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Prioritize Long-term Goals Over Short-term Gains

Alignment seems to be a word I am tossing around a lot in my life recently. I am in the space of radically prioritizing my long-term goals and putting down projects that are not fully “aligned” with my overarching plan, objective or desired outcome (even if they do pose a short gain). As I’ve really taken a deeper look at what exactly is fully aligned with my long-term goals, I’ve been shocked to see what doesn’t measure up – including a book proposal that I’ve put a ton of time into, something I initially thought I’d be taking to market next month.

After a recent long talk with my agent, I’ve realized that pursuing publication of this book right now actually isn’t aligned with my biggest long-term goal. Though I wholeheartedly admit that coming to this conclusion certainly felt like a total doozey at first, I am happy to say I am refocusing some of my efforts toward a grander sense of my overarching goals.

It feels like absolute freedom.

While I could take this book to market in the immediate future, I feel a better aligned angle emerging from within, and I want to grant myself the opportunity to discover it without rushing to the finish line with a goal: a book deal. I am tending to my own rhythm rather than pushing an agenda. And no, I’m not throwing the baby out with the bath water—this particular book will very much likely have a time and place in my life. However, for now, I am doing both the inner and the external work to become razor sharp clear on where it fits in.

As we head into the second new moon of the month happening on 1/30, as well as the start of the Chinese New Year, we are all being asked to do some assessment of our own around what truly aligns for us. The new moon in Aquarius beckons all of us to see the big picture and to prioritize long-term goals over short-term gains. It’s asking us to see what will work for the greater good of our community instead of our own personal interest. This weekend is Candlemas, the exact midpoint of winter, which again brings us to a place of assessment so we can clear out old beliefs, visions and dreams while committing to our new burgeoning paths. It’s time to wake up and clear out the cobwebs as we move towards certainty.

On February 6, Mercury begins its journey retrograde and we enter yet another phase of reconsideration, clarity and focus. The issues that are emerging in our minds now will get flushed through … We’re all heading towards clarity whether we like it or not. A new beginning calls us all forward. How exciting!

As the year of the Wood Horse gallops towards us, promising some zest, vigor and renewed energy around manifestation, I encourage you to consider each of these questions for yourself:

  • What are your long-term goals?
  • Are you choosing actions that are really aligned with them?
  • What do you need to release in order to further commit to them?

Use the new moon to hit the reset button. And if you need support with this, hop on my free webinar Thursday, January 30th at 8pm EST/ 5 pm PST!  Sign up for it here🙂

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to let me know how you are aligning with your long-term goals in the comments.

And of course, I send you my love.

Big hugs,


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