Pisces Full SuperMoon: An Abundance of Magic - Jennifer Racioppi

Pisces Full SuperMoon: An Abundance of Magic

Do you believe in Magic? As summer quickly approaches her denouement (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) we prepare to transition seasons. From the season of bounty and play, we head into the season of harvest and work. In my life, I am fast at work with preparations for fall. I just spent seven full days […]

Do you believe in Magic?

As summer quickly approaches her denouement (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) we prepare to transition seasons. From the season of bounty and play, we head into the season of harvest and work.

In my life, I am fast at work with preparations for fall. I just spent seven full days studying with my yoga teachers at their home in Woodstock, New York, clearing through a whole heap of mental clutter and physical blocks in my body. (Nothing like a week completely immersed in a rigorous spiritual practice to unclog obstructions in the body and mind.) As I reemerge from a transformational time, I find myself buzzing on a spiritual high. I am reentering my life with a sharp focus on my recommitted personal values: living ethically and magically with excellent health, in devotion to being in service to others and the planet.

I want to underscore the word magic. In the go-go-go world of constantly being under the gun to get things done, it’s easy to forget that we live in an abundance of magic. For me, magic means living in harmony with the planet, the seasons, the cycles of nature, and doing so in a way that feels enchanted. Each day, each moment, full of possibility and wonder, offers us the opportunity for amazement–assuming we see it as such!

As August takes her bow, we close the month with a full supermoon in Pisces.

Pisces, a mutable water sign represented by the fish, swims deep. Since it’s the last sign of the zodiac, it serves the entire cosmos, making it complex and multifaceted. With an intrinsic mystical nature, Pisces represents our intuition, dreams, and spirituality. Pisces also implies artistic talents—particularly with music, poetry, and visual arts.

This full moon offers us a bounty of spiritual charm. Symbolizing oneness, a Pisces full supermoon should feel pretty magnanimous.

2015, a year of exceptional lunar activity, causes extraordinary things to seem ordinary. While supermoons are rare, the truth is this one isn’t atypical. This is the fourth supermoon of 2015, and we still have two more to go. In fact, this full supermoon directly relates to the new supermoon we had on March 20th. (I know, so much supermoon. Lol.) At that time, we had a massive solar eclipse on the Pisces new moon at the last degree of Pisces that rocked the worlds of many. This full moon represents the ripening of decisions made in February and March. (We actually had two Pisces new moons this year. The first one being February 18th.)

With the August 29th full moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) and exceptionally close to the earth, we can expect astonishing breakthroughs with emphasis on our spiritual, emotional, and intuitive development. Since the full moon opposes the Sun conjunct Jupiter (one of the luckiest aspects of the year) in Virgo— as women, we can anticipate the desire to rise in our lives. This sense of growing has to do with owning our inherent knowing, our intuition, our empathy and our magic.

Here are six ways to use this full moon to your highest advantage.

  1. Be on the look out for evidence of your psychic abilities. Yes, I said it, psychic. As women, we have strong intuitive senses. Under this full moon prepare to feel even more than intuitive than normal. Trust what comes up for you—even if it seems totally bizarre. I guarantee you know more than you think, and this full moon wants us to tap into our instinctual knowledge.
  2. Indulge music, poetry, and cinema. If you are anything like me, you are hard working and can forget the pure pleasure of indulging the arts on a daily basis. Honestly, though, feeding yourself creatively amplifies your capacity to not just work—but to do your very best work. (After all, who wants to slave away for mediocre results? I certainly don’t!) Take time tonight to listen to beautiful music, read some poetry or watch an inspiring film! Maybe even bust out your camera and take some beautiful pictures. If you are a musician or an artist yourself, use this full moon to your advantage. I promise inspiration abounds.
  3. Open yourself up for healing. This is a great time for a peaceful yoga class, a divine massage, and a deep meditation practice. Allow space in your calendar to indulge such. Remember, Venus is still retrograde, so we are all still working on healing our broken hearts and reconnecting to our most sincere values.
  4. With that in mind, if you are for it, get your romance on! This full moon promises the allure of love. If you have a lover, take the time to connect this weekend. If you’ve been squabbling through this Venus retrograde, maybe it’s time for make-up sex? If you are single or without a romantic partner, this full moon is good for letting go of blocks to attracting the love you want. Set an intention to soften any armor you may have around finding love, and to step into a greater sense of vulnerability as you set out to attract a romantic partner.
  5. Spend time outdoors under the moonlight. We don’t just need sunlight, we need moonlight too, especially as women. Your Pineal gland loves to lap up the lunar rays. This helps regulate hormones. I know, it’s so weird, isn’t it? But entirely practical.. Get out under the moonlight and soak up the supermoon.
  6. Pay attention to your dreams. With so much lunar excitement it can be easy to skip sleep. But, don’t. Be sure to get your z’s and sleep with a pad and pen near your bed. When you wake up try to write down your dreams or anything you remember. Even if you don’t have any recollection journal anyway. You may be shocked at what you discover!
  7. This full moon promises to awake a bit of magic for all of us. If you’re finding it hard to connect with your purpose and find direction, use the energy of this full moon to sit back and listen to what your mind and body are telling you. Honor the range of emotions you feel, as that will help you discover the real desires for your life. Allow yourself to feel enchanted. As we enter September, we head straight into eclipse season when things will become even more interesting!

    Now I’d love to hear from you. Do you believe in magic? In the comments below, let me know your relationship to magic. What does magic mean to you?



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