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New Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter in Sagittarius + More

With the new moon in Scorpio here, a sign that ignites our ability to become the sorcerer of own lives now’s the time to embrace the sheer power of desire. This new moon offers sincere potential. At 11:01 am ET on November 7th, the sun and moon conjoin at 15 degrees of Scorpio, making a […]

new moon in scorpio

With the new moon in Scorpio here, a sign that ignites our ability to become the sorcerer of own lives now’s the time to embrace the sheer power of desire.

This new moon offers sincere potential.

At 11:01 am ET on November 7th, the sun and moon conjoin at 15 degrees of Scorpio, making a luscious trine to Neptune. Neptune represents our dreams. In this water trine (Scorpio is a water sign, and Neptune currently travels in Pisces, also a water sign) the power of our emotion animates our potential. Further, Pluto—one of Scorpio’s rulers—sextiles (meaning he makes a helpful connection to) the new moon and Neptune! Meanwhile, retrograde Venus trines Mars—Scorpio’s other ruler—amplifying a relationship of mobility and progress.

Turn On Your Want Power!

One of the biggest lessons of my life, one I learned through deep desperation and the most profound sense of curiosity, remains the impact of “want power.”

Want power, or desire on steroids, occurs when we find ourselves so aligned with something we want to bring to fruition that we cancel out any opportunity to fail, and commit to doing whatever is necessary to bring our dream to fruition.

Want power, in essence, is extremely Scorpio. It’s the ability to commit so fully to an intended outcome that magic leaves the land of abstract, and instead becomes extraordinarily tangible.

How to Make “Want Power” Work for You

I know, this concept of want power might sound abstract, so let me give you an example of how I used it in my own life.

After college, a burning, almost painful desire to travel around the world engulfed my body, possessing my spirit in a way I couldn’t shrug off. My soul wanted nothing more than to take off on a one-way ticket, with next to no plans, and circumnavigate the globe. My tangible reality—one of few financial resources—did not represent a world where globetrotting felt like a real option.

Yet, I had immersed myself deeply in the study of metaphysics for years. Figuring out how to navigate a post-cancer, menopausal existence, on a shoestring budget taught me the power of grit and resilience. Since my desire to travel felt way more significant than the fear associated with the risk of failure, I went for it… even if that meant sleeping outside for a night or two (which ended up happening on two occasions).

Have you ever wanted something so badly you’d risk anything to make it happen?

When I was planning my trip, my lack of funds was just one of the many reasons for me not to go. At the time, I was in a relationship with my then-boyfriend, now-husband. Since my vision was to go it alone, it meant I had to trust him and our connection. If he and I were meant to be together, our commitment would prevail, despite being away from one another. I decided to abandon all caution, surrender what I couldn’t control, and fully use my power of intention to make the rest a reality.

I sublet my apartment for a month and slept in a friend’s oversized closet to save extra money while I worked three jobs (two waitress jobs in addition to my day job as a non-profit arts administrator). To be honest, I had so many jobs at one point I had to keep them a secret, just so my employers didn’t doubt my ability to succeed. (Keeping a secret is also very Scorpio, too!)

I forged ahead with my plans and learned that when I stepped up to the plate and took action on my goal, despite the seeming impossibility of it, the universe met me halfway.

For example, three weeks before my departure, I was offered a month-long, paid job in Tuscany where I’d live and eat for free. Then, on the first one-way leg of my journey from New York to Dublin, my flight was overbooked. I got bumped off the flight and earned a $400 travel voucher. I then used the travel voucher to fly from Taiwan to San Francisco at the end of my trip. While I was traveling, my boyfriend took two week’s vacation to meet me in Barcelona, where we rented a villa and had fourteen blissful days of peak summer romance.

Now, as I mentioned, I did end up sleeping outside a couple of nights on that journey, and you know what? One night was in Rome on the same night Italy won the World Cup. And the other was in Bilbao, Spain. After a girlfriend and I lost our friends, we ended up sleeping on the beach without our camping gear at the Bay of Biscay. It was a cold, sandy night… and truly one of the most amazing of my life! Two precious experiences I’ll never forget.

My trip around the world—one of the most empowering things I have ever done and worth every risk I took to make it happen—pushed me to live from imagination, resilience, and grit, and NOT the limits of my mind. I learned the key ingredient to making your intention a reality is “want power.” In other words, the more a goal means to you—the more you want it—the more capable you will be of making it happen.

Intention is our ability to commit to an outcome even when there’s no evidence that it’s possible. It’s our ability to aim for exactly what we want and hit the bullseye, no matter what obstacles stand in our way.

Take A Leap: How The Cosmos Support Your Courage

Truth: Despite having so much evidence in my own life that I can make the impossible possible, I have tempered this drive. I won’t deny it. With so much tumult in the world over the last couple of years, I felt down. Like, really down. The state of the world has pushed me into moments of despair. Between shocking climate change reports, threats to peace, and mass injustice for marginalized communities being brought to light, it sometimes feels as though my new moon rituals, crystals, and belief in metaphysical principles may never amount to making massive shifts to out-of-date systems and structures.

Couple this with a string of disappointments in my attempt to adopt a child, intense health and marriage challenges, I felt the need to take a more brass-tacks approach to change. This includes political action, the hard work of therapy, and anti-racism training (of which I am really just beginning, in all earnest). I commit to dismantling my own privilege and broadening my perspective. I commit to understanding that what works for me as a white woman generally doesn’t work for BIPOC, simply because we live in a system that doesn’t offer an even playing field for all. Important, and humbling, realizations.

And yet, through this hard work of looking within, addressing things exactly as they are, and challenging myself to do the work, I haven’t lost my belief in the cosmos, magic, and the development of personal power. I just needed to open my eyes a bit wider and wrap my brain around topics from a more complex perspective. I am so incredibly glad I did. While horrific and painful, I grew in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

Jupiter Moves Into The Sign of The Bold And Brave

Thankfully, other transits support today’s new moon, which calls us to embrace our inner sorcerer to create change. These transits help us move into a season of alignment (maybe even abundance, too).

On November 8th, Jupiter—the planet of expansion and good fortune—moves into Sagittarius. It’s a welcome return home for Jupiter. After all, he’s in his dignity here after a long and intense year in the sign of secrets and transformation. (Think back to the unraveling of Harvey Weinstein back in October 2017 which was Jupiter at work in Scorpio.) The good news is this cycle should be way less intense! Sagittarius is all about hosting its ruling planet once again. And here, Jupiter will spend the next year expanding the Sagittarian qualities of optimism and enthusiasm.

It’s about time for a little lightness around here!

But with that upbeat vibe comes a responsibility to uncover and align with our highest Truth. Sagittarius is also the sign of the truth-teller and bold, sweeping action. With Jupiter’s placement here for the next thirteen months, we’re asked to align with our truth and then go after it without fear. Jupiter will support us on this journey as we go after what brings us full-bodied joy.

Venus Rises As The Warrior Goddess

Also, this past week, Venus—the planet of relationships and values—rose again. She spent a portion of her current retrograde cycle underground and out of sight. She ushers us to reconsider what we genuinely value about ourselves and the planet. Now that she’s risen again, this time as her morningstar warrior goddess self, she’s all-in in this battle for open-hearted justice (and just in time for the midterm elections in the US, thank goodness).

As Venus continues her backspin through equality-seeking Libra, the cosmos sends us a not-so-gentle reminder to work up our courage. Not only for ourselves, but also for the greater good of all. Venus supports this mission through aligning with what we truly value and using that deep-seated love to find our nerve and protect our values with everything we’ve got.

Mercury Goes Retrograde To Seal The Deal

To top it all off, communicator Mercury goes retrograde on November 16th (the same day Venus goes direct, in fact). While Mercury retrograde is known for its tendency to wreak havoc on travel plans and technology, this retrograde period will push us to reexamine how we communicate, especially where our personal truth is concerned. Mercury first backspins through Sagittarius and finishes his retrograde in Scorpio. During this time, use what you’ve learned from Venus’ underground period to make sure the way you interact with others and your environment is truly aligned with your grand vision. When Mercury finally goes direct on December 6th, you’ll have a crystal clear vision of where you’re going and how you can communicate your truest self to the world.

There’s a lot going on in the cosmos, love. But it’s all happening to help you step into your most authentic self.

Let’s do this together.

Let’s leverage the power of Jupiter changing signs and Mercury’s final retrograde cycle of 2018. Let’s become fiercely connected to our most intimate personal values and needs. Sign up for my 28-day Moon Embodiment Challenge to get started.  You don’t want to miss this!

Let’s continue to have rich conversations about how to make changes in the world without compromising our spiritual or political sensibilities.

Now, tell me: What goals do you really, truly at the core of yourself want to achieve? How can you start to take small steps to make it happen – regardless of your current circumstances?

Feel free to share your dreams with us in the comment section below. And be sure to keep us updated on your progress as you start to achieve your heart’s desires!

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