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New Moon in Libra: Luck is in the Stars

Luck is in the stars, and it’s coming your way. With the Sun and moon aligned at the same degree in Libra beside good luck and expansive Jupiter, the new moon happening on September 30th at 8:11 pm ET kicks off on a particularly strong note. The Sun and Jupiter aligning is often dubbed as […]


Luck is in the stars, and it’s coming your way. With the Sun and moon aligned at the same degree in Libra beside good luck and expansive Jupiter, the new moon happening on September 30th at 8:11 pm ET kicks off on a particularly strong note.

The Sun and Jupiter aligning is often dubbed as the “luckiest day of the year,” where big changes can happen, opportunities quickly open up, and long-held intentions finally come to fruition. Having a new moon happen during this alignment supports us all to kick off a new cycle of growth and prosperity as it relates to our relationships with ourselves and others.

As the feel-good, positive influence of Jupiter combines with the beauty and righteousness of Libra we can expect to accelerate at standing up for what we believe in, bonding deeply with a tight-knit community, adorning ourselves stylishly, indulging our creative talents, and stepping more fully into a sense of empathy for others. It will be a time of larger-than-life gains when it comes to building community, fighting for justice, service-driven missions, the arts, fashion, and our intimate relationships. The last time Jupiter traveled through Libra was September 24, 2004-October 25, 2005. Now Jupiter will be in Libra until October 10, 2017.

It’s interesting, as I write this, I notice that the word fighting came up twice. I stopped to check in with myself to see if that word really resonated as I describe peace-loving Libra. As I did, I remembered that Libra is a cardinal sign, meaning it initiates a season, and by doing so Libra embodies a steadfast temperament that commits to making things happen. Libras do know how to go after what they want and win. So yes, feminine Libra has a fierce capacity to stay the course of what it knows to be right, even in the face of stern opposition.

The good news about this new moon is that it signifies a massive turning point in 2016. So far this year we’ve contended with massive retrograde activity. While every year has retrograde movement, this one felt more intense because of Mars, the planet of forward action, went retrograde. He doesn’t do this every year, so when it happens, we feel it.

On top of that, during parts of April and May we had five planets retrograde at the same time. Certainly, this didn’t produce the spring fever feeling we are so accustomed to that time of year. Rather it felt damn near impossible to get anything off the ground. Knowing this, I left the country and traveled in Bali alone. Retrograde activity is great for downshifting, taking it easy, introspection and massages, but I understand not all of us are so lucky to live our lives so in sync with the stars. So many of my clients, friends, and family hit their heads into walls, wondering why everything felt SO OFF!

Yet here we are, the end of September, finally ready to move forward. Mercury is clearing his shadow from his last retrograde cycle, and the eclipses are behind us! Now that our lives have become entirely rearranged by the cosmic clock, it’s time to forge forward. Hallelujah, this new moon boosts our ability to do just that. Fan-freaking-tastic. But there’s a caveat, the upcoming full moon in Aries happening on 15th/16th may not feel as auspicious, so take advantage now, and initiate your new beginning now.

Three Ways to Harness the Energy of Lucky Jupiter in Libra this new moon

  1. Connect with your higher calling.

    The luckiest new moon of the year marks a particularly auspicious time to align yourself with your bigger life purpose as it relates to your deepest calling. Both Jupiter and the Sun are in Libra, an air sign of style, relationship, service, and well-being. Take a few days to think: deep down, what is your purpose in life? What are you doing for the planet? How are you orienting your ego with your greater surroundings? Now is your opportunity to form a stronger alignment between your personal aspirations and what you are meant to offer this world. Achieve a more holistic sense of self by honoring your higher calling as well as your place and duty to society.
  1. Invest in your work.

    The new moon in Libra brings very productive energy, so dive into your work and get things done. The luck of the season will open up an opportunity and let things finally fall into place, so don’t be surprised that you are making gains in your work. Use this success to propel further and achieve more. And even better—this work will feel good, as long as you stay aligned with your purpose and the reason for your labor. While Libra is productive, it also emphasizes equanimity and sustainability. Use this time remain in the zone with what you’re doing, but know that maintaining a healthy life balance will ensure you harvest the best fruits of your labor.
  1. Don’t be afraid to go big.

    The industry and responsibility of Libra pair well with Jupiter’s “go big” influence. The giant planet will encourage you to go for things that are bigger than you and more than you—especially if they’re justice driven. Focus outside of yourself with a sense of devotion, and the significant achievements and breakthroughs will come. With Jupiter entering Libra, we are poised to make great gains in our relationships and to contribute to our true authenticity in a feel-good way. As one of the luckiest new moons of the year, this is the perfect time to kick off on a deep dive into your soul’s purpose, for that will set you up for further success.

Harness the lucky energy and make it happen.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you been feeling the luck? Or do things still feel erratic for you? Uranus and Eris conjoined the same day that Jupiter met up with the Sun— causing things to feel tense too. How is this transit playing out in your life? Leave me a comment below!

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