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New Moon in Taurus: Let your Setback Be Your Comeback

Since posting my last blog post two weeks ago, my entire life did a 180. True to my post on reviewing things from the last 18 months, as I went backwards to go forwards, I discovered something that got lost in the shuffle. Something major. I encountered some game-changing information (oh, Scorpio) that altered every […]


Since posting my last blog post two weeks ago, my entire life did a 180.

True to my post on reviewing things from the last 18 months, as I went backwards to go forwards, I discovered something that got lost in the shuffle. Something major. I encountered some game-changing information (oh, Scorpio) that altered every single self-care practice I have.

Never underestimate a Scorpio full moon and its transformational powers. Or retrogrades. Yup, as we move through this retrograde season with five planets retrograde—Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter—we have to review our past in order to move forward. Do not miss this opportunity to evaluate and redirect your life based on the trajectory you’ve travelled over the last 18 months. It’s essential.

I will write more on the specifics of my particular life changing event in future. For now, I am digesting this information. Stay tuned.

The good news is this: today we have a GLORIOUS new moon in Taurus to work with. When I say glorious, I really do mean it. This new moon offers outrageous opportunity to make permanent changes in our lives, connect with our most authentic voice, and seed new beginnings for radical abundance.

Why? For starters it’s a Taurus New Moon. Taurus, a Venus-ruled earth sign, is known for fertile abundance. The Sun and the moon meet up at 16 degrees of Taurus at 3:29 pm ET, and when they do, they form what astrologers refer to as a grand trine in earth. A grand trine is simply a triangle happening in the sky between planets in the same element. Meaning three or more planets are in harmonious (120 degree) angles, in either earth, air, fire or water. When this happens, we have extra support, even ease on our side.

Let me explain this new moon in more depth: at the time of the new moon, the Sun, moon, Venus, and Mercury will all be in fertile Taurus. Simultaneously, good luck Jupiter is stationing in the sky (getting ready to end his retrograde cycle) at 13 degrees Virgo, trining the new moon. Further, Pluto, the planet that rules transformation, also retrograde will be at 17 degrees Capricorn also trining the new moon. Jupiter and Pluto also make a harmonious connection to each other. Thus the Grand Trine occurs.

To make it all the more sweeter, this new moon in Taurus happens right before we have a crazy awesome, stellar, astrological week. Starting on the 9th, things start to feel groovy, and all next week we have killer aspects to work with! Yeah, baby.

Here are some things to look forward to starting May 9th:

  • May 9th: Venus in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces. This glorious aspect helps us access our creativity and surrender even more deeply into love. (Self-love included!)
  • May 9th: The Sun in Taurus meets up directly with Mercury also in Taurus. This marks the turning point in Mercury retrograde. Even though Mercury stays retro until May 22, we can expect to really understand the depths of Mercury’s lesson for us this retrograde at this point, so be sure to tune in and listen. After this, we enter the denouement of this Mercury retrograde cycle.
  • May 9th: Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, abundance and expansion, goes direct after being retrograde since January 7th! (So exciting.)
  • May 10th: Prospering Jupiter in Virgo trines beautiful and luxurious Venus in Taurus, a sign she loves. This is a day to support your manifestations with generous attention and devotion.
  • May 12th: Mercury retrograde in Taurus trines powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn, who’s also retrograde. On this day, think long and hard about what you are setting your mind to. Words have power, so use them wisely. Choose what you really want.
  • May 13th: Venus in Taurus trines Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, offering us luxurious power. Not a bad day for self care treatments like a massage.
  • May 13th: Venus in Taurus meets up with Mercury, also in Taurus, at the exact same degree. This aspect just sweetens the pot. Be sure to think positive thoughts, and stay focused on the desired outcome you are creating.

All and all, to have a new moon as gorgeous as this one, and then a full week of truly supportive aspects while the sun travels through Taurus suggests one thing to me: it’s time to get serious about change.

Look, we are literally halfway between the equinox and the solstice in the fifth month of 2016. Meaning, we are just about halfway through the year. We’ve all been through it in the last 18 or so months, and we’ve all learned a tremendous amount.

And yet, I am sure even with time moving at the speed of light, you still feel like you are walking through glue when it comes to getting the results you desire in your life. Here’s a piece of insight and advice: this new moon offers the chance to leap frog out of the box. Even with so many planets retrograde, this new moon offers us the chance to make permanent changes in our life—for the better!

How to use this Taurus new moon to the very best of your ability:

  1. Get really clear on the intended outcome you wish to create. As Danielle LaPorte would ask, what feeling do you want to experience as the result of your intention? Get crystal clear how you want to feel in your life.
  2. Write it out. Take the time to spell your intended feelings out on paper. If writing takes some effort for you, here is a prompt to use: “If absolutely everything goes as well as possibly could with my intention for _________, my life will look, feel and be _____________?
  3. Read this out loud three times: there is magic in the number three.
  4. Make a list of action steps. Write a list of some concrete steps you can begin to take today that will align you with your intended outcome?
  5. Make a list of potential obstacles. Once you know the steps you need to take, identify what could potentially hold you back from moving forward with them.
  6. Develop workarounds for each specific obstacle. Say your goal is to make 1k more per month, and your action step is to raise your rates. Your obstacle might be your fear of losing clients. Your workaround might be, “I’ll add value to my services so I can raise rates without losing my client base.”
  7. Identify your highest leveraged priority and make a solid commitment to taking action on this particular step. Using the example of increasing revenue by 1k per month, a high-leveraged step could be to invest in support. That way you could have a mentor give you advice on how to add value to your services so it’s a win for your clients as well. From there, you can begin to seamlessly increase rates while keeping current clientele happy.
  8. Create an affirmation that conjures the feeling of having accomplished your action step. For instance: “My clients are thrilled to pay my increased price because my value to them exceeds their expectations, creating a ripple effect of extreme positivity in their lives!”

This new moon, and the week that follows it, offers tremendous opportunity to help your desired results become your reality.

Go for it.

As always, I’d love to hear from you… Please leave me a comment and let me know the desired outcome you are conjuring below!

Thank you so much for reading….

Big hugs,


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