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Speak Your Truth, It’s Time!

Have you found yourself holding back your truth lately? Maybe you have felt mental, in your head, but not necessarily communicating your feelings or thoughts out loud? Mercury, the planet of communication in its retrograde cycle has asked us to slow down and hold our cards closer to our chest than normal. (Mercury entered retrograde on May 18th and will go direct on June 11th.) Mercury Retrograde invites us to go backwards to go forwards.

This period of recalibration offers us the opportunity to catch up with ourselves, formulate new thoughts, come to new conclusions and tie up loose ends, possibly even visit people or ideas from our past. With so much emphasis on the past, we may find ourselves withholding what is going on for us in the present. If so, that is about to change.

The Sagittarius full moon, happening on June 2nd, turns the page on this story. This optimistic Sagittarius full moon asks us to come present with the current vision of our lives and speak our truth. With three planets in chatty Gemini opposing the moon, social and talkative energy permeates the atmosphere. The Sun, Mars, and Mercury all snuggled up in the quick-witted sign of the twins encourages us to find our words and communicate our truth. The combination of life force energy (the sun), fast action (Mars), and analytical thought (Mercury) in Gemini– the most mental sign of the zodiac– digs deep into our psyche. However, it’s time to get out of our heads and into the world. The full moon in a fire sign Sagittarius ignites action. Be ready, it’s time to speak your truth.

Sagittarius, the sign of the archer, asks us to go directly after what we want—to aim towards our desire and hit it dead center. This full moon wants us speak our truth and adjust our path, so we aim more directly towards the metaphorical bulls eye in our lives, powerfully going after our dreams.

Ramping up the energy of this full moon, Venus—the planet of love, beauty and nurturing– finds herself in the sign of the crab, Cancer. Cancer is a cardinal sign, meaning it initiates a season. Cardinal signs (given their ability to start new cycles) are aggressive. While Cancers, known for caring with sensitivity, at times also act fiercely– especially when they feel threatened. Venus in Cancer can feel and act assertively—especially when it comes to love.

While this may seem hard-hitting, and in some aspects it is, the energy of this full moon also has a soft and dreamy quality. Neptune, the planet of spirituality, squares the sun and the moon, tempering the boldness of Sagittarius with the inner workings of our more subtle feelings and spiritual truths. Neptune brings water to the hot atmosphere taking a roaring fire and turning it into steam. Gemini is air; Sag is fire– together they make roaring flames. However, Neptune–the most mystical planet in the sky–is in Pisces, a water sign. Cancer, a water sign as well, turns this raging fire into a steamy mist.

Full Moons are times of peak creative energy.

Full moons, in essence, are nourishing. Think about it: the moon, symbolic of the feminine, receives the light of the sun, shining it back to us with illumination. This particular full moon has a sensitive flair to it, possibly showing us where we are falling short of our goals. Mercury retrograde continues to take us backwards so we go forward, bringing up our unfinished business so we can complete it, and come present in our lives. Venus in Cancer wants us to go after what we love and create stability. Neptune in Pisces making a hard angle to the sun and the moon (known as a T-square) shows us where are wounds are, and what our dream is. He pushes us to find flow in our lives as we pursue our paths with determination. The illumination the full moon brings is our nourishment.

Make good use of this energy.

Are you feeling it? The fierce-feminine-mama-bear-energy awakening your inner warrioress to fight for what you desire? Oooh, this is so powerful and beautiful.

It’s time to speak your truth, boldly state your goals, and recommit to exact what you love, want, and will not live without. Even though you could temporarily feel disillusioned during this full moon (Neptune squares the sun and moon), don’t let it get the best of you. Instead, dig a little deeper. Allow yourself to feel your let down, your annoyance, your hurt, and then choose to commit to what you want. Commit to your dream, your future, the goal that puts you into a flow state— that thing that happens when you are so engaged in what you are doing everything temporarily disappears. Choose a goal so meaningful that even time becomes irrelevant as you strive to achieve it. Find flow, find rhythm, go for it, make it happen. If you have to, fight for it. Set goals that are worthy.

Speak your truth.

This full moon is a little bit of everything. Nostalgic, soft, aggressive, bold, dynamic, heady and passionate. Let it be what it is. However, don’t hold back what you are feeling. Find a safe place and voice your truth. Get it out of your head and onto paper. Call your bestie and ask her to hold space for you to download all that is coming up for you. Hire a coach. Leave a comment below and share what you are feeling. A full moon in Sagittarius is about boldly stating your truth. Allow yourself the pleasure of doing so. I’d love to hear from you!

As always, I send you nothing but my most sincere gratitude and love. Speak your truth.

Until next time,


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  • Browning

    All of this is resonating in major ways for me!!! So many things are shifting right now and I can feel it in my bones!! Thank you for your words here Jennifer!! Much love to you!!

  • Jenny Blake

    Beautifully said, lady! You have such a gift 🙂 And Happy Birthday!!!

    • Angela

      I can relate to all that you mentioned. There are so many things happening in my life and I can’t wait to feel all my accomplishments. I believe things happen for a reason to open NEW doors! Thank you!! xo

  • Aili

    I didn’t know that Gemini was the most mental sign in the zodiac… I feel like this explains so much!


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