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The Aquarius Full Moon—Be All of Who You Are!

A friendly Aquarius Full Moon—a Blue Moon—closes the month with a dash of spirited fun. The peak energy of this lunation created by the sun in Leo opposing the Moon in Aquarius emphasizes revelry and freedom. Aquarius, a smart sign with an open-mind, gives us permission to live our truth. Aquarius accentuates diversity and grants permission to break the rules. Words like unconventional, individualistic, inclusivity and expression represent the Water Carrier. That said, this full Aquarian moon asks us to pursue freedom and ditch convention for independent, free-thinking, visionary ideas. It also wants us to honor the friendships that make our life worth living.

An Aquarius Moon is not very emotional. Aquarius, a theoretical sign with an intellectual disposition, focuses on thoughts and ideas rather than feelings and emotions (it’s Fixed Air after all). However, with Saturn in a water sign making a hard angle to Venus and Jupiter, this heady Full Moon does have emotional relevance.

And let’s not forget that Mars, the planet of masculine action, is in Cancer too, also a water sign. With this emphasis on water, we can expect our emotions to speak to us more than normal on an Aquarius Full Moon. If they do, we need to listen. Important messages await us. Saturn stations to go direct at 28 degrees in water sign Scorpio on August 1st. After that, Saturn only has two degrees to travel in Scorpio before he enters Sagittarius. He exits Scorpio for good on September 17th, not to return again until 2041.

On the final leg of his journey in Scorpio, Saturn makes a hard angle to Jupiter, the planet of abundance, at the last degrees of Leo, as well as retrograde Venus. (Jupiter leaves Leo and enters Virgo on August 11th while Venus is retrograde until September 5th.) The most difficult or challenging component we are working with the next few weeks is Venus on her retrograde journey next to Jupiter, making a non-compatible angle to Saturn. Feminine Venus on her retrograde path next to Jupiter squaring tough love Saturn takes us into our hearts and asks us: where we are and aren’t aligned with our most sincere values?

This is a huge question! Venus asks us to dig deep and heal our broken hearts. She urges us to go within and feel into our lives and find where our discord and hurt are and bring love there. She also wants us to figure out what we want. Venus goes retrograde every 18 months, so this backward spin presents a rare and precious opportunity to dig in. Identify your heart’s most current and pressing desire. We are all closing a chapter and starting a new one. Important realizations, aha’s and commitments loom with this Full Moon.

I can not emphasize enough the importance of letting a broken heart heal during this transit.

The month of August brings with it beautiful astrological alignments. Jupiter and Venus will meet up in the sign of Leo, a profoundly auspicious energy. Uranus, the planet of revolution will make fascinating aspects to Mercury, the Sun and Venus—all positive and supportive. Later in the month, the Sun and Jupiter will find their way to the same space in the sky in Virgo, another exceptionally auspicious occasion.

An Aquarius full Moon wants nothing more than to inspire us to break free of all that holds us back. It wants us to see where we needlessly conform to things that rob us of our vitality, well-being and individuality. This full moon urges us to buck the system, so to speak, and embrace our eclecticism and unique visions of our futures—even if that means clashing with the status quo. It asks us to look deep within and examine our values—to embody liberation. It encourages us to find freedom from our limits. It wants us to observe how we need to change to feel more free and uniquely ourselves, and to step into full, authentic leadership in our lives.

To make the most of the full moon in Aquarius, I ask you to take a look at where you conform to your limits rather than challenge them. Where have you accepted your limits as a fact? Think about this for a minute. If you struggle to find an answer, try this: make a list of all of the areas in your life where you feel trapped. Think of the areas of your life where you don’t believe you have a choice and are dealing with circumstances that don’t accurately represent either how you feel or what you would consciously choose?

Write. Make lists. Brain dump. Release what’s on your heart and mind. Even just for a few minutes.

Then take a look at what you wrote, notice one area of your life where you conform and make a conscious decision to do one thing differently. Decide to be more of you.

This full moon in Aquarius offers a ton of fun if we can accept it. Aquarius in the sign of friendship asks us to allow ourselves to be weird, different and still in our own authority.The highest use of tonight’s lunar energy is to celebrate. Gather some friends who you can be your authentic self with and let loose. Let your hair down. Dance. Express your freedom and individuality. And have fun! Nothing heals a broken hear quicker than rejuvenating fun.

I’d love to hear from you. What’s one way you are going to be more of you? How are you welcoming more authentic fun into your life? Feel free to leave a comment below.

As always, I send you my love.

Warmly, Jenn

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  • Jovanka Ciares

    Starting this weekend, I will take all weekends off from work (which rarely happens), go to the park, read a book, or take a nap. Being still is the hardest and yet most luxurious thing for me so that’s how I’ll be more of me the rest of the month. Thanks for the wonderful read, as always!

    • jenn

      Yay, Jovanka. I love this declaration! And perfect time. What better than work free weekends in August… Keep me posted on how it goes.

  • Denise Cooper

    I’m going to go out and dance NAKED under this amazing BLUE, FULL Moon to welcome more authentic fun and declare my liberation from all that keeps me stuck! Breaking FREE!

    Thank you for your interpretation, I always love to read your blog – so soulful.

    • jenn

      Denise, Simply amazing. Let loose, lady! Writing this blog is one of my all time favorite things to do– thanks for reading it. I am so excited to have you in my community! Rock on, sister:)

  • Nitika

    I am going to totally make my lists around where I feel stuck – such a helpful exercise. Thanks Jenn!! xoxo

    • jenn

      Thanks for commenting, Nitika! A deep bow of love to you.

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