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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Honoring the Cycle of Endings + Beginnings

new moon solar eclipse in pisces

Just like that, we are at the end of February of 2017. While it may feel like it’s just another month ending, it’s way more than that.

You see, February wraps up with a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces. While new moons and solar eclipses generally mark new beginnings, this one on February 26th at 9:58 AM ET also represents dramatic endings.

Why?! Well for starters the Sun and moon are both in Pisces, which represents the culmination of tremendous wisdom, knowledge, and knowing. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces helps us integrate the lessons of the entire astrological year preceding it, readying us for the burst of fresh air that accompanies the Sun moving into Aries.

In addition, Pisces also represents water and our deep emotional knowing. This time of transition can feel incredibly soft, tender, and even deeply sad.

And yet, beyond all of this, this new moon also packs a punch given its status as an eclipse.

Now before I get into the details of this specific eclipse, we must know that this is the last of four eclipses in Pisces (for now). This eclipse series, which started with a solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, has brought Pisces issues to the surface, asking us to get in touch with, and heal, anything that holds us back from understanding and integrating our intuitive voice. This includes: noticing where our addictive tendencies show up, looking at where we escape in life, and identifying when we tend to jump in to rescue others when it is really us that need our own rescuing.

In addition, these eclipses have elevated us to a place where we are less ruled by ego and more driven by spirit. Maybe even how we can invest more in our creative pursuits and the creative pursuits of others.

Yet, like me, I am sure you still have more work to do. So thankfully we have one more go with a solar eclipse in Pisces for radical breakthrough. Let’s dig in.

This intense new moon eclipse brings with it some of the most potent experiences of 2017. Not only is it an eclipse (eclipses lack predictability), but Mars and Uranus are also conjunct, meaning there may be a few unexpected surprises coming our way. Things may even feel volatile. Still, though, tune in and take time for sacred intention-setting. This new moon eclipse also happens close to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, bringing forth a deeply spiritual, mystical, and artistic impact.

Bring on the moon circle, crystals, and incense.

With the majority of the zodiac in both Pisces and Aries, we have a heavy mix of water and fire in the sky—and not much grounding earth or air.

Further, on March 4 Venus begins her retrograde journey in all earnest, asking us to evaluate our feminine pursuits to reconcile where we are and aren’t aligned with our most sacred values. This process brings shit up! So get ready to hold space for paradoxical feelings rising from within!

Your moon work, (should you choose)!

1. Ground your body.

Focusing on your body through exercise, nutrition, meditation and other disciplined practices bodes extremely well now!

2. Limit alcohol and sugar.

Pisces brings unfathomable tenacity to feel things completely, and it lacks boundaries, bringing the potential for too much of good thing. And even more innocently, with a Pisces vibe you can truly reach new depths in your spiritual practice — no need to co-mingle alcohol and sugar with it.

3. Make art.

Art might not come easy to you, but it’s extremely transformational and healing. Bust out a notebook and sketch if you can. In my own life, I am using this influence to rearrange furniture and get into home décor projects. Pisces loves all things visual, and you may too under this influence.

4. Listen to music.

Seriously. A lot of it. Like, for the next three weeks. Don’t stop. Listen to in your car. While working out. When you’re cooking. Discover new artists that light your fire, and revisit everything from classical to jazz and so on just to reinvigorate your sense of connection to sound.

5. Pet your animals.

Animal therapy, it’s a thing. And now more than ever our animals need us (and we need them!). Connect with your pet, or get a pet if you feel the call.

6. Walk by the ocean.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune! Need I say more? But seriously, if you can get to the ocean and walk beside her, it’s an astrologically timed healing.

7. Go backwards to go forwards.

This new moon is just about wrapping things up as it is about blasting forward. Review the previous eclipses in this sign: the solar eclipses on March 20, 2015 and March 9, 2016, and the lunar eclipse on September 16, 2016. What chapters are you wrapping up? Spend some time journaling to integrate your wisdom and own your growth.

8. Last but not least, celebrate the Pisces in your life.

You know they’re empathetic keepers of your heart. Express your gratitude to them. They have likely done so much to support you, and it’s important to say thank you!

Now I’d love to hear from you. What’s occurring for you, this Pisces new moon?! Are you feeling emotional? Perhaps in the midst of major change? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Julie Hector

    This all seems very relevant right now. I’m glad there is an ocean that I can walk by and that I can create art with my 4 year old son and the kids I work with at a preschool. Thank you!

    • jracioppi

      Thanks for this sweet comment, Julie! So lovely (and special) to see your voice here. I hope you had a nice walk on the beach with Andrew:) All of my love… Jenn

  • Erin

    Wow. Just wow. I am not only a Pisces but today is my birthday. I am mid life and have been rumbling with so many things this past year, year and a half. Your post today felt as if it was a personal message to me. I have recommitted myself to my creative side. I have been sketching, painting, quilting, baking, anything that allows me to play with color, fabric, texture. I constantly express my need for the visual aspects of my life. I have been actively looking at adding to our pet family. Music is huge in my life and my daughter asked me to create a long playlist to share with her today for my birthday. I have recently recommitted myself to a stronger yoga practice. And I just told my husband last night that I wanted to go back to the coast for our spring break like we did last year. Putting my toes in the sand is a must. I am ready to go inside, I am ready to open up to new paths, I am ready to create, I am ready to break it all open. Thank you for a beautiful post. It will be one that I revisit and reread to keep myself grounded.

    • jracioppi

      Happy Birthday! I hope your solar return truly nourished you. Yay for recommitting to your creative life. So powerful. Please let me know how this goes. I am sending you so much love. Big hugs, Jenn

  • Meagan

    Definitely feeling the emotions. Had my 25th birthday yesterday (THE NUMBERS WERE PERFECT)! Looking forward to opening myself up for change, and emptying my life of environmental and emotional waste.

    I love your posts!

    • jracioppi

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 25 is such a big year:) Please keep us posted on how things evolve for you. All of my love, Jenn

  • Seana

    Hi Jenn!

    So much has been coming up for me in terms of old patterns and ways of thinking in relationships. It’s been difficult and messy, but I’m feeling myself make progress as I acknowledge my own stuff and do my best to be honest with my partner about my needs, while also trying to honor his. This has been an emotional process – lot’s of tears flowing, which is atypical for me!

    Where I’ve felt much more stuck lately is in my relationships with my family – how to accept them for who they are, while rooting myself in my values and standing up for what I believe in. How to be vulnerable with them when it means acknowledging past hurt and failure to have needs met. And how to do all of this in a difficult social/political climate where tensions are higher than usual! It is here I want to focus my attentions this month – to try and soften with my family, listen better, and tolerate discomfort without fleeing or intellectualizing. I hope my Pisces moon sign, along with the Pisces new moon, can help me in this process!

    • jracioppi

      Seana, Thank you for sharing so vulnerably. Yes, opening up to deeper depths of honesty and compassion with our family can feel challenging– and yet, I totally see you rocking this. Your compassionate Pisces moon will support you. Please do keep us posted. And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your journey here. Namaste (and so much love),

  • Martine

    Thank you so much for the confirmation that I’m on the right path!!! Good thing that my dog loves to get pet!!!!

    • jracioppi

      Hi, Martine! Pet that dog:) Thank you so much for this sweet comment. I send you all of my love. Big hugs, Jenn

  • Rachel Camfield

    Thank you so much for this Jenn. I felt the need to completely slow down and stop this weekend – even taking my first “social media free weekend” to unplug and turn inward. I didn’t really know why, but now I have an idea. When I read about the last of the four eclipses in Pisces that began in March 2015, tears sprung to my eyes (yes on the emotions lately ;). In March of 2015 after signing up for B-School with Marie Forleo, I started my first blog while working full time and wondering, hoping, and wishing, I could change my life. I did change my life, and 2015 was one of the wildest and most intense rides around the sun for me of meeting key people, leaving my career, and opening the doors to my own businesses online. Makes total and complete sense now why I’ve been pulling back, really reflecting, and feeling super charged for the future. So glad I was introduced to you through a dear friend. Thank you again. Love always, Rachel

    • jracioppi

      Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for writing. Congratulations on taking a social media free weekend. It sounds like you are in a place of reflection and growth. Thank you for sharing this with us. We look forward to hearing where this new moon reflection takes you! All of my love, Jenn

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