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New Moon in Aries: And So We Begin

new moon in virgo

The new moon in Aries, happening on Sunday (the 11th) at 10:30 pm Eastern, is the first new moon of the zodiacal new year, and thus, an essential one. Happening at 22° of Aries, this new moon commences the spring season in all earnest: calling us into fresh starts and new beginnings.

The new moon’s ruler, Mars (in Gemini), forms an air trine to Jupiter (in Aquarius), boosting energy and optimism. Aside from the trine between Jupiter and Mars, both sextile the sun, moon, and Venus—making a potent combination that supports feeling powerful, taking action, and finding clarity. Additionally, Mercury in Aries sextiles Saturn in Aquarius, another aspect that provides ideal conditions for setting future intentions and initiating desired changes. As we come into Aries’s season’s apex, it’s time to orient ourselves to emerging opportunities and commit to our goals.

However, there are a few troubling aspects to keep an eye on this new moon too. Venus, who rules love, is in Aries, squaring Pluto, while Pluto forms a challenging angle to the sun and moon. In this position, Pluto’s impact may push the need for change. Meaning, this new moon might drive a tough decision or two. If so, remember, Pluto’s goal is rebirth. Even in the face of loss, on the other side is always growth. I am not advocating for spiritually bypassing pain, however. Give complicated feelings and circumstances the time and attention they demand, and should a steep challenge arrive, trust your ability to navigate it.

No matter what this new moon brings to light for you, take time to focus on your goals and the life you wish to create. Stay steadfast in your determination.

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  • Kristie

    Thank you for your fresh, intelligent insights. I believe we can make great things happen when we combine positive psychology & spirituality!

  • Bevey

    Currently reading your book. I’m bouncing all laround its my first day with it. On the site to find the free natal chart

  • sarah

    Hi your blog posts aren’t dated that I can see? I’ve just discovered you and am very excited to connect with what you have to offer. So I’m looking through the blog articles but none of them seem to be dated. It would be extremely beneficial for each article to have a date at the top, including on the page where you can see them all listed. Thanks 🙂

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