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New Moon in Scorpio: Embrace Magic + Grit

As the Sun wraps up its journey through the deep waters of Scorpio, we approach the new moon in the same sign. Scorpio, a tenacious sign known for its devotion to authenticity, asks us to embrace the Phoenix within and rise from the ashes. To welcome the transformation of our lives and shed the shame […]

As the Sun wraps up its journey through the deep waters of Scorpio, we approach the new moon in the same sign. Scorpio, a tenacious sign known for its devotion to authenticity, asks us to embrace the Phoenix within and rise from the ashes. To welcome the transformation of our lives and shed the shame that holds us back. To firmly assert and claim our intended desires without giving up. To call upon the magic of the universe and solicit the required support needed manifest our desires. A Scorpio new moon also presents a potent time to call forth the powers of grit.

Scorpio, after all, represents one of the most persistent signs of the zodiac. As a fixed water sign, it doesn’t give up easily (if at all). And nor should we. According to Angela Duckworth, grit is a combination of passion and perseverance that over time predicts success.

Consider this:

  • How sincerely do you want what you say you want?
  • Why do you want it?
  • How committed are you to obtaining your goals, despite the setbacks and challenges you face along the way?
  • What are ways you can increase your tenacity, drive, and determination?

A Time For Growth And Magic

Aside from not giving up, Scorpio represents a connection to power that fuels creation. Call it esoteric mojo. A fierce devotion to an intended outcome. A conscious connection to the other side. It’s potent. It’s real. It’s available. Especially now.

Earlier this week Venus, the planet of love and beauty conjoined Jupiter the planet of good luck, good fortune, and expansion. These two benefic planets in the sky together contribute a potential for growth. Venus makes a luscious connection to Neptune, too, adding to the spirit of magic.

New moons offer a potent time to claim our desires and manifest our intentions. When the Sun and Moon align at the same degree in the sky, as they do at the time of a new moon, an energetic portal opens into a field of potentiality that uplifts our desires and helps move them from an idea into reality. We can support this opportunity by formulating clear, to-the-point intentions that align with our truth.

Get Ready To Embrace New Moon Magic!

With the second-to-last new moon of 2017 upon us, happening at 26 degrees of Scorpio on November 18th at 6:26 am ET, now’s the time to activate transformation in your life. However, right after the new moon occurs, the moon goes void of course. Void of course, post-new moon moment, translates into a time when it’s best to sit still, meditate, and connect to your intuition through mindfulness and silence.

A new moon in Scorpio represents one of the most viable new moons of the year (even though this particular new moon happens at a very late degree of the sign). To leverage the potential of this auspicious new moon, wait until the after the moon is no longer void of course to set your intentions.

The moon enters Sagittarius at 1:58 pm ET on the 18th, providing the ideal conditions to begin initiations and conjurings on behalf of your goals.

Are you excited? I am!

Expect Emotional Intensity And Channel It Wisely

This late degree new moon asks you to look at where you are holding back your truth and healing so you can turn the page. While the Sun travels the late degrees of Scorpio, emotions may rise to the surface that needs cleansing. If so, let them. During this particular new moon, the universe leans heavily towards water—with four planets in Scorpio, and six in water altogether—we can expect a considerable amount of emotional intensity. Channel this wisely.

Simultaneously, it’s important to note that there is minimal emphasis on earth and air in the sky at this time, further exacerbating a lack of balance. The one planet in air, Mars, currently traveling in Libra, squares Pluto in Capricorn, the only planet in Earth. And both these planets co-rule Scorpio.

Mars square Pluto ain’t an easy combo—at all—especially during a Scorpio new moon.

This new moon requires getting grounded in your body. Connected to your breath. In touch with your truth.

Six Ways To Get In Touch With Your Power This New Moon In Scorpio:

  1. Get witchy with it.

    Create the conditions for success by building an altar. Find a place in your home or environment to connect with your ability to source power from within. Find a table or place on the floor and set it up consciously by honoring all four elements; earth, air, fire, and water. Place objects on your altar or altar cloth (a.k.a. a blanket, scarf or tablecloth that you use ceremoniously) that are special and meaningful to you. These objects should help you feel a direct connection to the divine. During the Void of Course hours—between the new moon at 6:26 am ET and the Moon in Sagittarius at 1:58 pm ET, carve out time to sit still and connect to your inner voice. You can do so while sitting at your altar. Spend time considering what it is you most want to conjure and create in your life.

  2. Start your ceremony once the moon enters Sagittarius.

    Make a clear connection to the divine (however this feels comfortable for you), and then set clear, concise, soul-driven intentions. Write them out. Say them out loud three times. There’s power in the number three. Solicit support and guidance.

  3. Give thanks!

    Say thank you. Thank yourself, your guides, angels and the Divine for supporting you, and consciously close your ceremony with heartfelt gratitude.

  4. Focus on grit, not perfection.

    Commit to your passion and perseverance. In what ways you can leverage your strengths? How can you add more tenacity into how you go about making your dreams a reality?

  5. Take care of your body.

    With little earth and air in the sky, it’s essential to exercise mindfully. Connecting with your breath and body medicinally supports you this new moon. Take a mindful walk. Do a yin yoga practice. Put on music and consciously move your body. You get the picture. Move mindfully and breathe slowly and deeply!

  6. Commit to taking action.

    What can you do to call your intention into existence? What do you need to do to tangibly create your desired outcome? Make a list and add dates. Create an action plan.

While I firmly believe in the powers of manifestation, I don’t believe in (or even strive for) perfection. Instead, I remain committed to building a resilient life; a life that can weather the storm without getting blown off course, a life that can sustain itself despite the challenges of living on a steep growth trajectory. I strive to live an authentic, gritty, and satisfied existence; a life full of wonder, awe, and excitement—despite the challenges, conflicts and the cognitive dissonance associated with modern times. Keep a fluid approach and see what happens in the days following this new moon.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What are you creating this new moon?! Leave me a comment below.

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