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New Moon in Sagittarius: Welcome to Our New Reality

Over the last lunar cycle, I led nearly 1300 hundred participants through the Moon Cycle Manifestation Challenge. We worked succinctly with the eight phases of the moon, towards the manifestation of one burn-your-gut-from-the-inside-out desire. With the Taurus supermoon that occurred on the 14th of the month, we had some serious lunar eye candy to sink […]


Over the last lunar cycle, I led nearly 1300 hundred participants through the Moon Cycle Manifestation Challenge. We worked succinctly with the eight phases of the moon, towards the manifestation of one burn-your-gut-from-the-inside-out desire. With the Taurus supermoon that occurred on the 14th of the month, we had some serious lunar eye candy to sink our moon-loving selves into.

Gosh, that moon was gorgeous. I hope you enjoyed it, too.

Yet this intense full moon followed an incredibly tumultuous election, amplifying already strong emotions. Regardless of where your political allegiance lies, this election brought things up. And, to make things even more interesting, Neptune, the planet that rules the ocean, our emotions, and our dreams, stationed direct on the 20th. This added, even more, strength to an unwieldy uprising of sensations relating to the political transitions we here in the USA face.

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that I supported Her, and this loss deeply impacted me.

(While I understand that many of you who read my blog won’t agree with my political leanings, I feel my transparency with you aids our relationship. Thank you for reading, and welcoming me into your life.)

True to the Scorpio spirit, much of November represented deep, emotional transformation. I know for certain that I am not the same woman today compared to last new moon.

Yet, isn’t that the point of life? To constantly grow? To constantly learn new dimensions of who we are and push the boundaries of what we think is possible? While I certainly could do without a Trump presidency, this lunar cycle set ablaze my passion for equality, human rights, and activism.

I wonder how the election impacted you?

As I grieved the ashes of the election, I witnessed advice on how to handle the election. Obviously, all of it came from a super genuine place.

Yet, for me, very little of it resonated. My emotions felt dramatic and big, not petite and restrained. I didn’t care about being politically correct or placating. I wasn’t absent, nor did I desire to turn a blind eye. I couldn’t just turn off the news; rather, I felt compelled to devour it. I didn’t feel moral superiority, a sense of calm, or even hope.

Rather, I felt indignation.

Look, I get it. Trump represents change, and I respect the democratic process to allow that voice to rise through the ranks as it has. The system is broken, and I too want change. However, while I understand many who supported Trump support his policies and not his character, I also saw the rise of the white supremacy movement occur in sync with this victory, and I can’t say I liked it.

As a woman who experienced quite a bit of sexual violence in my life, some of my core wounds came rising to the surface to boot.

I wholeheartedly support multiculturalism. As a matter of fact, as I move forward with the process of adopting a child, God willing, I will likely welcome a child of color into my home. I have no interest in living in a white America, let alone going through the process of watching hate crimes rise as the alt-right becomes empowered. The fact that this happened with increasing tension and violence at Standing Rock inflamed this vulnerable and emotional time even more. I had a massive wake-up call smack me across my head.

The Scorpio season brought many secrets out into the open. And shame on me for not realizing all of this was brewing beneath the surface.

Through this process, I came to stare some tough truths straight in the eye. I saw my personal ignorance, denial, and blinders melt into a new understanding of reality. I allowed myself plenty of space to cry. I got in touch with my deepest core values. I spent the whole weekend integrating into this new reality.

Thankfully, I feel centered. And as my team and I discussed at an all-day planning session very recently, my message of resilience seems more important now than ever before.

Now, I know some of you reading this blog post wholeheartedly agree with me, while many of you are considering hitting the unsubscribe button right now. Perhaps you’re even thinking the last thing you need to hear is another whiny liberal New Yorker hash out her grief over “crooked” Hillary losing. Those of you who don’t care about politics may be thinking; Lady, can you just get on with the details about this moon—enough about the election!

Yet, I bring this up because as we look at astrology for the year ahead, we have to look at how this political cycle will impact our collective growth. Unfortunately, it’s all connected. I can’t divorce politics from the stars—because as humans our choices impact our evolution, and our political divide does impact our collective destiny.

And for the record, regardless of who you did or didn’t vote for, I respect your choice! As a matter of fact, if you feel differently than me, I’d love to hear your opinion…Please leave me a comment and help me understand your perspective!

The New Moon in Sagittarius

After so much intense emotion, finally, we have the Sagittarius new moon. (The new moon occurs on the 29th at 7:18 AM ET.) Sagittarius, much different than Scorpio, represents hope. It’s our truth. It’s our personal philosophy, and believe it or not, it’s our politics, too. This new moon couldn’t come at a more welcome time, because honestly folks, it’s time to integrate, reinvigorate, and restructure how we relate to our vision, our hope, our values, and our future.

This new moon occurs at seven degrees of the sign of the Archer, amplifying our need to speak our truth and profess our visions while we connect with our values.

If last month brought us through the muck of darkness, this month offers us the uplift of light.

With Saturn at 17 degrees Sag, restructuring our dreams, visions, and yes, politics, the Sun will soon meet with Saturn, bringing a deep sense of gravity to our identity. (This happens on the 10th.) As the month moves on, Saturn moves into a beautiful trine (a positive angle) with Uranus, the planet of change. Meaning that as this year closes out, a year that has challenged so many, it does so with zany astrological influences setting our unique qualities ablaze.

I encourage you to use this new moon to get in touch with who you are, right now. Not who you were four weeks ago. When Neptune stationed direct, it turned the page to a new chapter in our lives. We are in brand new territory. We are in a brand new reality. We need to re-situate ourselves, reconnect with our truth, and rediscover our intentions.

As I reflect on the last month of my life, I see that the Scorpio Sun cycle reminded me of my deepest truth: that at my core, I am an activist, and a little indignation sometimes catalyzes action that I’d otherwise resist. I found clarity in accepting all of me, and tremendous humility as I confronted my own ignorance, fragility, and childish desires. Now that the Sun and Moon meet up in Sagittarius, I am ready to set new intentions with this awareness so I can grow into my resilience, and truth, even more.

How about you? What did you discover about yourself this month? What are you integrating into your identity this lunar cycle? How are you growing? What are you claiming?

And to those of you who just completed the lunar cycle manifestation challenge with me, great job! I will be in touch with you very soon, but for now, take the wisdom you cultivated during the last eight phases of the moon and set your new intention in light of your most recent self-realizations.

I send you all my love.

Stay strong,


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