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The First Full Moon of the New Year—Change is Necessary

I hope you had a fantastic New Year and 2015 is off to a tremendous beginning for you. I spent my holiday traveling in Indonesia taking some time to relax before I start the year in all earnest. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to also allow yourself some time to relax and renew […]

I hope you had a fantastic New Year and 2015 is off to a tremendous beginning for you. I spent my holiday traveling in Indonesia taking some time to relax before I start the year in all earnest. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to also allow yourself some time to relax and renew before going headlong into the New Year. While doing so, take some time to reflect on the year that just passed, all that happened, and linger a bit before rocking out in the direction of tomorrow.

Today is our first full moon of 2015, a Cancer moon opposing the sun in Capricorn. The Cancer-Capricorn axis emphasizes working hard, creating security, and nourishing our most basic connections with our families, ourselves and our work in the world.

A full moon in Cancer feels kind of like slipping into your favorite pj’s and cozying up at home with our closest friends and family.

With sun in Capricorn, a Cancer full moon promotes working industriously towards the accomplishment of your life goals while maxing and relaxing in your slippers and robe. While the influence of tonight’s full moon may inspire just that scenario, chances are it may feel a bit volatile as well. So, heads up! This Cancer full moon packs a punch, and brings a good deal of intensity with it at the same time.

This full moon triggers the Uranus-Pluto square that’s globally rocked the world since June of 2012. Since then, a tense 90° angle between the freedom-loving, revolution-inciting Uranus, and the ruthless, transformational Pluto have created uprisings, power dynamics and challenges for the world. It’s been an intense time and your emotional attachments were likely challenged on a deep level.

We are heading towards the very last one of these squares on March 16th and will officially conclude the lessons of Pluto square Uranus in early April of this year. However, under the influence of the current full moon, we may experience the clash of these titans in our personal and emotional worlds.

This full moon happens while the sun is hanging out right next to Pluto in the sky in the sign of Capricorn, creating a cranky 90° square to Uranus. The moon, which represents what we need emotionally, is full in Cancer, directly opposite the sun and Pluto in Capricorn, also in an ornery square to Uranus in Aries.

What does that all that mean for you? Well, your emotional body might feel triggered, and you may feel like channeling the fierce Kali Ma in order to create change, like … RIGHT. NOW!

Pluto’s influence asks us to become the most authentic versions of ourselves — and to let go of our strong grip on the status quo if it really doesn’t serve our highest good.

The loving qualities of Cancer are interacting with the steadfast, hardworking qualities of Capricorn. Both the sun and moon are under the influence of Pluto, a fierce – sometimes even ruthless – champion of our transformation, all while squaring Uranus, which is a planet that wants nothing more than revolution and freedom for all in the individualistic, leadership-oriented zodiac of Aries.

A moon in Cancer wants us to nourish and nurture ourselves and our families. The sun in the ambitious Capricorn, sitting right next to Pluto, is asking us to consider the goals most worthy of our attention that we want to commit to.

This is a mighty combo that is an invitation to use our power to transform our lives appropriately. Yet, while this full moon packs a punch, we still have a choice in how we dance with it.

Given that the galactic energy may feel chaotic, let’s keep the hormonal energy balanced with self-care, self-care, self-care.

Before you retire to your robe and slippers tonight, take some time to nourish your body. Bust out those New Year’s intentions and get to work on behalf of the change you are creating in your life. Given that this Cancer full moon follows the holiday season of indulgences, I cannot over-emphasize the importance of really loving up your body right now.

If your life since Thanksgiving looked anything like mine, you have let up your normal health habits in favor of cocktail party indulgences like sugar, wine, and late nights out. While I am a huge fan of living fully and don’t believe in a punitive approach to health on any level, it’s now time to get back into rhythm with your most pure health routine.

If you don’t have a strong health routine to fall back on, think about getting some support to help you create one. Maybe find an accountability buddy, a mastermind group, or a private coach. (If you are interested in private coaching, I am currently taking new clients.)

On the low end, tonight’s full moon runs the risk of feeling like chugging too much caffeine, chasing it with a sugary muffin, then experiencing that intense boost in insulin, cortisol, and adrenaline that makes you want to do a million things at once … usually being followed by an emotional, possibly even dramatic, crash.

That said, I suggest you try to stay away from unnecessary stimulants like caffeine and sugar. Instead, stick to blood sugar-balancing foods like clean protein, healthy fats, and cruciferous vegetables.

We cannot overlook the importance of exercise right now, either. Move your body; the neurohormonal dashboard of your body will thank you. Discharge any excess energy you may need to rid yourself of through sweat and effort. If you are feeling feisty and fiery (remember Uranus is in Aries, squaring the sun and the moon), take out your aggression with some cardio kickboxing or another high impact form of exercise. Maybe even let loose in the bedroom with your loved one with some inspired, conscious love making if that feels appropriate.

On the high end, tonight’s full moon can feel like radical clarity that lets you know exactly what you need to shed, change, and adjust to own your power in the most beautiful, delightful way.

Take the time to nourish and move your body. Get rid of surplus energy. Create space to feel clear-headed and empowered. This is precisely the place where magic can be made this full moon.

With a clear head, look at the structures in your life that need change while keeping a discerning eye for impulse. Instead of making snap decisions, take a step back to prudently decipher the changes you want to make.

This is a good time to tap into your values and what you wholeheartedly believe in. Check in and ask yourself: Are the changes I want to make in alignment with my ultimate truth and my highest values? Focus on your vision and your joy. Look at the big picture, look at the grander vision of how we are going to work with this … and consider why.

Remember, we have until April 2015 to really work through the challenges created via this difficult astrological configuration. We also have between now and then to find the benefits in it, as well. Take care of yourself to minimize the problem and maximize the opportunity. Play your cards wisely. A massive win looms.

Be sure to keep me posted on how things go for you and if you need support, please reach out … I am here to help you.


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