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New Moon in Libra: Balance Is A Myth

new moon in libra

With the new moon in Libra occurring on October 8th at 11:46 pm ET at 15 degrees, the cosmos present us the opportunity to call forth a new version of balance, truth, and justice.

Reflecting on Equilibrium This Libra Season

If anyone was looking at my life from the outside in this year, they’d probably think I’ve been killing it. My business is thriving, my clients are crushing their goals, and I’ve brought dreams to fruition that I’ve worked toward manifesting for a long, long time.

But other parts of my life? I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard—mentally, physically, and emotionally.

All change requires some discomfort. I’ve been growing, expanding, and anchoring in my authentic True Self—in my life, but especially in my work. Going for great in my business has required other parts and pieces to tip out of balance. And you know what?

That’s okay.

Not only do I accept the experience of going out of balance, I honor it as part of the process of alignment—but not necessarily equilibrium.

Righting The Scales After A Massive Effort

People seem to have a lot to say about work-life balance, especially as life gets faster and the news cycle keeps moving at breakneck speed. There are a ton of articles on time management, more organization apps than any of us know what to do with, and self-development books on productivity and lifehacks sitting face-out in every bookstore. The idea they’re all selling is this mythical version of balance, where all areas of life thrive at the same time, with the same level of effort.

But in the cosmos and in life, that’s just not how it works. Success is a rhythm, not a race. There will always be times when your launch needs some extra TLC, or when a project requires your complete devotion. In order to fully embody the dream, you have to honor that urge to give it your all. Every damn day.

You’ll be knocked off balance and thrown off course. You’ll forget to make your morning smoothie or return those books you borrowed. Other parts of your life temporarily go on pause. But after you’ve done the work and found your edge, you’ll right the scales again through nourishment.

In truth, stress isn’t a bad thing. It’s lack of recovery from that period of persistence that can lead to illness and fatigue. Stress, in the right doses, expands our capacity. It just requires adequate rest and recovery too.

Just like the moon who waxes and wanes, ideally, our stress levels and efforts ideally would too.

It’s time we view stress as your body’s willingness to help carry out your greatness rather than something to fight against. Our energy is better served elsewhere.

New Moon in Libra: Truth and Justice in the Body

In astrology, Libra is known as the zodiac’s natural peacekeeper. A lot of people consider this to be the energy of level-headed logic and fairness at all costs, especially since one of this sign’s symbols is the scales. But we often forget that one scale represents Truth, and the other represents Justice. Only when they’re both present can there be peace.

The truth may require you to give one part of your life your undivided attention for a season. It may ask you to drop the bullshit and get real about who you want to be in the world. But Justice will then ask you to tip the scales back to equilibrium through soul-nourishing recovery.

(Political justice asks for a helluva a lot more—more on that in another post.)

Libra season is also the season of the harvest. I can say without a doubt that this season (this year!) has brought so many goals to fruition. I’m eternally humbled and grateful. I also recognize that I’ve put in the effort all year to make it happen, and now is the time to right the scales and begin to attune to flow as opposed to push.

How will you tip the scales back to equilibrium this Libra season? How will you nourish yourself after a season of stress so that you can bounce back stronger than before the hustle?

The New Moon in Libra: Journeying to Equilibrium

New moons naturally lend themselves to taking time and space for physical restoration and rejuvenation. Think about it, the sun and moon align at the same degree in the sky on a dark night inviting deep sleep, undisturbed connection to self, and the opportunity to tune in and set intentions for the upcoming cycle.

With Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, having stationed retrograde on October 5th, a position she’ll travel in until November 16th, this new moon brings a potent opportunity to acquaint the current cosmic curriculum. Over the next six weeks, Venus will descend into her darkness, transforming from her evening star position into her morningstar position. This significant change offers us an opportunity to embrace our shadow, and clearly see behaviors and patterns that hold us back. On top of that, tiny-but-mighty Pluto squares this new moon, and Mars, now officially free from his retrograde shadow, offers a helping hand this moon, activating aligned action.

Consider this…

What aspect of self and shadow are you welcoming into your life?

What are you judiciously welcoming into your life as part of your journey to equilibrium?

Then, craft your intentions. Given that this next lunar cycle is entirely shaded by Venus’ retrograde cycle, dig deep and formulate an intention that’s reflective of this incredible journey into the trenches of feminine power.

What does feminine power mean to you? What are you intending this new moon? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Diane Albano

    I am a Libra. ( October 17th) and love your focus on digging deep to design intention over the next few weeks!
    What has been holding me back from finishing writing my book, Being Nice Has No Voice, Coaching Strategies for Home and work Relationships ?
    I will embrace my shadow doubting side and dig deep to my soul to launch to leap and trust the magnificence and difference and impact for many women!

    • jracioppi

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment Diane, and happy birthday! May this year bring you everything you desire. I can’t wait to read your book. I love the title. Big hugs!

  • Jackie

    I love this outlook. It’s very refreshing. Thank you.

  • Bridget A Barsotti

    Hi Jenn, I love your writing and perspectives. My intention for this new moon is:
    Self hood. Show up for myself. Detox and let go negative habits. Commit to a real exercise practice- do yoga, dance, swim, sweat out the toxins. Strengthen my pelvic muscles and core. Heal and protect my lungs, my heart, gut, and my whole body while doing so.

    Build my business. Work hard and pay down my debts. Perform ceremonies with friends. Be creative and build community with powerful women. Be with people who care for all people, women, children, animals, the Earth and the future. Fox, shape-shifter, and Bee, pursuer of dreams.

    Thank you and as you said, may we all “…Get real about who we want to be in the world.”

  • Goga Brelih

    I always love to read your insights. They are so helpful. <3 Thank you! I feel the same about equilibrium as you have so beautifully put in words in your blog (balance is just a blink in time, a moment, but a powerful moment, Universal law, the ultimate comforting thought that at the end, everything balances out). I I feel this few days are taking me deep, deep down, demanding to really see what is not supporting me any more (especially in the relationship&business area) and what I have to accept and nourish in the future. Venus is my ruling planet (I'm Sun in Taurus and Ascending Libra) and I can literally feel her taking my hand and taking me deep… Thankfully New Moon is bringing some much needed light and optimism to embrace it all and set new, aligned intentions… Wishing you all the best! And please keep up the good work you do. 🙂

  • Rebekah

    Hi Jennifer! I love reading your Instagram posts. This is my first time reading your blog and I love it! My birthday was this week {10-2} thanks for the great insight🖤

  • Lorie

    Jennifer, this is what I love about you! We are on the same wavelength in our processing of life and its experiences! I too look at balance as bringing the equilibrium back to my life seasonally. I am in a flow where I am creating what I desire by doing what I desire, and at the same time finding it hard to hold it all together. What I love about your articles is that you use the moon phases to remind me when and what to shift my intentions to, making it easier to accept what the Universe is putting in front of me. I will use this phase to make habit of the possitive new changes I have brought into my life, and to surface, feel and heal the shadows that tend to male it difficult. I know once I make these changes part of my Consciousness I can build upon them in other areas of my life. ATTAINABLE PROGRESS, NOT UNATTAINABLE PERFECTION! As always thank you for what you do!!!! 🙏Namaste!!❤❤❤

  • Nancy

    To me it means Amor Fati ☮️🌑

  • Susan Barton

    Met you today through Whole Woman w/Sarah Jenks, whom I met through Dragontree with Briana & Peter Borten…love, love, love. Coincidentally, my bd is 10/22…seems to be lots of Libra’s here currently! I am a newbie to feminine power, new moons…although I have enjoyed reading my horoscopes here-and-there throughout time. I feel my body drinking what you teach as though the ground was parched. Feels like truth to the soul. I thank the three business of you three ladies. “That”: women in their zone… does meld with me. As if molten lava helping shape the world in charcoal and fire…in the end creating mountains for lush greenery and valleys for rivers to flow. I feel my world expanding and hope to include you and Sarah in my beautiful, life illuminating, circle of sisters.

  • Janis

    Here we are again, 2019!
    Liking “Truth + Justice = Balance” formula and to that end, grateful for the Virgo season to put me on track with ritual and routines. In practicum, flexibility over rigidity adds to the flavorful equation, and I feel ready!

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