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New Moon in Taurus 2020: Taking Back Our Connection With The Earth

The lessons of the new moon in Taurus are coming in strong. With quarantining still very much in effect in New York, like many of you, I’ve had some extra time on my hands. Recently, I went through my closet and found so many old notebooks and journals, each one full of notes from classes […]

new moon in taurus 2020
Altar Ideas: Spellbook, calendula, rose flowers, reiki crystals, and candles on a wooden table.

The lessons of the new moon in Taurus are coming in strong. With quarantining still very much in effect in New York, like many of you, I’ve had some extra time on my hands. Recently, I went through my closet and found so many old notebooks and journals, each one full of notes from classes I’ve taken over the past decade. When I was finished there, I swept through my bathroom and went through each of my products. Without realizing it, I had collected a stash of great products, a lot of them unopened. I brought it all out so I could finally use what I already had in my cabinets, and donate what I knew I’d never use.

As I went through my notebooks and journals, I was reminded of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned (a humbling experience). I have also reminded myself of the power of re-reading and old books and notes. To study, again, what I’ve already studied, and take it in for a second time.

As I’ve mentioned before, coming into 2020, I was going through a really hard time personally and armed with planetary knowledge that indicated that harder times were coming astrologically. These notes were a concrete reminder that I already have all I need within me. We all have a tendency to forget what we’ve already done, how far we’ve come.

New Moon In Taurus: Abundance isn’t what we can do next; it’s absorbing the lessons of where we’ve already been.

In a nutshell, this is the lesson of this new moon in Taurus. Happening on April 22 at 10:25 pm ET at 3 degrees in the sign of the bull, this moon presents us with a potent opportunity to open our eyes to the abundance already present around us, and discard the excess we no longer need. Since the sun and moon conjoin so close to Uranus, this new moon invites in brand new thinking. However, given its square to Saturn, it falls against the backdrop of conservation.

The Taurus archetype is all about embodiment and abundance—but not the kind of hustle-culture abundance we’ve been led to believe we need to be happy. I’m talking about the kind of abundance that comes from truly tuning into our senses. Think: warm soil in our hands, fresh produce, open windows, and the scent of spring rain. In other words, it beckons a love for the slow and sensual connection to the earth and all the delights she provides. How apropos that this new moon also falls on Earth Day

As stated above, this new moon is conjoined at three degrees with  Uranus in Taurus who is at 6 degrees, and as we’ve seen since this revolutionary planet shifted into this steadfast, Earth-loving sign, the way we treat our home planet is definitely up for review. From the way we grow crops to the ongoing climate crisis, these next 6 years as Uranus travels in Taurus are pivotal for us all. 

New Moon In Taurus & Saturn In Aquarius: Do More With Less

Further adding to the theme of renaturing, disciplinarian Saturn is in Aquarius, making a tough square to this new moon. As we see with all the restrictions we’re dealing with COVID-19 and this great pause, Saturn asks us to do more with less. Times are tough. We have to use all of our resources, especially as the effects of this pandemic seep into our food supply chain. Rely on your local grocery store as needed, but also take back your power around how you connect with the Earth. Not only will you have nourishing, organic food to sustain you, but you’ll feel good creating it all on your own. Even if you’re in a city apartment, try tucking a few potted plants onto your bookshelves to bring life to your space. 

On the topic of the environment, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some positive indicators for our circumstances. I recently watched an interview with Chris Hayes and David Wallace-Wells. It was the most compelling interview I’ve seen yet during this crisis. I loved it because it pointed out the amazing ways the world has changed on a dime to protect each other from the ills of the pandemic. 

David Wallace-Wells, the deputy editor at New York Magazine, built a beautiful case of how this indicates what we can do to mitigate the growing threat of climate change. He says that if we can make these big changes now to protect one another, and our hospitals, from the perils of COVID, we can also do the same to protect our planet from the challenges of climate change too. For me, this is one of the first real glimpses of possibilities I see coming out of this disaster! If you are up for it, I recommend checking out the video here. (Heads up, this editorial content critiques Donald Trump’s response to the COVID crisis, which I know will upset some of the readers of this blog.)

Positive Psychology: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Initiate Change

To look at what’s going right, right now, is a positive psychology tool. It stems from a framework that those who work in the field of positive psychology refer to as appreciative inquiry. Appreciative inquiry is the act of understanding our strengths as a foundation for creating change. Typically in the face of a challenge we “what’s going wrong, and how can we mitigate more damage?” When we apply appreciative inquiry (or AI for short), on the other hand to our challenges we ask, “what’s going right and we can we leverage that towards a solution?”

When we apply that to the current crisis, we see how we can take bold action in the face of danger. We have seen that as the world quickly mobilized to mitigate and contain the spread of COVID-19. This is actually supremely heartening.

Applying Appreciative Inquiry to This New Moon.

What if your isolation was the container for your own rebirth? Uranus’ position this new moon suggests radical transformation and breakthrough, but Saturn square to the new moon suggests is boundaries, isolation, and distance.

On top of that, Eris (representing righteous feminine anger) and the planet of communication, Mercury, are conjunct. This aspect indicates strong feelings seeking expression. Plus, we’re still contending with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction I’ve been talking about for a while now… AND, Venus (the ruler of this new moon, since Taurus is ruled by Venus) is in her retrograde shadow.⁠ (Venus stations retrograde on May 13th and won’t go direct until June 25th.)

Okay, here’s the thing, loves… we’re quickly approaching a time where we’re going to be diving deep (like DEEP DEEP) into our values. Venus in Gemini is all about communication, networking, and versatility. And, in all honesty, if Saturn wasn’t squaring all of this, it would be a prime time to get out, network, overthrowing old ideas, and start fresh. There would be breakups, new loves, and coming together.⁠

… But literally none of that is happening. Saturn, in the midst of a pandemic that has all but completely shut down our outside world, is asking for intimacy with life as it is. There’s no escape. There’s nothing going on right now, we’re up against a wall, yet so many transits here are asking for us to alchemize this.⁠

With all of the elements represented during this new moon, we’re being offered an opportunity to take the lessons that we’re learning through self-isolation and this portal we’re passing through, and find freedom. During a time that is laced with so much grief and deep mourning, we’re being asked to disrupt the norms and liberate each other.

To find liberation, I am suggesting that in addition to looking at what’s going wrong, you also look at (and strategically leverage) your strengths too. How can you do more with what you are already doing?

Ask yourself this: what are your strengths, and how can you apply them to the changes you seek to make?

Make a list of all the ways you are showing up for yourself and your goals. If you’re struggling with your list now, think of ways you’ve done so in the past. Really zero in what’s vital.

What makes you feel strong? What’s relevant to where you wish to go in the future?

Want to take it another step forward? Consider how you can shift your own relationship to the Earth. After all, spring is here, and now is a great time to commune with nature. Spend time outdoors, of course, but also look at the raw abundance that’s being offered to you. If you have a yard, can you use it to create a garden or grow your own fresh vegetables? After all, Beltane is right around the corner. Now is the time to consider building an altar to honor the seasonal transition and connection to the earth. Put fresh flowers on it, a small bowl of earth, and water.

Now over to you. What strengths are you honoring this new moon in Taurus? What intention are you setting? Have a favorite Beltane ritual? Let me know in the comments!

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