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New Moon in Gemini 2020: Own Your Voice

Alas, the new moon in Gemini has arrived. New moons happen when the sun and moon align at the same degree of the same sign, and they commence a new cycle governed by the sign they occur in. (This new moon happens on May 22nd at 1:38 pm ET at 2 degrees of Gemini.) Right […]

new moon in gemini 2020

Alas, the new moon in Gemini has arrived. New moons happen when the sun and moon align at the same degree of the same sign, and they commence a new cycle governed by the sign they occur in. (This new moon happens on May 22nd at 1:38 pm ET at 2 degrees of Gemini.)

Right now, from the perspective of earth, we have more than just the sun and moon in Gemini. The North Node of destiny, Venus, and Mercury all join in the later degrees of Gemini, too. This gaggle of celestial influences heightens the energy around all things communication (writing, speaking, networking, and communicating) short-distance travel, and sibling relationships.

New Moon In Gemini 2020: Practical Moon Magic

What does this mean? Well, for starters, it’s time to communicate your heart and mind, especially as it pertains to your relationships, your values, and your beliefs. If you are a writer this is an especially potent time to take your work seriously and get to laying down sentences on the page. The same goes for anyone who fashions themselves as a speaker or a musician. 

But here’s the deal, if you are alive right now, you have an opinion and many life experiences to process. This is true whether you communicate professionally or not. After all, we are living through a historical pandemic and a heated political election. This is a potent moment when old systems are breaking and new ones are being born. It’s so important that you get in touch with your truth, and communicate it however you best see fit.

Movers + Shakers of The New Paradigm

If you are reading this blog, chances are you belong to a category of people here to usher us into a new paradigm. This will be a time when women-identifying people freely use their voices to communicate more than their needs and desires. We will share our visions for the future. That means stepping into leadership roles in our homes, our communities, and our careers. It means having the courage to take a stand for what you believe in and let your opinions be known.

And if “ushering us into a new paradigm” feels overwhelming, let me reframe it, you are here to use your voice to cultivate your focus to change what you can. If you are new to using your voice and speaking up, it can be a bit scary, but I promise, with practice it gets easier.

When I first started blogging over seven years ago, every time I hit publish on a blog it was a huge EVENT. I felt so nervous and scared, often too nervous and scared to even follow it up with a newsletter to let anyone know that I posted a new blog. Before I published my first website, I spent 2 full days in a private retreat with my mentor just getting the courage to hang my shingle. To say I felt scared it by far an understatement. I felt paralyzed. But, I did it anyway, and you can, too.

The North Node in Gemini: Step Into Leadership

At the time of this new moon, the north node in Gemini is at 29 degrees in an inconjunct, with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. This configuration asks us to surrender what’s not working as we step into the role of honoring our voice, offering our vision, and contributing our leadership. It won’t feel easy but we can do it.

Venus in Retrograde: An Inferior Conjunction
Venus is retrograde and will soon form an inferior conjunction with the sun before she begins rising in the east with the sun as the morning star.

If you tune into the rhythm of Venus, you may find this as a time for allowing yourself, your values, and your relationships to experience a rebirth and regeneration.

I know in my own life, I am going through a massive period of reevaluation and reconsideration of my own values and goals. I am looking at things differently and re-deciding how I want to show up in this world. This deep introspection aligns with Venus’ retrograde message.

Aside from being retrograde, Venus is especially important to this new moon due to Mercury aligning at the same degree of Venus in Gemini at the time of this new moon. Mercury, rules this new moon since Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. As Venus, who represents our values and relationships, conjoins the planet of communication, travel, and technology, the cosmos ask us to own our voice.

Meanwhile, the Venus/Mercury alignment happens in a square to Neptune. This can feel super emo. Neptune is Pisces’ ruler and is transits through its home sign of the fish (aka Pisces). This square might bring emotions up, and as it does, your ability to communicate and prioritize your values comes into deep communion with our most tender emotional states. When words don’t cut it, cry, dance, and move through it. If you need some inspiration, here’s a Spotify playlist I’ve been listening to lately by John Hopkins. It’s divine, and perfect for meditation. Give it a listen here!

Jupiter, Pluto + Saturn

In addition, to Venus, Mercury, Neptune, doing their dance. We have a couple of other planets to consider when drawing conclusions on how to best use this new moon too.

Saturn, now retrograde at one degree of Aquarius, forms a trine to this new moon. This is a very helpful angle, that lends an auspicious influence to this new moon. Saturn says, “DO. THE. WORK.” And because of his position to this new moon, projects begun at this time do benefit from this trine in the element air. To review, the element of air represents creative thinking, expression, writing, ideas, thought leadership, and communication.

Jupiter and Pluto on the other hand, in close proximity to one another in the sign of Capricorn, form a quincunx, (aka, an inconjunct) to the North Node of Fate in Gemini. While the influence of this aspect may feel obscure, please note, we are all being asked to surrender what’s holding us back from stepping into our power. Long-held values that reflect the old way of doing things dissolve as new ways of being in the world evolve. We are in a period of transformation.

Your New Moon In Gemini Homework

Whip out your journal, listen to your favorite albums, or write some poetry to tap into the magic of this moon. With so much Mercurial energy in the air, messages from your intuition will be coming in left, right, and center! Your only job is to prepare yourself to receive it.

Get journaling. Putting a pen to paper is one of the most potent medicines for Gemini energy, and with so many planets currently influenced by this chatty sign, there shouldn’t be any shortage of words at your fingertips. And once you get it all out, let yourself release what needs to go.

Now over to you. What’s coming up for you this new moon? Are you looking forward to this Gemini season? It’s a new one for the books given that much of the world is still quarantined. Leave me a comment below.

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