Taurus Zodiac Sign: The Epicurean, Gardener, and Aphrodite. - Jennifer Racioppi

Taurus Zodiac Sign: The Epicurean, Gardener, and Aphrodite.

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th) Epicurean. Gardener. Aphrodite. *** Taurus Sun Sign Lush, warm woods. Smoky leather couches, plush afghans, and dark chocolate squares in delicate bowls. The sensations of luxury and comfort are associated with the Taurus star sign, and oh, how the sign of the bull knows how to use them. Your […]

taurus zodiac sign

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

Epicurean. Gardener. Aphrodite.


Taurus Sun Sign

Lush, warm woods. Smoky leather couches, plush afghans, and dark chocolate squares in delicate bowls. The sensations of luxury and comfort are associated with the Taurus star sign, and oh, how the sign of the bull knows how to use them.

Your ruling planet, Venus, knows all about how to nurture yourself and others. And let’s be honest, it knows the subtle art of seduction well, too.

Meaning, whether you realize it or not, you might find it’s second nature for you to lure in opportunities and coax the things (and people) around you to grow. Taureans are able to manifest what they want through attraction, and by building a soft, comfortable cocoon with their affection.

You are a grounding force.

And this is where you really shine, Taurus. While your seduction skills are nothing to shake a stick at, your power truly lies in your ability to nourish those around you. You provide safety, security, and sensible luxury to those you love. Consequently, people want to stick with you for the long haul. Wherever you plant your attention, with your incomparable tenacity, eventually blooms, and people can’t help but feel safe and cared-for when they’re the subject of your laser-beam focus. All of that intense concentration takes a lot of energy, and as an earth sign, you do best when you actively seek and connect with Mother Nature’s pulses and sways. Be sure to listen to the daily rhythms of the planet to better tune into your own internal flow.

People say that change isn’t your strong suit, but this is a disservice to your deeply loyal sign. It’s true that you crave stability and structure, and you have the endurance to see any situation through. But that doesn’t mean you won’t ever budge from your private nook—you’re more than willing to change when you’re good and ready. That may take longer than most as you carefully consider your options, but once you’re ready to take the leap, you know for certain that you make the best decision for yourself and those around you.

To truly rise to your highest potential, it’s key that you honor your own natural timeline—and the timeline of Mother Earth. Give yourself space to stop and smell the roses, delight in sensual pleasures, and ride the natural ebb and flow of nature, no matter who is pushing you to move along. You’ll bloom when you’re ready, and when you do, it will be glorious.

Taurus Rising Sign

As a Taurus Rising, you aren’t short on people who need you. Whether you’re cooking a homemade meal or helping friends redecorate their homes, people tend to be drawn to your kind and gentle demeanor. You are incredibly patient and loyal. Just be sure you aren’t neglecting your own needs in the name of helpfulness.

More than any other sign, you understand that self-care is the cornerstone to a healthy existence, but it can be hard for you to put away tasks that need finishing and focus on your own needs. (You favor practicality over eccentricity any day). But, once you put that hellbent tenacity to good use, shut off your phone, draw a bubble bath, and indulge in a lush novel. Maybe even enjoy the benefits of a slow flow or yin yoga class, with a massage to follow.

When you’ve gotten yourself back online, you’ll be sure to get back to work ASAP. As a Taurus rising, indulgences serve you immensely. After all once you dip your toes into a warm bath, it can be tough to pull yourself out, even after the water has cooled. For extra motivation, enlist your senses with a candle burning on your desk or a few squares of dark chocolate waiting as your reward.

Taurus Moon Sign

When it comes to comfort, Taurus moon signs rule the physical plane. It’s all about what you can taste, touch, and smell as a method for understanding the world and your own soul. Not only is it easy for you to make the connection between the rhythms of nature and your own body, but you know how to make use of this connection, too.

As a Taurus moon, nourishing and nurturing comes as easily to you as breathing. You innately understand what someone needs, and you’re more than willing to give it to them, whether that looks like whipping up a batch of comfort cookies or brewing your own homemade herbal tea for two. Don’t be surprised if you find that the people around you tend to seek out your consolation and comforting. Taurus, love, you just give off that vibe.

One of the hardest things for a Taurus moon is letting go of what’s no longer needed, be it the old sweater, or the old friend. Because of this, you may hold onto things well beyond their expiration date. If you do, be certain it’s because you really want to, but not because you feel like you have to.

While you’re happiest when dealing with the physical realm, you’re more than just a soft-hearted (and let’s be real, kind of stubborn) soul. Don’t be afraid to dip into the emotional waters of your opposite sign, Scorpio. You’d be surprised how deep your inner resources go.

Are you ready to embody your cosmic destiny?

If you’ve been lucky enough to be born with a Taurus sun, moon, or ascendant in your chart, it’s time for you to embrace the full power of what it means to nurture. It’s time to accept that the softer qualities of comfort and nourishment deserve equal respect as more masculine qualities, and it’s time to use your divine talent for translating physical comforts into contact with the soul—both to boost others and care for yourself.

As women and woman-identifying people, we’ve come to a crossroads in our political and social history. It’s time for us to fully embody our highest potential and put to use our greatest spiritual gifts for the betterment of our world. It’s time for us dive deeper into our personal soul-traits so that we can leave a wider, more powerful imprint on this critical moment in time.

Join me for my annual Moon Cycle Embodiment Challenge starting on November 7th. The very next day, Jupiter, the planet of good luck, good fortune and abundance enters into Sagittarius, we’ll begin. You’ll learn how to harness the 28-day cycle and unparalleled energy of the moon to renew your feminine connection, deepen self-care practices, reclaim your health rhythm, and learn more about astrology. *This challenge is for anyone who identifies as female.

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