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New Moon in Virgo—Pay Attention to the Details

Now I know, Virgo gets a bum wrap but I gotta say, I really love Virgo energy. (Did I mention my moon, Saturn, and north node are all in Virgo?) While Virgo energy may feel utterly nit picky and overly concerned with details at times, (yes, I know: details, details, details) Virgo brings with it an energy associated with keeping things pure. In a world where purity is hard to find, it’s important to honor the attributes of this perfection-oriented sign. I often affectionately refer to Virgo energy as the protector of purity since it’s all about understanding things at their core essence and striving to stay in integrity with them.

With that said, this new moon calls for us to look at our own lives to see where we want to put some attention to detail for ourselves. With summer coming to a close in the northern hemisphere, the playful Leo energy gives way to the “back to school” mentality, asking all of us to move into a more studious mindset.

The Virgo new moon calls us back to a deliberate mind that has its eye on the details.

This new moon won’t let us off the hook either. With Mars at the same exact degree as Saturn, we will all feel a twinge of caution in the air. The message here is to sloooowwww down and get super focused before making any rash decisions. Patience and reflection are called for, and you should ask deep questions before making choices to make sure you are fully aligned with what you are choosing. Becoming completely certain prior to proceeding is a great focus this new moon.

As with all new moons, today is a great day to set intentions because anything initiated between now and the next full moon will set the tone for what’s to come.

Here are some ideas about setting intentions in different areas of your life:

Health: Is it time to spruce up your health routine? Maybe this summer you knocked back a gluten-free beer or two, and its time to clean up the diet or do a gentle cleanse (nothing harsh or extreme please). Perhaps you let your workout regime slide a bit to have some fun this summer. No shame there, though if you’re ready to get back on track, today is a great day to recommit. This new moon is your time to do it.

Money: If money is your focus right now, given that Virgo is an earth sign, perhaps it’s time to set a budget for yourself, make a plan to pay off debt, or get a head start on year-end accounting. Setting goals around money bode well under this new moon.

Alone Time: I often call Virgo the loner of the zodiac. People with strong Virgo energy in their charts often crave alone time. Both my husband and myself have Virgo moons and we share a mutual need for alone time in our marriage (and no, despite Virgo implications, our home is not spotless). That said, maybe now is the time for you to set the intention for that solo trip to Spain or another exotic vacation. Perhaps it’s time to sign the lease for that studio apartment and live alone for the first time. Regardless, think about ways in which you would grow by allowing your self a bit more independence, and set an intention for yourself there.

Organization: Are you feeling disorganized in any area of your life, home, work, or otherwise? Set a strong intention to get organized and begin to take action today!

No matter what you are deciding to focus on this new moon, be certain to pick one area and then write your intentions out. Make sure you write them in first person and in an affirmative tone. Once they are written, read them aloud to yourself, maybe even in front of the mirror if that feels good to you. The goal is to read them enough so you can “feel” the desired feeling in your body.

Once you do, keep your intentions out so you can read them aloud daily until the full moon. And don’t forget the most important part: get into action around your desired outcome. The next two weeks are essential to the progress you desire.

As always, I send you my love!

Until next time,


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