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Sagittarius New Moon- Get Your Pleasure On

Ladies, Get Your Pleasure On!

A sultry Sagittarius new moon, the last new moon of 2015, opens up our potential to experience more pleasure, joy, and gratification. What better way to ring in the holiday season than with a desire accelerating, constructive, new moon?!! Holler.

And girl, do we need it! The last couple of weeks had more than a few grim aspects. From the last full moon (November 25th) until now—from an astrological perspective—we’ve experienced challenges. Thanksgiving (and the following days) brought heavy and complicated configurations. December too. This week alone we experienced Mars making challenging angles to Pluto and Uranus. Ouch. This is tough stuff!

However, it’s up to us to look for the helpful side of weighty aspects. For example, sometimes confusion brings us to deeper clarity. Sometimes a good cry becomes a cathartic healing. Occasionally when things escalate into a conflict in a relationship, we can use that as a bridge to deeper intimacy. Intermittently, we need challenges to help us dive deeper, surpass the superficial, and reveal our most authentic emotions. These tests become a gateway to our power.

Remember, if we strive to be problem free, we’ll find ourselves disappointed. Rather, I believe we’re so much better off reaching for resilience instead! It’s never about perfection; it’s always about resilience.

And yet, nobody wants drama either. Who has time?!

If you experienced any of commotion recently, rejoice– today we commence again with a new moon. I encourage you to focus on pleasure at this time of new beginnings.

As the sun and moon meet again in freedom-loving Sagittarius they do so with a positive angle to Uranus and Mars—this not only breaks up the intensity of energy we experienced earlier this week—but it also amplifies our new moon intentions too. Further, with Venus, the planet of love and beauty, making an exact trine to Neptune, the planet of spirituality, this new moon accentuates opportunity for devoted love. I encourage you to do the work to connect with your pleasure, love, divine feminine feel good mojo, and amplify that tonight, and all weekend for that matter. Get conscious, clear, and present. Unveil your inner priestess. Set strong intentions for what you are conjuring and act as if they are already in form. The key to manifestation is assuming what you want is already there. In doing so, you energetically align with precisely what you want, allowing for it to show up without clashing with your current reality. When you do this, you accelerate the momentum of your wishes. The best way? Get into radical clarity and gratitude for all that you are conjuring, as if it’s already arrived, and stay there!

Now, I realize I am instructing you to conjure and create right the year winds down, and we head straight into solstice, the darkest night of the year in the Northern hemisphere. Winter solstice is a time when things energetically die. We let go of the past year. We turn towards a more yin way of being. We log off our computers and snuggle up with friends, family, and eggnog. So while this new moon offers us break-free-positive-manifesting-mojo, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We are ten days away from the winter ingress.

So how do we stay in the place of knowing and gratitude for what we are conjuring, while simultaneously honoring the seasonal transition of winter, and the conclusion of 2015?

Take it even further with these next two steps.

Get clear on what you are letting go.
With the year just about done, it’s a powerful and positive time to consider, “what needs to be released?” Take a moment to look backward. Review 2015 in its entirety. Name what needs to stay in 2015. Lovingly thank it, and then surrender it.

Become unwavering on your focus of what you are creating. What do you want to bring into 2016? As we enter Winter, a time of scarcity, it’s a powerful moment to consider what we want to amplify. What do we want to bring forward with us into the new year? Take stock and analyze what is worthy of your focus and continued commitment.

Doing this work, now, at the time of the new moon, will accelerate your process of integrating the closing of 2015, while simultaneously amplifying the impact of this new moon. Remember, this positive, upbeat new moon happens right after some challenging aspects, and right before the solstice. Use it to reset yourself, get clear on what you are conjuring (and releasing) while faithfully abiding your pleasure.

I am so grateful to you. Thank you for welcoming me into your lives. I wish you nothing but the most amazing solstice, holiday season, and a very happy new year. My office closes from December 23, 2015-January 4, 2016. The next time you’ll hear from me it’ll be 2016. Stay merry and safe!



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