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Six Ways to Honor and Nourish Yourself this Full Moon

As we approach this month’s full moon, the Universe continues to ask us to release, let go and find resolution with everything that feels incomplete in our lives or standing in our way. We are moving into the energy of the Virgo full moon and we are being asked to surrender what is not working and take a stand for what is in our highest good. This full moon comes two weeks before the vernal equinox, as well as the upcoming new moon eclipse in Pisces. Further, between now and then we are going to experience the last of the seven exact squares where change-making Uranus and power-hungry Pluto will make an uncomfortable connection likely inspiring conflict. It’s important to use this full moon as a way to get clear on what we want to release as we step into the waning phase of this moon and we move closer to the new moon eclipse and vernal equinox happening in two weeks.

A full moon happens when the sun is opposite the moon and today, the sun in Pisces opposes the moon in Virgo. At the time of the full moon, it is receiving complete and direct light from the sun, hence it is so bright in the sky. The full moon turns into a waning moon as the sun’s light disseminates, preparing for the new moon. Before we dive into the very best use of this full moon, let me first describe what the sun in Pisces opposite the moon in Virgo means.

In astrology the sun represents our identity. It’s who we are at our core. It’s the part of us that shows up in the world to be seen as well as the basic operating instructions for how we will go through life. While we all have our individual sun signs, the sun transits through the twelve zodiac signs too, influencing our lives in specific ways… Right now, the sun is in Pisces. Pisces is a water sign that happens to be the last sign of the zodiac. It’s a spiritual sign that connects us to our emotions, the innate oneness and interconnectedness that brings us all together. Pisces creates a dreaminess that has the potential to bring us into other worlds. For example, a strong Pisces placement can indicate incredible artistic abilities, intuitive talents, and creative potentials. When the sun is in Pisces (even if you personally don’t have any planets in Pisces), we are all under the spell of this dreamy water sign. To some degree, all of our intuitive capacities are heightened right now. We may feel more emotional, spiritual, or driven towards escapist activities. The shadow side of Pisces can be addiction, so be aware of where you are escaping in ways that aren’t healthy.

The moon, however, is different than the sun in that it represents our emotional needs. Despite where the moon is in our natal chart, the position of the moon in the sky constantly influences our lives on a day to day basis. While the sun stays in a sign for a little less than a month, the moon changes signs every two and a half days. Like our emotions, the moon is constantly shifting. The moon represents the feminine as it is symbolically connected to our cycles as women. A Virgo moon is driven to serve. It’s here in honor of purity. It’s an earth sign meant to provide practicality to making things happen. A Virgo full moon opposes the sun in Pisces, making for an exceptionally healing energy.

As the moon lights up the sky tonight in the sign of Virgo, here are six things you can do to make the most of this energy.

    1. Get ready for the upcoming new moon eclipse. The new moon eclipse happens on March 20 at the tail end of Pisces. Because this eclipse is happening at the very end of the very last sign of the zodiac, we can all expect endings to be upon us. This full moon is a potent time to get clear on what you need to let go of between now and March 20th, as well as what our vision is, for we will be calling at that time too. (The spring equinox kicks off the astrological new year with the sun moving into Aries.)
    2. Clean. Virgo is known to be a bit on the clean side. Now is the time to let yourself go to town on getting things organized. You may want to get a jump on your spring cleaning. Release the stuff that you no longer need, that has expired, everything that is no longer serving you.
    3. Be of service. Virgo is a sign that is 100% about being in service. That said, where are you being called to charity and service? Remember, all meaning and purpose is born of devotion. Find something worthy of your dedication and give yourself fully to it. If that feels like too big of a task, think of someone you know and love who is having a hard time and give them a call. Simply being nice is being of service.
    4. Have a good cry. As we fully embrace the energy of letting go, we may feel called to grieve. If this happening for you, give yourself permission to cry. Remember: by acknowledging your feelings and giving yourself permission to feel them, you are not perpetuating them. It’s OK to cry. You won’t stay sad forever. Tune into your own inner wisdom. We are at a time when things feel foggy and there really aren’t any clear directions. Do your best to understand that we are in a transitional period, as a culture, a collective, and a world. It’s perfectly healthy to grieve.
    5. Have an orgasm. With so much happening in the collective, let’s not forget the necessity of coming home to our bodies. An orgasm is a great way to ground into your body and connect with the divine energy of pleasure within. Remember: orgasms are great for reducing stress and have non-negotiable health benefits to them.
    6. Get grounded with a healthy meal and a good workout. Use this Virgo energy to your advantage when it comes to your health. Be certain to eat healthy foods under this Virgo full moon and if you can, get a great workout in. Moving the body and nourishing it appropriately is a fantastic way to care for yourself under this beautiful full moon energy.

I’d love to hear from you this full moon. What are ways you are nourishing yourself at this time? How do you feel compelled to honor this full moon?

Leave me a comment below.

Here’s to a fantastic full moon.



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  • maureen kelley stewart

    Hi Jenn:

    I have not forgotten about you. The past 6+ months have been an incredible rollercoaster. I have been focused on managing the care of my beloved mother (96) who continues to weaken. I am surrounded by love, prayers and support, but still, this is a wrenching adventure. Thanks for your wise comments. Your advice for a good cry is timely. Not sure I can do it yet, but I am thinking a lot about your encouragement to let go and release on all levels. Thanks so much!

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