also coincides with Lunar New Year, where we enter into the year of the Earth Pig.

Donna Stellhourn, a Feng Shui expert who specializes in Chinese Astrology, wrote the following on both her blog and in her book on the year of the Earth Pig.

“Pig years are festive with lots of reasons to celebrate. But there’s a reminder to not be lulled into sleep by this party mood. Be thoughtful and aware. What seems good can be just surface-level stuff and with a closer look, we will see many things are going on underneath. Those awake will make plans and those asleep could potentially lose a lot.”

Click here to read her full post or order the book!

Bringing it All together

This important retrograde-less new moon in Aquarius auspiciously aligns the sun, moon, and Mercury with Jupiter (who travels in the sign he rules, Sagittarius) via a sextile. This harmonious angle amplifies the impact of intentions set with this new moon. However, new moons have a long tailwind, so, think about where you most wish to be in two and a quarter years as you craft your new moon intentions. Because of this, pausing at the time of new proves more fruitful than powering through. (Trust me on this!)

Pro tip: Prioritize introspection at the time of new moon and action in the days that follow it.

Mars travels in Aries, right where Uranus (the modern ruler of Aquarius) wraps up his stay in the sign of the Ram. This combination might feel explosive, so go slow and stay conscious. Uranus and Chiron both wrap up major cycles that require patience, kindness, and presence.

Saturn and Pluto travel very close to one another in the sign of Capricorn, meaning honoring personal truth, and staying accountable to your integrity remains a non-negotiable.

This new moon also coincides with Imbolc and the Lunar New Year, offering a more in-depth cross-cultural perspective on how to utilize this moment so that it honors history, cultures and the most profound truth emerging from the depths of your heart!

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What’s happening in your life this new moon? What intentions do you wish to set for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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