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New Moon in Capricorn: Ready. Set. Go!

With the first new moon of 2018 happening at 9:17 pm ET on January 16th at 26 degrees of Capricorn, the anticipation of new year magic builds. After all, while the clock striking midnight on the 31st initiates a new calendar year, the first new moon of the new year offers real cosmic opportunity.

Commence Your New Beginnings In All Earnest

A new moon occurs when the Sun and Moon align at the same degree in the sky. When this happens, the qualities of the Sun and Moon merge together creating a heightened portal of fertility. The Sun being our identity, and the Moon being our emotions, together the two fuse together to amplify our own sense of self and intuition.

New moons offer embarkation. They initiate new beginnings.

Given this, revering them as if they are holy (because they are) helps to maximize their potential. Setting intentions at the time of the new moon allows you to plant seeds for your desires in alignment with the cosmos—giving your powers of manifestation a cosmic boost.

Think about what it is that you really want to bring forth in 2018. Really feel into it. Imagine how your life would change. See yourself as the having the qualities, resources, and connections required to make it a reality. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know how you’ll get there, just imagine yourself there.

Be open to the possibilities and allow the Universe to fill in the blanks.

New Moon in Capricorn: A Battle Of Wills

This particular new moon comes with six planets in Capricorn: the Sun, Moon, Venus, Pluto, Mercury and Saturn. Capricorn, one of the most persevering zodiac signs, offers a robust opportunity to commit to your intentions with unshakable determination. Yet, at the same time this new moon happens with Uranus (the planet of surprises) in a tough angle to the Sun, the Moon, and Venus, suggesting that we need to prepare for the unexpected and be ready to release what no longer works.

With the tenacity and strength of all of this Capricorn up against the unruly influence of Uranus in Aries, it may feel like a battle of wills. Surrendering may not be easy or feel natural to you, especially if you have an idea about how you want things to play out… but, trust me—with this transit, you’ll want to remind yourself of its necessity.

Free Will Versus The Divine Will

Hint: Divine will wins.

As humans, we often have a tendency to forget that we’re not in full control. In fact, sometimes we even try to completely avoid the thought. We plan, schedule, assign, strategize, review, and manage, often at work and at home. Especially with so many planets in practical Capricorn. So let this be your reminder: you are not in full control.

And that’s a good thing.

We are constantly co-creating with the Universe, always being influenced by its energy, and consistently at the mercy of this planet and one another. With so much Capricorn energy in the stars, things could get a little more serious than they ought to and you may feel driven to juggle all the things. But you don’t have to do it all. And you don’t have to do it alone. In the days and weeks to come, remember to prioritize the actions that will bring you closer to your intention.

And today, recommit to your intentions for 2018 and hold space for surprises. Hold your focus while staying flexible. Persevere on behalf of what you say you want, while simultaneously being open to the direction the Universe wants to take you.

Who’s to say the Universe’s plan isn’t even bigger and better than the one you’ve imagined?

So, tell me: Are you feeling the Capricorn vibes? What’s your intention this new moon? Tell me about it in the comments! I love hearing from you.

All of my love,

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  • Jen

    Maybe this explains my drive and determination to get back into running and toning up after being on aworkout hiatus for the last 5 months!

    • jracioppi

      Very well could?! Keep us posted on how things go for you. Thank youf so much for reading and commenting… All of my love.

  • Celeste

    Right after January 1, I sat in stillness and my word/focus/intention for 2018 came to me: R E L E A S E. I feel ready to release all things that no longer serve me. This includes releasing anger and resentment towards people and situations from the past, releasing food and activities that don’t nourish my body and soul, release the need to be right . . . R E L E A S E! I’ll be livestreaming you and Sarah tomorrow night and can’t wait to bring forward my intention with the group 🙂

    • jracioppi

      Time to surrender what you no longer need and embrace the opportunity of openness! Thank you for reading, commenting, and joining us tomorrow. The work you are doing and the consciousness you are bringing matters. Thank you!

  • Kathy

    Thank you for the reminder that there is co-creation with the Universe and the path may be bigger and grander than I can, or have, imagined. Prioritizing, releasing, and committing to my goals is my intention. I am also going to join the Inner Circle. The Astrology Hub event was mind-expanding and I was captivated. I look forward to learning more from you as well.

    • jracioppi

      Amazing, this is so exciting. I’ll see you in the inner circle over at Astrology Hub! Happy 2018.

  • jj

    This seems so logical to me. I could never get in to New Year’s hype…I always wait to calculate my “resolutions”…and now I know why. Co creation…this resonates with me. Also, the timing of “release” like Celeste put it.
    Thank you!

    • jracioppi

      Release, and cosmic timing are yours. Happy New Year! Thank you for writing and commenting. I appreciate it a great deal:) Namaste, big hugs and so much love.

  • Anne

    Thank you. I love this. My word for 2018 is permission and it relates a lot to my intentions for this new moon. I’ve been really feeling strong energy to focus on work that fulfills me – and now is the time to push aside my fears and limiting beliefs and BELIEVE. To give myself permission to trust that I have something to offer that’s of sincere value to this world.

    • jracioppi

      And so it is. Embrace your permission. Please keep us posted on how it goes. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. All of my love and Happy New Year!

  • Susie

    I am SO ready to move to the next step professionally. As a “serial” entrepreneur and mom of two active boys, its challenging to release control! I have been working intensely with my meditating, yoga and spiritual trust. I feel more relaxed, grateful and peaceful every day! And therefor, even more excited to live my passion (I wrote my very first blog on that).

    Your blogs have inspired me to create a moon based meditation group amongst my dear friends- it’s been amazing and something we all look forward to each month. So, THANK YOU! For now, I’m going to set my intention for 9:17, and envision and feel my joy…. and trust that good things will come.

    • jracioppi

      Love this. Thank you so much for writing and letting me know. I am super excited for you. Stay in touch. All my love and Happy New Year!

  • Darrien

    I am a new mommy after multiple miscarriages and infertility. This new moon allows me to sent the intentions out into our universe!
    My intentions include:
    – I will heal my body
    – I will release any negative energies that do not belong to me
    – I will relearn my relationship with my partner now we are new parents with love
    – I will be a good mother and do the best I can
    – I will develope and strengthen my skills in photography and writing
    – I will write and share our birth story.

    I feel the universe supporting me and my family

    Thank you !!!

    Sending love and light

  • Elizabeth

    My intention for this new moon is to build more stability and security in my life! However the universe wants to provide 🙂 Love your blog posts- they are extremely insightful and centering. Thank you for the work you do! I couldn’t make it to the event you had last night but hopefully you have another one in New York City soon!!

    • jracioppi

      Yes, there will be a lot more in NYC this year. Stay tuned. Here’s to your stability and security. Happy New Year.

  • Lynne

    I love your newsletter and blog posts. Thank you for keeping us up to date.

    This year has started off so different than other years for me. I feel on top of things and pushed to get my message of personal responsibility, individuality vs collectivism, health, and happiness out. Your emails are timely and this one especially came at a good time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Mandy

    I’m Capricorn and my birthday is January 16. Yes we bring seriousness and perseverance! I love the reminder that we cocreate our realities with higher power.

  • Natalie

    I think I’m bein asked to let go of habits and people that I have a hard time letting go of… refocus on the goals I had set out for a couple of months ago, the distractions are being shown to me and I need to shift my focus onto myself again… as hard as it is and as painful as it can be to let go of the people…

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