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Taurus New Moon & Mercury Retrograde: Slow Down

Take a moment and think this: If money weren’t an issue how would you live? What would change in your day-today existence? What adjustments would you make in your life, so it better represents who you really are? This month, the sun is luxuriating in the fertile sign of Taurus, asking us all to connect […]

Take a moment and think this:

If money weren’t an issue how would you live? What would change in your day-today existence? What adjustments would you make in your life, so it better represents who you really are?

This month, the sun is luxuriating in the fertile sign of Taurus, asking us all to connect with what makes us feel good, grounded, nourished, supported and indulged. Taurus is a stable, feel good, earth sign. It embodies the energy of practicality, support, and tactile luxury. Taurus energy is grounded, capable of providing a solid foundation. Because Venus — the planet of love, beauty, and indulgence — rules Taurus, it wants us to connect with what feels satisfying to us. So back to the question stated above, what do you long to create in your life? How do you want to live?

In the northern hemisphere, spring has finally sprung, and the energy of creation abounds. There is no coincidence that the season of Taurus happens synonymously with spring. After all, it’s the fertile earth energy of the spring that allows for the autumnal cornucopia of abundance.

Depending on where you are in world, the Taurus new moon will either occur on Sunday night, the 17th or Monday morning, the 18th. (The exact time is at 5/18 12:13 am EST.)

New moons are times to seed new beginnings, to feel into what you want, and to set intentions for the fruition of your desires. While this new moon is in Taurus, suggesting fertility, there is a caveat —- it happens right at the start of the spring edition of Mercury Retrograde. Even with Mercury in retrograde commencing with the new moon, we are asked to till the soil of our life and get clear on what we want to plant in our gardens.

Mercury, traveling through its native sign of Gemini (its dignity), stations to go retrograde right as the new moon happens. Mercury — the ruler of communication, technology, transportation, and ideas — is not as potent when it’s in the retrograde part of its cycle versus when it’s direct. Most astrologers argue that when Mercury goes retrograde he’s a total trickster, wreaking havoc with technology, communication, and transportation. My feelings on Mercury Retrograde is that it is a potent time to slow down, tune in, and sense exactly what needs to be done, rather than blindly follow our intellect. I see Mercury Retrograde as a sacred astrological cycle, where we get to catch up with ourselves, hear our truth on a deeper level and reconnect with what’s slipped through the cracks. Personally, I look forward to Mercury in his retrograde spin because I know it’s going to shine the light on things I need to see that otherwise might stay in the dark.

In the weeks that follow this new moon prepare to slow down, and tune into yourself, rather than push-push-push towards your goals.

This new moon is totally fertile, but not aggressive. Aside from happening at the onset of Mercury retrograde, Saturn — the planet of discipline and karma — loosely opposes the sun and moon in their conjunction in Taurus. Saturn in the picture brings extra gravity to this new moon making it imperative to look deep within before proceeding. Heed the suggestion of caution.

I encourage you to think about what you want, not what you think you need or have to do. Rather, what makes you feel good? Grounded? Supported? Indulged? Commit to the actions that will make that result available to you. Look at this new moon as a time to cautiously reconnect with your desires. Even more so, begin to understand the risk of ignoring them all together.

The new moon combined with the start of the Mercury Retrograde cycle (that will last until June 11th) is rather auspicious. We have an opportunity to dig deep, connect strongly with our intuition, and use the period while Mercury is retrograde to reconnect with the deepest parts of ourselves. After all, we want to make sure that the seeds we are planting are the right ones!

Here are six tips on how to use this new Moon and Mercury Retrograde cycle to their best advantage:

1. Connect with your desire. What is it you really want? If money weren’t an issue, how would you spend your time? Begin to identify your vision what you want and solidify it.

2. Leverage your intuition. Listen to that subtle voice within and heed it. Be certain to stay discerning as you do. Listen for nuance and get to know the voice of you intuition better. Following your intuition is not about perfection; it’s about practice. Practice listening to the voice of your inner guidance.

3. Spend time with the people you love. Plant the seeds of your future in a garden, not a desert. Consciously seek out the people who bring value to your life and spend time with them. Nurture your community and allow yourself to receive love from them.

4. Go slow. Remember, success isn’t a race, it’s a rhythm. Use this period to find and live your rhythm. Do things in your own time. Taurus is a slow and steady sign. Tap into this cadence, and you’ll find yourself far more present. Be patient. Don’t be surprised if you need to do things twice. Mercury Retrograde asks us all to double-check everything. This is a time to slow your roll.

5. Have fun. Feel good. Remember, this new moon wants us to find gratification in our life. That’s probably why it’s happening synchronistically with Mercury Retrograde and with Saturn in the picture– to make sure we don’t move too quickly to miss the point. We need to get this message.

6. Schedule in self-care. This is a great time to get a massage, take a yoga class, breathe deeply breathing and meditate. Connecting with your body is essential. Schedule in your appointments to tend to your body. It’s so important.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any questions or comments about this new moon or Mercury Retrograde cycle? Leave a comment or a question below, and we can dig into this juicy content together.

As always, thank you for welcoming me into your life. I am deeply grateful to be able to serve you in this way.

All my love,

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