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New Moon in Pisces: Unlock Your Healing Magic

Unlock your healing magic with the new moon in Pisces, happening on March 13th at 5:32 am Eastern. This 23° new moon occurs with Venus, the planet of love, in exact conjunction with Neptune, the planet of dreams, both in Pisces. This hypnotic blend of spiritual and emotional prowess creates the perfect time to connect deeply with your heart’s longings and begin to conjure your dreams.

Neptune is Pisces’s ruler, and his proximity to Venus, the sun, and the moon creates an epic opportunity to hear the voice of intuition and follow its evolving direction. It’s a fortunate new moon, and it invites us all to mobilize our imagination, open up our hearts, and dream a new dream. Honestly, it couldn’t come a minute sooner.

Pisces, a sign that’s about intuition, empathy, and compassion, holds healing magic—something we should all do our best to tap into now. In addition to Neptune and Venus amplifying this moon’s potential, Pluto in Capricorn forms a sextile to it, too, strengthening its potency even more. Pluto offers raw power, and his presence suggests that intentions set now stick.

What is Healing Magic, and How do We Unlock it?

Who doesn’t want to unlock their healing magic, especially after all we’ve been through collectively and individually since March of 2020?! Yet, given the immense amount of loss, grief, and change we’ve endured, it’s easy to forget that we have this capacity.

Our healing magic, in its quintessence, is creativity made manifest. Unlocking our healing magic begins with connecting to our needs. Intimately knowing our longings mobilizes us to reach for something better—our goals and soul-driven desires. Even the process of visualizing an intended outcome helps to conjure a new version of our reality consciously. Without a strong vision, we remain aimless.

As I wrote in Cosmic Health, magic is an act of creation aided by the forces of intention and will, and when we synchronize with nature’s cycles, it becomes amplified. Born of love and fueled by our imagination, it supports the ability to co-create a reality otherwise unattainable. Tapping into it requires listening to the voice within and honoring your soul’s nudges.

So, take some time this new moon and ponder what you need. Then, stretch beyond that and begin to think about what you want. Don’t stop there, though. Once you touch on what you want, go even further and see if you can conceptualize a reality that exceeds needs and desires. Stretch your imagination, if for nothing else, just as an exercise in dreaming.

To reiterate what I’ve already said—Pisces connects us to our dreams. But we have to meet this potential halfway. We have to actively participate by letting our minds wander and “seeing” what we can. We can aid this process by giving ourselves space and time to play.

Things like coloring, painting, collaging, listening to music, watching inspiring movies, meditating, doing a ritual, masturbating, taking a bath, and relaxing… (or ______ fill in the blank) help us even more. When we give ourselves the space to chill out and unwind, we create the opportunity for our muse to speak up. Courting the muse can feel like courting a lover. We need to woo it a bit. We need to call it in. We know it’s arrived when we have an easier time “imagining” what is yet to come.

Pisces + Your Feet

Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is a mutable water sign, and it correlates with endings. Coincidentally it rules the feet, too, the body’s end. The foot also holds the acupuncture points for every organ in the body. Like Pisces, our feet represent everything: the total of our body’s energetic pathways and they help us move forward into time and backward into space.

So, as we celebrate this new moon in Pisces, consider indulging the simple act of giving your feet some love with self-massage. You can do so by taking a lotion or body oil and spending some time nurturing your feet before going to bed. This simple act is one of profound power and can be very helpful if you are experiencing sadness. Aside from improving circulation, massaging your feet can support the quelling of grief by aiding emotional stability.

Pisces + Your Mental Health

Many of us, including myself, are fighting for our mental and emotional health. Recently, I’ve had to switch up my exercise routine to prioritize getting longer stretches of cardio earlier in the day. I moved my meditation practice to the evening hours to see if it would help me stabilize my energy, clarity, and focus during the daytime hours. It did, with the added win of helping me sleep better too. I realize I am lucky here. But I share this to encourage you to consider how you can make lifestyle shifts to support your mental well-being.

It’s hard to plan for what’s to come—even imagine what could be when we are suffering, especially from grief, sadness, anxiety, and unprocessed emotional pain. If you find yourself in the thick of the covid slump and unable to dream, imagine, or implement self-care of any kind, go easy. Anxiety (which adversely can be amplified during Neptune transits and Pisces seasons) requires soothing. Seeking essential comfort through rest, self-massage, staying mindful, finding a supportive person to talk with, journaling, limiting stimulants like caffeine and sugar, and gentle movement helps a lot! Don’t give up. If you are suffering from depression and/or anxiety, set an intention this new moon to find something that will support you moving through this healthily.

As we prepare for what’s around the corner—hello equinox, I see you—we get ready to welcome Aries season. When the sun moves into Aries on the 20th, we begin the astrological new year! Woooo. So, please take time now to prepare for what’s to come in less than a week. Give yourself the space you need to rest. Honor endings.

New Moon in Pisces Ritual: Closing Out the Astrological Year

You’ll need an hour to do this ritual, a journal, and a pen. It’s best done within 48-hours of the new moon.

To begin, you want to find a place where you can sit comfortably. Ideally, at an altar, but you can simply sit at your kitchen table or anywhere that you can be comfortable and alone if you haven’t set up an altar yet.

As you begin, take a moment to center yourself. If meditating is something that you regularly do and/or are familiar with, do so for five minutes. If not, take a few simple mindful breaths.

Once you feel centered, and connected to yourself, open up your journal, and answer the following questions:

*What’s my intuition guiding me to acknowledge?

*If I could bring any dream to fruition in my life right now, what would it be?

*What am I grieving? What can I do to be more fully present with this grief?

*How can I bring more joy into my life?

*What do I want to commit to this new moon?

Once you answer all of the questions, craft your intention for this new moon. Remember, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and it’s about bringing things to closure, to an ending. Next week the sun moves into Aries—use this intention as a bridge between the past and the present, and a set up for the astrological new year. This new moon is about preparing for what’s to come, by getting right with what’s already occurred.

Once your intention is set (meaning it’s written out), read it out loud four times.

The first time you read it, dedicate it to your breath (the element of air).

The second time you read it, dedicate it to your spirit (the element of fire).

The third time you read it, dedicate it to your blood (the element of water).

The fourth and final time you read it, dedicate it to your body (the element of earth).

When you complete, put both your hands on your heart and visualize your intention as though it’s happening now. Feel this vision being realized deep in your bones. Give gratitude and thanks.

If you want to learn more about how to unlock your healing magic, the power of rituals, and working with astrology as a path to your evolution, be sure to purchase Cosmic Health, which you can do here. Or, anywhere books are sold!

Now over to you, what’s coming up for you this new moon? Leave me a comment below!

All of my love,


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  • Marie

    All I can say….thank You
    I’ll have MY pen and pad out later

  • Giovanna

    Hi Jenn, this was such an informative article! And extremely helpful to understand this new moon and how to navigate it. I’ll be following all of this and passing it on to my kids who suffer from anxiety. We will all be massaging our feet tonight 😁What a gift you are. I’m so grateful I saw this today, before I do my ritual.Thank you! ❤️🙏🏻🥰🌙🌟♓️

  • Teresa

    Jenn, you truly are a gifted healer and I feel such appreciation for your enlightening and compassionate words! I bought your book and can’t wait to start soaking in all the wisdom. Thank you, from my heart to yours.
    In love & light,

  • Dorothy

    Dedicating our intentions to the elements, how beautiful!! So grateful for you and the wisdom and guidance you share.<3

  • Radhika

    Thank you, this is beautiful. I’m going to reflect on some new moon rituals we do in Spring in India (Amavasya) and combine them
    with your journal prompts. Looking forward to it.

  • Olivia Hoffmann

    Thinking about completing stress cycles and showing myself more compassion, softness.

  • Amy

    Did you mean At last? I got stuck on the first word, Alas! and couldn’t figure out what was so tragic about this beautiful moon. The rest of the post confirms this. Thanks for your insight and suggestions! I will do the writing! Lots of love!

    • jracioppi

      I was referring to the grief inherent in endings—but thanks for letting me know it didn’t translate—:)…

  • Lorie

    My life flows wit the direction of the cosmic energy whether I am aware of it or not. I really appreciate having your insight to consciously use the energies around me to deliberately consciously create what I want to experience. Thank you Jennifer!

  • Ava

    I love your logo! Is that new? So, so, so connecting to this! Appreciate the time you put into these blog posts! 💖 Question: how important do you think having an altar is and what do you recommend putting there? I’m just digging into the book. So grateful for your bravery and honesty and openness in sharing. Thank you!

  • Terry A Spradley

    I will start my writing and will trust and believe for my new change. Thank you!!!

  • Kit Wilson

    Thank you for a lovely New Moon in Pisces ♓️ ritual. Love your book !

  • Debra

    Thank yiu! Still working through your book and so appreciate these emails to keep on track. It brings the book to life and makes the experience so interactive. It was interesting as I wrote answers to the questions, my mind went one way but as I wrote the intention, I seemed more guided to focus on joy and increasing intuition, to finding my magic. Perhaps I need to start there before I can call in any new dreams. Happy (almost) new Year!

  • Laura May

    Living outside of needs/wants is so confirming. Tonight I found myself alone in it. And it was ok. Speaking truth and spreading hope, love, knowledge.

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